The Acceptable Scrunchy

Everyone remembers the scene in Sex & the City where Carry and Berger had the scrunchy argument, Carry was right at the time, no self-respecting woman would be caught dead wearing a scrunchy. But times have changed, women now more than ever are taking better care of their hair. With the pandemic in full-swing we are fighting anxiety, stress all which lead to hair-loss. I suffer from Alopecia Areata and have struggled with the idea of leaving the house wearing my silk scrunchy by Slip. Guess what? They come in assorted colors and I finally started wearing them out on my errands. Why not? They protect my hair, scrunchies it seems aren’t just for sleeping anymore.

Violet Grey $39
Violet Grey $39

Scrunchy sex in the city

The Paisley Shawl

I never thought of myself as a lover of prints, unless we were talking about YSL leopard. But I fell-in-love with John Singer Sargent’s paintings of his sisters and niece draped in paisley shawls. A few pieces I am in-love with are from Etro fall 2020. Naturally these pieces are out of my current budget, but one can remain hopeful. This post is about Art meeting fashion, it’s inspiration and a pleasant distraction from the pandemic. Etro is a fashion house that can best be described as stealth wealth, investment pieces that can be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans to cashmere pieces you will love to live in. Here’s to beauty.

Etro Paisley Shawl $1,600
John Singer Sargent, Nonchaloire (Repose), 1911
The shawl ­appears in Sargent’s Two Girls in White Dresses, 1909–11, from a private collection.
Sargent painted his niece Reine Ormond wearing the shawl in seven poses for his circa-1908 Cashmere.
Etro Scarf $490

Satin Poplin Off-the-Should Tunic @Tibi


Recently on Instagram I saw a picture of Karla Martinez de Salas (Who I follow by the way) and fell in-love with her Tibi Tunic. This is the perfect tunic to wear this spring/summer and it’s available in a variety of colors. It’s also a fresh take on the basic white shirt.


Liking darker colors, I prefer the Black and Navy.  The price point is reasonable too!


Quote of The Day

via WhoWhatWear, Pinterest and Zappos Couture
via WhoWhatWear, Pinterest and Zappos Couture

I have various fashion/beauty blogs I read on a daily basis, let’s just say I’m obsessed with great ideas.  I look to women in general for inspiration.  SJP comes to mind, and I’ll always read her interviews and while doing that this morning I came across a quote that speaks truth.

When I’m getting dressed, though, I just think about myself—I put on what makes me feel good when I walk out the door. Don’t you feel your best when you simply feel like yourself? And you’ve stopped trying to dress like one of your friends or a colleague or the way your mother told you to dress growing up, or what some magazine says is a ‘trend’? – SJP, for WhoWhatWear

Personally that’s when I feel comfortable and good about myself, even on the weekends when I’m running around without makeup.

How about you?

For the Full interview

Amy, RunAround Chic Muse

AmyL1I came across my next muse during my Sunday morning walk. I’ve seen several chic women that morning but none of them seemed friendly until Amy walked in and commented on the shoes I was trying on.


Well we both mutually commented on the shoes we were trying on. The conversation flowed easily,  but that’s what happens when you get women together in the shoe department.

I loved the details of her olive green cargo pants and their silhouette, but what I really noticed that morning was that San Franciscans adopted the uniform of running around chic in black and army/olive green,Très chic!

Name: Amy

Occupation: Engineer

Errands: Returning clothes (we laughed about this)

Style Inspiration: Ralph Lauren

Shopping Destinations: Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue Last Call

Speaking with Amy I realized she was a transplant from New England and a welcomed addition to our lovely city.

AmyL2These were the shoes she was trying on, hope she took them home, they looked amazing.

Thank you Amy for running around chic!

The Perfect Shoe

via Sincerely Jules
via Sincerely Jules

I’m not one to follow trends, but I instantly fell in-love with these shoes by Aquazzura when I saw them worn by SincerelyJules.

She’s a fashion blogger and inspiration to thousands of girls, and I follow her on instagram.


Doesn’t she look effortlessly chic?

Rest assured these are on my wish-list.

She’s the first fashion blogger I’ve seen do justice to these gorgeous shoes.

For more

Shoes sold at Neiman

The Basic White Shirt

via Ladolcevita blog
via Ladolcevita blog

I was literally speechless when I saw this photo and realized why hadn’t I thought to roll up my sleeves higher on my white dress shirt?

I love this look, so clean, classic and elegant.  See how she jazzed it up by adding a fun and colorful necklace, but kept the look casual by wearing her hair up in a polished bun?

Thank you for the inspiration!

Fewer, Better – Cuyana

via $160
via $160

My sister Dora came home excited to show me her  most recent purchase, a Cuyana Alpaca Oversized Sweater, and  I instantly fell in-love with the brand.

They have a simple concept, that all women should have fewer, better quality pieces that make running around chic effortless and easy-peasy.

via $195
via $195

The pieces are affordable and luxuriously beautiful. Having these items in your wardrobe will make getting dressed in the mornings exciting, you will want to literally get out of bed and get dressed.

via $150
via $150

We selected a few of our favorite pieces and we hope this will intrigue you to either shop online or visit their shop on Geary Street.

via Cuyana $95
via Cuyana $95

Cuyana also offers initial monogramming on all leather goods and have an assortment of infinity scarves and other amazing pieces too.

SF Showroom
291 Geary St., Floor 2,
San Francisco, CA 94102



Heather, RunAround Chic Muse

Heather4It was another chilly Sunday afternoon when I ran into Heather and her adorable puppy, who’s name I didn’t catch.

HeatherI was immediately drawn to her good taste, the combination of the stripes, solid black and gold hardware were hard to resist.

Name: Heather

Occupation: HP

Fashion Inspiration: Jackie O, 1960’s Mod

Favorite Shops: Heidi Say’s, Steven Allan, Cris Consignment

Errands: Getting a blowout and walking the dog

Heather loves fashion as she generously dished about her favorite places, raving about Cris Consignment being the best place in the city to score designer bargains.

Heather2Now she’s one gal we would all love to go shopping with, thank you Heather for running around chic!

Heidi Say’s Casual

2426 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

Cris Consignment

2056 Polk Street

San Francisco, CA 94106

Steven Allan

445 Hay’s Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

Beautiful Basics for Everyday Life – EverLane

The Poplin Long Sleeve – $60
The Poplin Long Sleeve – $60

Everlane is a San Francisco based company that manufactures beautiful and modern basics for everyday life. Everlane’s celebrity clientele list includes Angelina Jolie and she always looks amazing.

The Cashmere Crew – $128
The Cashmere Crew – $128

Everlane is sold online, cutting out the middle-man so that we reap the benefits of quality pieces at affordable prices.

Because style is about well made quality fabrics that doesn’t mean expensive.

The Petra Market – $365
The Petra Market – $365

We selected a few styles that we loved, hope you love them too!

P.s All of the styles come in an assortment of colors, first order ships free.

Maja, RunAround Chic Muse

MajaIt was another chilly January afternoon when I ran into Maja and her adorable children. She’s demonstrating that not all puffer vests are created equal, this one isn’t only keeping her warm but utterly chic too.

Maja2I was immediately drawn to the texture and color of her vest and how she substituted the classic ballet flat for a pointy patent leather, revealing a  bit of toe cleavage.

Name: Maja

Occupation: Interior Designer

Favorite Store: Heidi Say’s, Barneys New York

Style Icons: Audry Hepburn, Grace Kelly

Fashion Inspiration: Fabrics and Textiles

Errand: On a yogurt run


She’s true inspiration, proof that you can look effortlessly chic while out and about, thank you Maja for running around chic!

Heidi Say’s Casual

2426 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

Blanket Dressing – KiBoots $125 $125

Lately I’ve been obsessed with ponchos and recently decided that it was time I added some pattern to my wardrobe. I haven’t seen any on the streets of San Francisco yet, but hopefully soon.

Net-a-Porter $125

They make amazing layering pieces over a favorite coat, and add detail to leather pants.

Plus they are the perfect traveling companion, they fold neatly into your handbag or carry on.

Net-a-Porter $95
Net-a-Porter $95

I selected a few styles that I’m dreaming about.

Sherry, RunAround Chic Muse

Sherry4It was a beautiful day in the city, a little windy but the California sun was out and shining.

Sherry3I went in search of my next muse and ran into Sherry  and her adorable daughter on the corner of Fillmore and Sacramento.

I was drawn to her urban aesthetic, the rich textures and details of her attire.

Name: Sherry

Occupation: House Wife

Fashion Inspiration: Rick Owens

Favorite Shopping Destination: Anywhere on Fillmore Street

Sherry2Sherry I learned recently moved here from Hong Kong, she’s proof that great style fits in everywhere. Notice her take on making black look utterly chic with texture and detail.

Thank you Sherry for running around Chic!

Dora, RunAround Chic Muse

DoraI ran into her on my way out and couldn’t resist.  I was drawn to her color pallet, the colors and textures were warm and inviting  for this cold January day.

Dora2Name: Dora

Occupation: Sales Manager

Favorite Place to Shop: Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Grocery Store

Style Icon: Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The details are what speak to me, now this is denim worn right.

Thank you Dora for Running Around Chic!

The Quintessential Ballet Flat – London Sole

All Photos Courtesy of London Sole
All Photos Courtesy of London Sole

I love ballet flats, and the ones that seem to fit me the best are the one’s from London Sole.  I have like twenty pairs, and some are duplicates.

PT03_Z_1I first discovered them years ago when they had their shop on Maiden Lane.

They are comfortable, long-lasting chic shoes that go with everything.

PT124_Z_1I’ll be honest, since I became an avid ballet flat collector, I pretty much stopped wearing heels.

Which do you prefer a chic ballet flat or heels?