Beauty Cult Sensation – Doctor Rogers “Restore”

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This past weekend was the first weekend that started early and lasted longer, you can say that my skin suffered for it. It was the right time to apply Doctor Rogers Restore Face Cream and the Healing Balm. I’m a lip-balm addict too, so I slathered that on as well, after I cleansed my skin with Typology’s Hydrating Cleansing Bar With Palmarosa, it left my skin clean and soft.

I ended up with dry patches around my eyelids and mouth, don’t ask there was just a lot of wine and champagne involved. The next morning, my skin was soft, the dry patches were gone and my lips were as smooth as a babies bottom. I thought about giving my sisters some of my lip-balms but I decided to keep them for myself, I never felt that way about a lip-balm before.

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The beauty about Restore is that it’s affordable, budget friendly, it’s clean beauty and the whole family can use it. You can even use the balm to help tame frizz.

I usually don’t ever agree with beauty magazines because it’s the brands that pay for advertising that receive the most press, but in this instance Allure Magazine is right.


If you have sensitive skin, get facials, peels, then you should have this collection in your arsenal, it literally is the best at restoring your skin, from chemical peels, procedures, skin issues, dehydration, the cold, this is it. It’s more affordable than other similar restorative creams out on the market, I could name one but I won’t, yet.

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Typology is a new clean brand from France, stay tuned, I am testing them out as we speak.

Here’s to running around chic with healthy skin……


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