A Smaller Handbag

GRACE BAG $880 @APC-US.com

My sister has given our family two gorgeous children and my nephew is about to turn two. Running around after him at the playground has proven difficult when carrying a bigger bag. Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my handbags. Since I’ll be in Maui in late August, I purchased a Paravel cross-body bag for when we are out on the boat for our night cruise or jet-skiing. I started using it for running errands and I decided I like traveling lighter.


I went ahead and ordered myself an early birthday present, mind you it’s not a top designer handbag, but it’s a handbag brand with a cult status. It modernizes my style without being showy or ostentatious. I have a Chanel, a Celine, several YSL’s and LV’s and I just don’t feel right about carrying them around when there is so much poverty in the world. Mind you, if you want to carry yours that’s fine, no judgement here.

BETTY BAG $525 @APC-US.com

I’m just not comfortable carrying a Chanel while standing inline at the pharmacy when there are people waiting in line with me who can’t afford their medication.

But back to happy thoughts, back to my handbag. I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme of leather embossed handbags, I prefer it to the basic calf skin that will attract scratches.


Can you guess which one I bought, it was on sale and the price was right.

Here’s to running around chic…….

The Sneaker Of Our Childhoods Is All Grown-up

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I never wore Vans, I wore Sperry Topsiders and Bass Penny Loafers. I just didn’t think they were aesthetically pleasing on my feet. But now they seem to have caught on to the sneaker trend, and are all grown-up. They are affordable too, under a hundred.

OLD SKOOL $60 @Vans.com

Now I am contemplating ordering a pair. I saw a lady eating outdoors looking so cool wearing a pair, I was tempted to ask her if I could take her photo but I chickened out.


The question is, Red, Black or a red with sequins?

Here’s to running around chic….

The Gathered Dress

$125 @Cos.com

The minute I saw this dress, I imagined myself wearing it, walking around carefree on the streets of Rome. Walking around happy, meeting friends for coffee or outside dining. I’m not supposed to be shopping, but I had to do it. My heart skipped a beat and I acted fast, this dress for sure is going to sell out, the color is unlike anything I’ve worn in a long time, my mother would be happy.


I like Cos, it’s budget friendly, the items are well-made, they last forever and they keep me from dressing like a suburban grandmother. I was out with my nephew and someone asked me if he was my grandson and my sister looked at me and said, we have to admit it, we are old enough to be grandmothers, I’m like if we had kids in our twenties, which we didn’t.


I am also sure there are some suburban grandmothers that are more stylish than I am, but I think you understand.

Here’s to summer dressing…..

La Samaritaine by Louis Vuitton

The first street I remember when I moved to Paris was Rue de Rivoli. The long avenue in the center of Paris is a beautiful sight to see. It crosses the city East and West along the river Seine and is the address to the Louvre Palace Museum, the Paris City Hall and also an Art Nouveau Art Deco architectural gem named the Samaritaine.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

The Samaritaine… when I moved here 12 yrs ago, I distinctly remember appreciating the building from the outside. It was a condemned building, abandoned for so many years, until I started to see the huge scaffolding which meant something was happening. News later revealed the planning. I still remember seeing construction workers there on the side of the quai who told me a hotel was being built there. It was Paris growing. The city of Paris also required the refurbishing to also include housing for underprivileged Parisians and there are business offices too.

Courtesy of @le_bon_cin

The opening was just last month after so many years of renovations by the Louis Vuitton group, and I saw many fashion bloggers reporting and stating all the dates and details of the history online, so I’ll spare time and just give my impression of this beauty and why it’s the latest new “must see” in Paris. It’s located facing the famous bridge Pont Neuf and across the street from the actual Louis Vuitton headquarters. Virgil Labloh, the men’s LV designer, has his design studio on the 6th floor, it’s a lovely building as well.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Founded in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq and Louise JaÿIt, it was originally built to house a market place, with many individual booths, but this market place was special of course because it’s in Paris and modernised by the Baron Haussmann who redesigned Paris. The Art Nouveau design and decoration that still fascinates today, is beautiful to look at. The top floor deco is covered in original yellow/gold like tile which resembles a royal French garden with peacocks wandering around on a sunny day,… so “Versailles”, or maybe inspired by the original “Tuileries”? The design is also eco friendly, mainly because its use of natural light which was a priority at that time in design, so Parisian as seen at the Grand Palais on Champs Elysées because Paris doesn’t have many sunny days. I often think I lack Vitamin D from the lack of sun since I moved here, oh well.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

The South end of the Samaritaine is the original building occupied by all the big designer brands, Chanel. DIOR, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Cartier, etc but the property of the Samaritaine extends all the way back to Rue de Rivoli onto another building on the complex that was totally gutted out and remodelled. That side of the Samaritaine houses the smaller brands, they call it more “Street wear” like Off-White amongst others.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

So on your next trip out to Paris, remember if you’re here for shopping, this is part of the New Parisian landscape, La Samaritaine will help you feel like you’re running around chic in Paris.

Written by Cindy Lucas


for runaroundchic.com


050 Lavender – Color Correction, $58 @Dior.com

I’m obsessed, the question is which one do I order? The pink that works for all complexions, and that will correct my imperfections. Or the one that is best suited for my skin tone? Leave it to Dior to send me into a tizzy. I also don’t need another compact, but this one is lovely, don’t you agree?

030 Medium – Medium Skin Tones $58 @Dior.com

Can you guess which one I went with?

Here’s to running around chic……

Style Profile: Jane Druker, Beauty Editor, London, England

Courtesy of Jane Druker

Getting to know Jane through her work has been fun, she’s as equally excited as we are that there will be 10 new episodes of Sex & the City. She’s basically Carrie Bradshaw, living parallel lives with SJP. She lived in New York during the height of the shows success and spent her hard earned cash on Fendi baguette bags and Jimmy Choos, how fun is that? Jane also met the love of her life in a Meet Q situation, even more exciting.


Jane writes for various publications, she’s been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, a well respected journalist and BFF. In-between articles she found time to answer a few questions.

Fall 2019 @Pinterest.com

Fashion Icon: Vivienne Westwood for so very many reasons, (a). she designed my wedding dress; (b). she understands women’s real body shapes; (c). she is eccentric and a rebel so what’s not to love? I have met her so many times and she is a British gem.

Favorite Restaurant: Coal Office in Kings X – it does Israeli food to the highest ever standard.


Last Book Read: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman – it’s about a group of elders living in a retirement home solving a murder and a lesson in never underestimating the experience of those older than you.


Current Beauty Routine: I love Barbara Sturm products at night – a great serum and moisturizing duo but I also adore Vintners Daughter. In the day I often pop on a bit of Amanda Harrington or James Read Tan and then a foundation, blush, mascara and lippie I have found I am going off eye shadows at the moment in favor of a full face “sheen” products I love including all and anything by Pat McGrath or Hourglass, their formulas are a step-above.


My Biggest Beauty Tip is keep it simple: There is nothing more beautiful than bare faced glowy skin and a big smile. My husband has always said I look better with little makeup and as I age I think he’s right on the money.


Last item purchased pre pandemic: It was a skirt I bought in New South Wales, Australia – in a town called Orange which was packed with interesting little boutiques and very big wineries – my kind of spot. It’s a full skirt of gingham with yellow flowers, it makes me so happy.

Plans for after the pandemic: To travel as much as I can and kiss and cuddle everyone.

A piece of clothing to live in forever: I think it has to be that wedding dress don’t you?!

Courtesy of Jane Druker
Courtesy of Jane Druker

To follow Jane on instagram @janedruker.

Here’s to running around chic in London!

The Best Madeleines in Paris

courtesy of @Le_Bon_Cin

Madeleines are so Parisian. The petit cake shaped in a shell brings to mind the Venus you may have seen at the Louvre, or the story or a little girl in a boarding school but Madeleines are much more chic now. Along with everything French and or Parisian that is always on the fore front of trends and fashion, this much beloved kids snack is back and refined.

courtesy of @Le_Bon_Cin

The Famous Ritz Hotel has a pastry shop inside with their famous Madeleines, but I came to Rue de Rivoli to try out this new brand I spotted across the street from the Louvre gardens of Tuileries, so intriguing.

Tray of Madeleines

Not far from the Place at Concorde is where you’ll find Mado à Paris. I wonder if the name is a take on the very common “in Paris” theme, either way, it is very instagram friendly.

The Madeleine was delicious. Living here in Paris we eat a lot of Madeleines, especially living with children so as soon as I tried this Mado à Paris I could appreciate the better quality than the store bought Bonne Mamman. The variety of different flavours are exceptional and very enticing, must try them all

The café is designed beautifully with modern design, in natural wood colors and framed black and white vintage Parisian photographs, chic enough for chic pictures on Instagram.

Variety of Madeleines at Mado à Paris

Being so close to the Louvre on the Rue de Rivoli makes this stop a must. A Madeleine of Mado à Paris is worth the visit and the view on the outside terrace will be ideal when the Tour de France rides in.

This is a cute shop I’ll come back to, especially since the guy behind the counter was very hospitable and spoke English. It was a pleasure to stop here and try the best Madeleines in town. I’ll meet my friends here for Tea and a Madeleine soon, as we run around chic in Paris.

Mado à Paris on Rue de Rivoli, Metro Concorde

Written by: Cindy Lucas


for runaroundchic.com

Thinking Pink

Jacques-Emile Blanche, La capeline rose, 1883 �© Petit Palais; RELAXED SWEATSHIRT, $89 @Cos; Peonies. Berthe Morisot, 1869. @scala.regia ;Rings -Undulating polished and textured gold, with rubellite or kunzite. Pick your pink., @davidwebb.com

When I was a little girl, my mother dressed me up in pink. As I grew up I literally stayed anyway from it, since it was all she dressed me in. She said she dressed me in pink because it looked good on me and it was her favorite color.

Conch Brooch @Casamota; Baby Cheeks Blush Stick $48 @Credobeauty.com; BELTED KAFTAN DRESS $115 @Cos.com

I turned to black in revolt I suppose and stayed away from dresses. She always worried that I would walk down the isle wearing trousers, I would jokingly tell her, don’t worry they would be white trousers – I laugh at the memory, I liked joking with my mother.

OVERSIZED TAILORED SHIRT $99 @Cos.com; Painting-Sprig of Almond Blossom in a Glass with a Book, March 1888. Oil on canvas, 24 x 19 cm. Private collection., @vangoghthelife;
T-SHIRT DRESS $69 @Cos.com; V-NECK CARDIGAN $99 @Cos.com

In my wardrobe I only have a pink silk blouse and a pink t-shirt with big sleeves, a nice addition is the pink dress shirt I just ordered from Cos. I have a gorgeous light grey tunic from Cuyana, along with the matching shawl and a luxurious light grey poncho from Cos that I can wear with them, plus I can always wear the dress shirt with black jeans and my black suede Loeffler Randal booties.

Real women like men wear pink, it reminds us of our childhoods, of innocence and summers long forgotten.

Here’s to Pink…..

Foundations For Every Body – Skims


Kim Kardashian-West and Kate Moss made headlines this past week, when the two were seen together having a private tour of the Vatican. To be in Rome, although I would never go to Vatican City again, unless it was to go to the little Italian restaurant we discovered on our last trip. The reason, I don’t like crowds or waiting in line.

Fits Everybody bandeau bra – Onyx

The reason Kim and Kate were spotted together is because Kate is the new spokesperson for Skims. Kate Moss is an icon, a fashion powerhouse that translates all generations. The only supermodel that doesn’t have her own Instagram page, why? Because she doesn’t need it.

Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Mid Waist briefs – Onyx

I have an off the shoulder dress I plan on taking with me to Maui this coming August and I’ve been eyeballing the Skims collection on Net-a-Porter and finally succumbed and ordered the Bandeau to wear underneath it. The fabrics are luxurious, and Ms. Kardashian-West makes them to celebrate all women, they come in all sizes.

Thermal ribbed cotton-blend leggings – Soot

Of course I am eyeing more from the collection, but I am not supposed to be shopping, wink.

Fits Everybody triangle bralette – Onyx
Bonded High Waisted shorts – Onyx

Here’s to running around chic…..

A Love Affair With Turquoise

Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe

When my sisters and I were younger my mother had bought us a little turquoise set, which consisted of a necklace and a ring. I was in-love with my little set and hid it somewhere in my room, thinking it was a safe place. Little did I realize it was too safe and had a hard time finding them. I eventually found them, and now all I have is a memory. I do have a turquoise ring, which I rarely wear. But that doesn’t mean I am not intrigued by turquoise. I love the combination of turquoise, gold, diamonds and pearls. It reminds me of the little church where my parents were married.

Millicent Rogers, Photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1949

It was Millicent Rogers that put Native American Art on the map and successfully lobbied for it to be classified as historic and protected. She was a huge collector or Native American Art and jewelry, which can be viewed at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, New Mexico.

Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe
Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe
Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe
Courtesy of @shiprocksantafe

I’m showing you bracelets from an adorable little shop in Santa Fe, Shiprock Santa Fe. They have belts, necklaces, blankets and so much more in their selection. Shiprock Santa Fe is a destination when one is visiting. I’ve been wistful lately about wearing bracelets when the pandemic is completely over and life resumes back to normal.

Here’s to running around chic….

Parisian Street Style: The Blazer & Handbag

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

When you add a nice handbag to a blazer, you immediately raise the bar. Shopping high & low is a favorite pastime for most women. And no one does it better than a Parisian. How I miss traveling, missing Paris. I love people watching, getting style inspiration.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

You can always sit at a coffee shop in Italy, Paris, New York and London and never be disappointed with the eye candy.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Puckering Up

Tinted Lip Whip – Peppermint $20

I’ve become enchanted with Kari Gran’s Lip Whip. I love the taste and smell of peppermint, and they’re organic, so when you’re eating, drinking or just licking your lips you’re not consuming toxins or other chemicals.

Rosie Gold Lip Whip $24

I’m also into the packaging, each little pot reminds me of a little jewel. I have one in my makeup bag and now that I’ve been carrying my summer tote I have one at the bottom, which I fish out to reapply.

Cora Gold Lip Whip $24

Kari Gran makes puckering up this summer easy peasy…..

Summer in Paris, Part Trois

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I love looking at my friend Cindy’s street style photos. On my last trip to Paris, I was all over the place, must have passed The River Seine like 5 times a day. I never plan to be in one section for the whole day. I usually wing it and just go where the morning takes me.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Personally Summer has never been my favorite season, but I am starting to embrace it more, and wearing dresses has helped.

Here’s to more Summers in Paris…..

Obsession, Navy Noir by Victoria Beckham

Navy Noir $26 @VictoriaBeckhambeauty.com

I’ve been obsessed with navy eyeliners ever since I read Jennifer Alfano’s post many years ago about what she noticed on her last trip to Paris. She noticed that Parisian’s wore navy eyeliner and not the harsh black we are accustomed to. I’ve been trying to order the Suratt Beauty’s Nuit D Orage but they have been sold out of it since before the pandemic and when I saw that Victoria Beckham Beauty came out with one, I had to act fast.

I love, love navy eyeliner, especially when paired with a red lip. It’s also fun to tip your lashes with navy mascara. It’s utterly chic to wear navy & black.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Style Profile: Fiona Devaney, Co-Founder Of MAÄT – sleek performance leggings

Courtesy of Fiona Devaney

Reading Fiona’s answers was like being in the same room with her, that’s how welcoming she is. Fiona makes you feel right at home and her style can best be described as modern and sophisticated with a touch of Rocker Chic. You will develop a girl-crush and want to run out and get a pair of sleek performance leggings by MAÄT, a company she co-founded with Alden Hoyt. The leggings themselves can be worn to Yoga class, or with your favorite booties, that’s how cool they are.


The Launch for MAÄT is happening this week and Fiona graciously found time to answer a few questions.

Fashion icon: Deborah Harry- it’s not about what she wore/wears, it’s her attitude. She always seems so true to herself.

11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010

Favorite restaurant: I think it might be Eleven Madison Park, but I haven’t been yet. I am so impressed that the chef, Daniel Humm, took the risk of going plant based upon reopening after shutting over the pandemic. He is living his beliefs and taking a huge risk and I love that. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old and I am finding the elevation of plant based cuisine so exciting. 

Last book read: I’m in the middle of reading ‘Unsheltered’ by Barbara Kingsolver.

Courtesy of Fiona Devaney

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: I always love a good vintage sweatshirt. 

Recycled Cashmere Fisherman Rib Hoodie @mariamcmanus.com

What was your last purchase before the pandemic: I bought a white Normandy blouse and  white Cyro pants, both from Nili Lotan. Thankfully, both pieces are timeless since it was more than a year before I wore them. For post pandemic life, I want everything from Maria McManus– I am loving her gorgeous, sustainable pieces.

RENEW face serum @innebotanicals.com

Beauty Routine, what beauty products can’t you live without: I love this clean beauty skincare brand called Linné. My favorite product is their Renew face serum– my skin definitely looks plumper and more hydrated when I use it. I also love their Smooth body balm. It’s made for the body but I also use it on my face at night- it’s really rich but somehow not greasy.

MAY11 Revitalizing Hair Oil @may11hairoil.com

My natural hair is curly/wavey and can get really frizzy so I use one pump of MAY11 hair oil before styling . It tames my frizz and smells so good. I also massage a few pumps of it into my hair before going into the ocean or a pool- it prevents my hair from absorbing the salty and chlorinated  water, helping to keep it healthy. 

What was missing from the market that you created MAÄT: There was no way to flow through a vinyasa yoga class without having to stop and grab and remove padding every time we put our knees down. 

Courtesy of MAÄT
Courtesy of MAÄT

To learn more about MAÄT @MAÄTactive.com.