Obsessed with David Yurman

Cable Additions Ring in Silver $625 @Neimanmarcus.com & @Davidyurman.com

Ever since I laid eyes on the new marketing campaign, I have been obsessed with David Yurman’s classics. I pre-ordered the cable earrings below and just placed an order for the sculped cable ring. I am super excited. Why? Because it’s a matching set that I will be able to wear with my nicer sweats and naturally I’ll wear my baseball hat. Plus I can wear this set with all of my summer dresses, I can’t wait. Hopefully the earrings arrive before Easter, it would be nice to wear the set on Easter.

What are you excited about?

Going Back to Basics

David Yurman 2022 Campaign

If the ad campaign with Scarlett Johansson doesn’t entice you to buy David Yurman classics, honestly I don’t know what will. There are new items in the collections, but I’ve developed an obsession with David Yurman cable.

I just placed an order for these little beauties. I plan on wearing them with my sweats, I am laughing right now, because who does that? I told you the ad camping worked, at least on me it did.

Sculped Cable Earrings by David Yurman $350 @DavidYurman.com

I bought the 14mm but they are available in two other sizes.

Here’s to the classics.

Thinking pink

GATHERED DRESS $125 @Cos.com; DIOR BACKSTAGE ROSY GLOW BLUSH in pink $39 @Dior.com; Tie-Detail Kaaftan Dress $49.99 @H&M.com

I’ve had pink on the brain since my beautiful niece came into the world. My sisters and I continuously put her in pink, why, because she’s our little pink rose. My mother used to dress me in pink and for years I shied away from it. Now, I’m all into it. I still don’t have a lot of pink, but there are a few items here and there.

I recently bought two pink dresses and this gorgeous shade of pink blush. I plan on wearing them with my Lizzie sandles by Anine Bing and my Cuyana black leggings. I don’t really feel comfortable wearing dresses, just something about it, but they sure are pretty.

Marco Bicego

Lunaria Diamond & 18K Yellow Gold Drop Earrings $1,200.00

These earrings by Marco Bicego are on my wish list. Honestly, they are a complete departure from what I usually wear, but I confess, it was love at first sight.

Here’s to a Pink Spring!

Style From The Streets of Milan, New York & Copenhagen

Photo Courtesy of @thestreetpie
Photo Courtesy of @elderordonez1
Photo from @jeanettemadsen via @gdresscode

I love everything about these stylish women. I’m tempted to add more sneakers to my growing collection, tempted to invest in another designer handbag. Wistful for a piece of leopard. If I had a mood board, these photos would be on it.

Here’s to running around chic…..

The Beauty Roundup

Balancing Shampoo and Daily Conditioner $54/$19 by Harklinikken

It’s been months since I confess made a beauty purchase. I’ve been so wrapped up in adding clothing to my wardrobe that I forgot all about beauty. Since the world, meaning my corner of the world is getting ready to open up more, like having to start going back into the office on a part-time basis I figured it was time to invest in a few items that will aid in self-beautification.

Bakuchiol Peptide Serum $54 @Netaporter.com; Lancer Glow Kit $75 @Lancer.com

The only product featured that I am familiar with is the Method Polish from Lancer, I love it. The exfoliating grains are fine, the lather is great, revealing smoother and clearer skin. I find that my serums and oils absorb faster after using it.

I felt I needed to try Harklinikken shampoos and conditioners, my hair is fine and thin and I am not ready to give up on my silky strands just yet.

Here’s to updating your beauty arsenal.

What Have You Bought, Lately?


I’ve been adding pieces to my wardrobe, items I can wear with my leggings and boots. These are just a few of the additions to my closet. I did buy the top right blouse in white and another oversized black dress shirt from a brand called “Frankie”, plus a long sleeveless blazer that can be worn over several of my dresses.

I added the David Yurman earrings, so that I could wear them with my Alexis Bittar collar necklace. All of which I have not been able to really wear, yet.

I have changed my basics for running around though, I added my plaid jacket, New Balance sneakers and Anine Bing hoop earrings.

I’m going to be honest; I’ve been dealing with health issues and really have no energy to focus on applying makeup or blowing out my hair. I mean, I am going to be fine, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to fix it.

This attack on Ukraine has me really upset, I feel like shopping and blogging are really not that important anymore. But life has to go on, sadly.

Praying for Ukraine.

Reading & Binge Watching


The story about Anna Delvy has fascinated me since I first read about it in early 2019. I read pretty much every article there was to read and could not wait until this book came out. I just ordered it and it’s supposed to arrive on Thursday.

I can see how people were taken in by her, I feel it was because everyone wants to be associated with money, no one wants to appear cheap, and they don’t want to be rude. Also, people that work in luxury stores are on commission, they want that sale and do not ask questions about where the money comes from. I have a feeling that Julia Garner dresses better than the real Anna Delvy, but even then, I am fascinated.

The service people were taken in by her are customer service oriented and do not want a high profiled client complaining or a friend of the CEO complaining about their customer service experience. The $100 tips didn’t hurt either. I used to receive $100 tips, but unlike Anna, my client, an actual princess was who she said she was.


I started watching the series but have to pace myself because I am supposed to be watching it with my sister, but I just couldn’t wait. Looking at the costumes, I couldn’t help but be wistful for new wardrobe additions like more earrings, pulling out my Celine handbag etc. Maybe buying another coat or wearing more pink.


Here’s to more about Anna Delvy……

The Straw Bag

Photos Courtesy of @camilleyolaine

All last summer I was in search of the perfect straw bag for my summer dresses. I looked and I looked and could never find something I was really in-love with. I knew I wanted it to go over my shoulder, there were some nice fair-trade versions I’ve seen at the hardware store and Wholefoods, but I just didn’t see myself paying a little chunk of change for an unknown brand. I mean grant it, that would have been the more cost-friendly approach, but if I am going to shill out some cash, I want it to be a designer-ish bag.

Jane Birkin; Photo @60s.stars

I love the style featured in the above photos, but I tend to like keeping my handbags open, if possible, easier access.

ULLA JOHNSON Surfside leather-trimmed woven straw tote $495 @Netaporter.com

The Ulla Johnson leather-trimmed woven straw tote is on my Wishlist, just as soon as I pay off everything else, I have bought recently. I love textures and the side pocket and the fact that you can make it more secure by closing it up. The color combination is gorgeous too and I can see myself carrying this tote around while out wine tasting in Napa.


I love the pink, leopard and texture of the straw bag with all of the other elements in the photo above. I just don’t think I’ll ever be wearing trousers like that, although I just ordered a pink dress for Summer 2022.

Here’s to Summer vacations, hopefully…..

It’s Still Cold Outside

Photos Courtesy of @Danividas

I’m glad it’s still cold outside, it justifies my most recent purchase, a Faux Fur by Milano Furs. I first heard of this brand because of @Danividas. She posted an Insta-story where she was dressing, using this gorgeous fur gilet. I of course had to have one as well, but I ordered a black gilet, because I tend to wear a lot of black. I will eventually get another color, as I think these are great additions to any wardrobe.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are affordable and faux. Everyone in Europe is walking around with their real furs, from Milan, Moscow and Paris. The US seems to be one of the only countries where wearing real fur is frowned upon. I mean if it’s vintage, it should be fine?

MID-LENGTH SLANTED FAUX FUR GILET $299 @milanocollectionbyluxe.com

I know that when it arrives, it may have to go into storage, but I’ll be ready for next Fall and Winter.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Yourself

The Classic Gold Heart Necklace $88 @Spencedesigns.com

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve become my own Valentine, even if I were in a relationship, I definitely would not wait around for him to plan anything special. I’ve been there and done that and it’s not worth it. Oh, don’t feel bad for me, it’s fine, I am on the right path. I’m grateful to God that I’ve been kept single.

Now my Valentine’s beside me, myself and I are my little morsels of love, my niece and my nephew. They are too little to realize that there are tiny joys in celebrating certain holidays, but they will eventually get the hang of it.

LE PLIAGE ORIGINAL Shoulder bag L – Pink $145 @longchamp.com

Ultimate Heart Box $120 @Sees.com

I bought myself a necklace by Spence Designs, it’s made out of recycled materials, dipped in 14k. I also decided to jump on the bandwagon and get myself a new Longchamp tote, in pink.

I am contemplating ordering a huge box of chocolates from See’s, but we get chocolate periodically, so there wouldn’t be any fun in that, but who knows.

I could give you a list of suggestions, but it’s best to share with you what I thought is an ideal gift to you from you…..

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When Art Meets Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Julian Cardinal

These gorgeous paintings were painted by Julian Cardinal, an artist who paints with oils. His works can be found online or at Kiley Court Gallery, in Provincetown, MA. Everything he paints is beautiful, from landscapes to flowers and figures.

City Stroll 20″x16″ oil on canvas $3400 by Julian Cardinal

Love the fashion depicted in his paintings, so fresh and chic.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Paris Fashion Week

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis – Paris Fashion Week

My first time in Paris was Paris Fasion week, but my sisters and I were oblivious to that fact until they saw Lucy Liu walking down the street. My sister and I had dinner at Budda Bar that evening and saw a table full of women that looked familiar and only after the fact we realized it was Cara Delevingne and a few of her friends.

My friend Cindy is so lucky to live in Paris, I mean she has many blessings and one of them is that she does live in the City of Light. She took several photos during fashion week. I can’t share them all, but ladies, they are a feast for the eyes. I liked this photo in particular because the color is so fresh and it reminds me of a blouse I bought in Chicago.


Of course, my blouse is longer, it doesn’t have any pockets and it’s not designer. I am also going to wear mine with ankle flared black trousers or jeans and ballet flats.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Detoxing and Eliminating Bloat

Debloat, Cleanse, Digest
Detox Drops $26 @Juna-world.com

I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I went ahead and ordered the Detox Drops anyway. Chlorophyllin helps with glowing skin too, so I am excited because beauty does come from within. I am not going to get into the scientific aspects of this brand, but you can read here for more information. You are supposed to add this to your water three-times a day, to an 12oz or 16oz glass of water and it’s better than drinking a warm glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. I feel like I can’t lose, I just need to make this into a habit.

The right kind of habits that turn your life around…..

Getting Organized

2022 Planner $20.29 @papier.com

One of my goals is to get organized, to detox and to be organized. I want the life I had before the pandemic, where I had a sense of order. It didn’t feel like it at the time, but now in hindsight I was more organized. In order to help myself I purchased a daily planner this morning, I like it because I can write in it, it’s big enough and has various forms of planning ahead and setting goals and it plans ahead into 2023.

I wish I was the type of person that didn’t need coffee in the morning and that liked green tea. But I can try to add green tea and detox, I would need to curb my coffee intake or start drinking organic coffee.

2022 Planner $20.29 @papier.com

I liked this color pattern so much that I bought one each for my younger sisters, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we can buy chocolate all year-round.

Here’s to happy goal setting and organizing….

Night-Table Reading


I pre-ordered “Happy Days” and can’t wait to read it. I usually buy all of Gabby’s books on audio but felt that I couldn’t wait, but alas, I am still waiting. I’ve been watching my Korean K-Dramas lately, since they are subtitled, I am getting some reading in, although I know that doesn’t count.

Last year I only managed to read 5 novels, and lately have been playing word games, one thing I plan on telling my niece and nephew is that reading makes you smart if not smarter.

What are you currently reading?