It’s a Parisian Winter

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I love looking at my friend Cindy’s Instagram wall. I imagine myself walking along the streets of Paris with her. I’ve only been to Paris twice and each time, I went as a tourist, trying to get in as much as I could before the end of my 5-day stay. On my next visit, I plan to sit at a café and people watch, sip coffee and champagne while reading a book or fashion magazine.

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

It’s nice to know that all you need is a long coat, a trench coat and sneakers and you will fit right in. Don’t forget the crossbody bag and gold hoop earrings and most importantly don’t forget to wear black.

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Here’s to running around chic…..

The Camille Ballerinas

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Now I know what my wardrobe is missing, it’s missing a pair of Camille ballerinas by Repetto. I love this woman’s style. It’s modern, yet classic and timeless. My wish list has expanded, in order to do justice one would need a neutral, black and a beautiful red.

Camille ballerina $375
Camille ballerina $375

There is a gorgeous pink too!

Here’s to running around chic…

Glorious Tresses

LHuile Original Hair Oil $24/$51; GLOSSING DETANGLER $25; 8H Magic Night Hair Serum $56; Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner $54

The pandemic is almost over, I hope. My beauty routine has been infringed upon as much as I can stand at this point. I welcome the days when my presence was required, at least a few days out of the week. I am a product junkie I admit. I went through my beauty products and gave a shopping bagful away and I still have more than I need. I am a firm believer that if you use the same beauty products over and over they cease to preform, in other words I buy items from different brands that produce the same results.

Recently I started using Lolavie. A glossing detangling spray by Jennifer Aniston and I love it, I’ve noticed a huge difference in hair frizz. During this pandemic I’ve developed a habit of allowing my hair to airdry naturally. My hair is shiny and less frizzy, it’s basically smooth. Other products I use are from Keratin Complex. I love the smell of their Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, although I’ve been using it as a daily hair conditioner. I enjoy the feel of my wet, conditioned hair after towel drying.

Other products I use are from Kérastase, I love their 8H Magic Night Hair Serum, I apply it to the crown of my head and the ends. I also like their LHuile Original Hair Oil, this is applied all over before going to bed.

Here’s to happy tresses…..

The Chiffon Scarf

Katherine Hepburn as Linda Seton June 15, 1938 “The Holiday”

My old 1030’s movie watching has begun now that fall is in the air. I started with The Holiday, starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant (yes, my crush on Cary Grant continues). The first thing I noticed, besides how dashing Mr. Grant was, and that the dialog and delivery were magnificent, was Katherine Hepburn’s evening attire. She was wearing a gorgeous crewneck, black gown, three rows of diamond necklaces and a brooch pinned to a chiffon scarf. I immediately imagined myself wearing my own chiffon scarf and lamented not purchasing a paste brooch that I had my eye on.

Sadly, if I feel that I can’t justify a purchase if I am not going to wear the item much and if I make a purchase on an item I know I won’t wear often, then it needs to be budget friendly. I put my foot down when it comes to buying something extravagant and leaving it the closet. Extravagant for me, means something that isn’t really worth the amount it costs and not utilizing it often to warrant the addition to the closet.

Etsy Chiffon Scarves $22.95 @12thKnit

In other words, the more you wear an item, the more the cost goes down, it pays for itself. It’s cost per wear.

There was another idea I had for a style detail, sadly I don’t remember the movie, or the name of the actress to be able to look up the movie, but she was wearing a thick gold necklace, and a gorgeous brooch pinned right below it, so that it looked like a magnificent piece of jewelry. Again, the brooch I didn’t buy comes into play. Yes, it’s true, my regrets are the items of clothing I didn’t buy.

Now if you excuse me, another movie awaits…..

My Current Wishlist

Alpaca Reversible Cape $395

It’s good to always have a Wishlist. Of course mine includes travel, well-being and mental health. Alas, I am susceptible to emails that include really good marketing gimmicks.

DIOR PRESTIGE Le micro-caviar de rose $445; DIOR PRESTIGE La micro-huile de rose advanced serum – age-defying face serum $380

Like the email blast from Cuyana that mentions this beautiful Alpaca reversible cape. I imagine myself wearing it, walking around Paris or New York, wearing over a dress, with leggings and booties. I can’t say right now if my vision includes hair and makeup, but most likely, at least I’m hoping. Taking a trip to a bigger city would put pep in my step, I would feel normal going to The Met or Le Musée d’Orsay.

COCO MADEMOISELLEE au de Parfum Intense Mini Twist and Spray $80; GABRIELLE CHANEL – hair Mist $65

I’ve also recently been buying makeup palettes from Dior and because I think they might recognize my shipping address, I was given a luxury size of their Rose Caviar. Can I tell you that after trying it and seeing a difference in my skin I had that feeling that a live size was going to cost the amount of Gucci sunglasses. Ask me what would I rather have, the answer if you know me well is a pair of Gucci sunglasses. I remember once when I was in my thirties, I bought myself a large jar of Crème de la Mer. It was during the holidays and after bringing it home, reality set in. Who did I think I was to buy such an expensive piece of skincare? I ended up giving it to my mother, along with a Crème de la Mer gift set.


I’m still concerned about a new fragrance, I still have Amyris by Maison Francis Kurkdjian that makes me not be in too much of a hurry to choose and in reality I do need to go back to the beauty counter and try them out, that’s the only way I’ll know. I’ve worn Coco Mademoiselle before, but chemistry changes with age. The Anine Bing handbag will continue to be on the list until I bite the bullet. My hesitancy lies in the fact that it’s a ladylike bag, and I would actually need to carry it on my arm.

What’s on your wish list?

It’s a Charlotte Tilbury Christmas


Last year it was an Estee Lauder Christmas, this year I just really liked the gift selection from Charlotte Tilbury and the prices are budget friendly, this means ladies you can buy one for you too, which I have.


I also bought several gift sets from Dior, but mainly for myself. I just love the idea of needing a makeup palette for a future vacation, where I actually apply makeup. But the shades of pink in these eyeshadow palettes I found to be too irresistible.


So, if we gift exchange during the holidays, then you have an idea of what you’re going to open up this Christmas. I think I will end up buying from Estee Lauder too, but when there are more gift sets to choose from and they offer a free gift with purchase. Oh, Charlotte Tilbury is offering free deluxe sizes of some of her top sellers as incentives.

Here’s to a Happy Christmas!

New In Beauty Now


I recently discovered Static, a nail company and their products look good, from their packaging to their nail polish colors and their faux nails. I’m tempted to try them out, and will most likely at some point. I have a hard time with long nails and I’ve always admired women with long nails. I just personally can’t function if my nails are too long. However the beauty of these faux nails is that they are reusable.


Another brand I recently became aware of is Isa Lazo. I was gifted the toner and it does it’s job. I apply it after cleansing and before my serum and I admit it adds a certain glow to my skin. This toner is unique in that it aids the skin by hydrating and infusing with anti-inflammatory  properties.

Cheeky Posh – CREAM BLUSH STICK in Rollerskate $42

And of course who isn’t in-love with Victoria Beckham’s makeup line, she recently added a cream blush and her ads will tempt you, I’ve always had a fear of liquid/cream blushes, in case I applied too much but I will eventually succumb to the two pink hues and try them.

Here’s to what’s new in beauty…..

Layering Up this Fall

Photo Courtesy of @anne_dressingideal

The chill factor has officially set in today, it’s windy and cold. I had on a sweater for my morning walk this morning with the idea that I would eventually have to take it off once the walking was underway. No chance of that happening, it stayed cold and windy, even with the speed walking.

Photo Courtesy of @anne_dressingideal

Here are some ideas for layering up, it’s always best to layer because this way one can remove a coat, a sweater etc.

It’s safe to own a coat that fits while wearing a blazer, hoodie and t-shirt underneath. It’s fine if you don’t but layering is fun because your attire will evolve, depending on your activity and you will still look stylish with or without your coat.

Photo Courtesy of @_fashionsabs
Photo Courtesy of @_fashionsabs

You may also want to invest in a luxury handbag and some red lipstick…..

Here’s to running around chic this fall…..

A Case For The Suede Handbag


It’s been a long time since I’ve admired suede handbags. But now, recently as of this morning, I am thinking about an unstructured suede handbag in a color that isn’t black. I mean, I know Mr. Santos and he can fix anything, so if I over wear it, he can make it come back to life. Mr. Santos is the cobbler to all of the luxury shops in SF and those of us that know him have him on speed dial.


The two handbags I can’t stop thinking about are from Carolina Herrera and Cuyana. Both beautiful, well-made and classic with a modern twist. I can see myself carrying either one and being blissfully happy. Remember, when you can see yourself being happy wearing your clothes’ or handbag/shoes they are for sure keepers.


I also like big slouchy handbags, where I can carry everything I might need when I am away from home, usually when I am at the office, not while running errands or I am with the children (niece and nephew).

Oversized Double Loop Bag $445
Oversized Double Loop Bag $445

I am sure there are other gorgeous suede handbags, but these two are the ones I’m currently thinking about…..

Here’s to running around chic…..

Beauty Temptations At Dior


I noticed these beautiful eyeshadow and makeup palettes yesterday and have been thinking about them ever since. I just imagine myself needing the makeup palette with the eyeshadows and lipsticks. I can see myself taking a trip where packing my beauty arsenal is supposed to be minimal but effective. Where I quickly bounce out of bed, apply dry shampoo, splash cold water on my face, hydrate and apply a touch of blush, eyeshadow/eyeliner and lipstick and I’m out the door.


Sadly, I am the type of person that likes to take her time, I like to think about what I am going to wear, and then act accordingly. I’m not one to rush. Although with the pandemic, I’ve been showering in the evenings and re-wetting my hair in the mornings, applying my thickening sprays and lotions and then combing my hair into a messy bun. I’ve hardly been applying makeup, just the odd color here and there, nothing fancy. Then comes picture time and I am lamenting not having put in the effort. I am on a vicious cycle.

But this makeup palette is pure temptation.

Oh well, the only way to justify it is to hold on to it as a stocking stuffer.
Here’s to running around chic…….

The Fall Coat

 Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl

The fall coat is a basic essential that can elevate basic casual attire and conceal wardrobe sins. By wardrobe sins I mean concealing old beat up sweat pants, faded shirts past their prime and rolling out of bed to go out on a coffee run. Here we see Naomi Watts taking her dog out for a walk, I can imagine her coat worn over all black or camel, it’s the perfect coat for fall.

 Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl

Katie Holmes has the right idea, here we see her strolling around New York, looking as chic as ever with a teddy bear coat. Her coat also falls into the same category, you can dress it up or dress it down, that’s when you know you have a keeper.

Photo Courtesy of @thestreetpie

You could also invest in a stand alone piece that transforms basic black or camel, I don’t see this coat worn with casual attire, but I am not a professional stylist. However wearing a lot of black, this coat would fit in to my wardrobe and elevate everything black.

Here’s to choosing a new fall coat………

Is it Too Early for Christmas Shopping

IT Cosmetics Special Edition IT Girl Holiday Beauty Book  $49

While I was in Maui last month there were Christmas trees, ornaments and all kinds of Christmas vibes. Now in London, the public Christmas trees will be going up soon, makes me wonder how early is too early?


Last year I started Christmas shopping in October, and I started Christmas shopping again this past week. I start off with stocking stuffers, I usually end up being finished by early December. The only problem is that I keep shopping for myself and I’ve been asking myself lately, when is enough, enough? Oh well, I can answer that after I’ve finished updating my fall essentials. I love IT Cosmetic’s beauty book, it contains everything you need for a vacation, just pack it and go.

THE EYES HAVE IT – Primer and Mascara Set $66

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas, can you guess which one’s I purchased?


Chanel usually comes out with a gorgeous velvet makeup pouch in a jewel like color, can’t wait until that email hits my inbox this season, I hesitated last year and missed out. I love that Dior is creating gifts with their iconic 999 red, makes it easier to buy one for you and one for me…….

Here’s to getting Christmas shopping done on time…..

An Exciting Collection

Converse x Basquiat Chuck Taylor All Star $70

I agonized over which new Basquiat Converse to order, I could eventually have them all, the price point is affordable, but I have a hard enough time wearing the sneakers I already own.

However one can’t go wrong with either of the choices, they will all make an all black assemble pop. I ended up quickly selecting the The crown motif, although I ended up not having anything special done to them. I love Basquiat, although I believe I’ve never seen his work in person, I think I would faint if and when that happened.

Converse x Basquiat Chuck 70 $110 @Conver
Converse x Basquiat All Star By You $90

I ran a search of the museums that have Basquiat on display and seems I’ll have to go to LA just for the privilege. I was in Zurich, but did not go to a museum, now I wish I had. I found a website that specifically outlines which museums display the most Basquiat, here. 

I can’t wait to wear my new Converse, they will definitely put a kick in my step.

Now it’s time to start thinking about visiting LA……

Fall Wardrobe Additions

Castay leather Chelsea boots $750

Well it’s officially the first day of fall. I recently purchased a new fall coat I plan on wearing today, running errands in the city requires a more urban feel than the kaftans I’ve been wearing. I have plenty of outerwear but I like updating my wardrobe, there are always new pieces one can add to refresh one’s closet. And lately I’ve been mixing navy and black and wearing leggings with everything.


It’s no mistake, I like mixing high and low, who doesn’t want a bargain. I worked in the luxury industry for years and have an eye for materials, there are always nice well-made pieces one can buy without breaking the bank. It’s all about how the pieces are worn together.

I recently purchased the COS two patch pocket cardigan and the corduroy dress. I’m eyeballing the ruffled dress and those Isabel Marant boots, but I alas have to pace myself…..remember if you can see yourself being happy wearing the clothes, it’s a must. Sometimes you’re crazy for doing it and crazy for not. All of the purchases I regret are the one’s I didn’t make, like that Leopard YSL shawl.

Here’s to running around chic……

Style Profile: Michele Quattrin of mQn Photography

Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography

I’ve known Michele for decades, you could say we were best friends during our bar hopping days, yes we went bar hopping and were quite a pair, the blonde and the brunette. Many a night we had drinks brought over to our side of the room. But we decided a long time ago not to kiss and tell. I remember when she was taking photography classes in college and made me her guinea pig. My only complaint is that her photos are always beautiful, in my opinion, she’s the Martha Stewart of photography. Michele can’t take a bad photo to save her life.

Photo via

In-between photo sessions and vacation she found time to answer a few questions, sort of like catching up without the drinks.

Fashion Icon: Audrey Hepburn.

Last book read: Rodham, I have fully enjoyed reading Curtis Sittenfelds other novels like Prep and American Wife and also some of her short stories so when I heard of this “what if” book I had to read it right away.  I definitely had tears when I hadn’t expected to.

Favorite Restaurant: Oh tough question.  Since the pandemic we have tried to support more local restaurants and forgo the chains.  It’s hard to choose one favorite. Best lunch with the ladies; Ingredients.  Favorite restaurant to take out of towners; Betty Dangers.  Best Date Night options; Mizo or Acqua. Best place for doughnuts; Glam Doll.

Photo via HBO Max

Last show you binged watched: The Undoing.

Glow First Priming Serum $59

Beauty routine: I’m ashamed to admit I don’t really have much of one.  Especially since the pandemic.  I wash my face nightly and I put lotion on in the morning but not much else.  I rarely even put makeup on anymore.   I have been using a lot of Beauty Counter product because I love how they are trying to get away from chemicals.  I absolutely love the face oils they have.  My favorite makeup product though is the Thrive highlighter.  It’s my no makeup look awake go out into the world look.

Lulu Lemon

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: Easy, high waisted yoga pants.

Last item purchased before the pandemic: This is weird because I remember being in Home Depot buying paint for a canvas I was going to create for my studio.  I remember this because there were two ladies asking for face masks and the clerk said “we are all out; someone came in the other day and wiped us out”.  I had no idea what was to come.

Photo via Art Spate – One Breath Photo

Which photographer influenced your craft: I have always had a love for black and white candid photography and no one has done it better than Henri Cartier Bresson.

Advice for a photography student: My biggest advice is to be yourself.  Do what sings to your soul.  If you see something that someone else has already done and you want to try it too, that’s ok to do, but do it your way.  Do it different. 

Plans for after the pandemic:  Well now that my family and I are fully vaccinated, we are excited to be heading to California to see our family this summer.  It’s been too long and too much has happened between our visits. 

Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography


Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography
Photo Courtesy of mQn Photography

Michele Quattrin, mQn Photography

Thank you Michele!