Musings Around Paris: Café de Flore

Walking in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, certain places come to mind, most likely you think of Café de Flore before knowing there is a church there named Saint Germain. This arrondissement of Paris is on the Left Bank of Paris, or as it’s known, “Rive Gauche” for being on the “left side of theContinue reading “Musings Around Paris: Café de Flore”

Summer in Paris – Part Deux

My friend Cindy is lucky that she lives in Paris, she’s a photographer and takes some really good street photos of the locals running around Paris, either going to work or running errands. Here are a few more photos that make me wistful for travel, or just getting my life back in general. Another well-knownContinue reading “Summer in Paris – Part Deux”

Mental Health Audio Book Recommendations

We all have days when we are more engaged in our own minds, and being alone in your thoughts for too long is not healthy. Here are the audio books that I listen to when I need to be pulled out of my own mind. These audio books are calming, soothing and they explain aContinue reading “Mental Health Audio Book Recommendations”

Style Profile: Erika Madariaga, Personal Coach, And Founder of Botanical Rituals

I stumbled upon Botanical Rituals by accident, or did I? I instantly felt a connection and reached out to Erika about featuring some of her jewelry on my blog. I then went ahead and signed up for the complimentary Comeback Queen Strategy Call. Although the coaching session is out of my budget at the moment,Continue reading “Style Profile: Erika Madariaga, Personal Coach, And Founder of Botanical Rituals”