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Naked Woman by Auguste Rodin @Petitpalais_Musee
Feminine Moisturizer $63.75

Vaginal dryness is a sensitive topic, almost considered taboo. However it’s an issue a lot of women go through and finding the right products that help us embrace pro-aging is paramount. Before your thirties, the walls of our vagina stay lubricated with a thin layer of clear fluid. The estrogen in our bodies aids the lining of the vagina by keeping it healthy, thick and elastic. Once we turn 31 years old, our estrogen drops making the level of moisture drop. This will cause irritation, discomfort and more serious issues.

Dr. Barbara Sturm – V Wash $70

Inflammation is also a cause of more severe vaginal issues, diet plays a key role. I recently started taking Turmeric and it’s been helping me with chronic inflammation. If you start taking Turmeric today, you will see a difference in a few days, at least I have. Take 6 grams of Turmeric daily for 14 days, then drop to 3 grams for another 14 days, it acts as a oral antibiotic.

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But back to Vaginal dryness, there are many clean beauty products available that aid in Vaginal health, question is, are you ready to pro-age?

Daily Intimate Wash
Violet Cotton

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