Lately I’ve been hankering for silver jewlery. So many women are wearing it stylishly and it has me intrigued. I tend to only wear it when traveling to Mexico, it’s low-key and versatile. My question is, how do you choose what jewelry to wear in the mornings?

I love Kumi’s style, and how she is wearing her silver. I am also lamenting the departure of winter. It’s 83 degrees here today and tomorrow in the city it will be 69. I am still wrestling with myself over wardrobe. Do I wear my clothes that will need to be dry-cleaned or not? Do I break out my new pink sneakers? Do I wear my boots with a dress-shirt dress? Do I wear linen pants, a dress shirt and sneakers? I know, first world problems. Trust me, there are other issues at play but I choose to focus on the wardrobe ones, it’s saner.

There are other earrings I want, I bought the Anine Bing AB X MVB Rope Link Earrings ($130) you see above, they are a good size and I can wear them with my silver Tane ring that I picked up in DF several years ago.

What’s so funny is that I was at the Cuyana shop over the weekend and saw a necklace and I now can’t stop thinking about it. I think it’s best to just not leave the house somtimes, everytime I leave I spend money.

Here’s to Silver or Gold!


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