Heather, RunAround Chic Muse

It was another chilly Sunday afternoon when I ran into Heather and her adorable puppy, who’s name I didn’t catch. I was immediately drawn to her good taste, the combination of the stripes, solid black and gold hardware were hard to resist. Name: Heather Occupation: HP Fashion Inspiration: Jackie O, 1960’s Mod Favorite Shops: HeidiContinue reading “Heather, RunAround Chic Muse”

Beautiful Basics for Everyday Life – EverLane

Everlane is a San Francisco based company that manufactures beautiful and modern basics for everyday life. Everlane’s celebrity clientele list includes Angelina Jolie and she always looks amazing. Everlane is sold online, cutting out the middle-man so that we reap the benefits of quality pieces at affordable prices. Because style is about well made qualityContinue reading “Beautiful Basics for Everyday Life – EverLane”

Maja, RunAround Chic Muse

It was another chilly January afternoon when I ran into Maja and her adorable children. She’s demonstrating that not all puffer vests are created equal, this one isn’t only keeping her warm but utterly chic too. I was immediately drawn to the texture and color of her vest and how she substituted the classic balletContinue reading “Maja, RunAround Chic Muse”

Blanket Dressing – KiBoots

Lately I’ve been obsessed with ponchos and recently decided that it was time I added some pattern to my wardrobe. I haven’t seen any on the streets of San Francisco yet, but hopefully soon. They make amazing layering pieces over a favorite coat, and add detail to leather pants. Plus they are the perfect travelingContinue reading “Blanket Dressing – KiBoots”

Sherry, RunAround Chic Muse

It was a beautiful day in the city, a little windy but the California sun was out and shining. I went in search of my next muse and ran into Sherry  and her adorable daughter on the corner of Fillmore and Sacramento. I was drawn to her urban aesthetic, the rich textures and details of herContinue reading “Sherry, RunAround Chic Muse”

Dora, RunAround Chic Muse

I ran into her on my way out and couldn’t resist.  I was drawn to her color pallet, the colors and textures were warm and inviting  for this cold January day. Name: Dora Occupation: Sales Manager Favorite Place to Shop: Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Grocery Store Style Icon: Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley TheContinue reading “Dora, RunAround Chic Muse”

The Quintessential Ballet Flat – London Sole

I love ballet flats, and the ones that seem to fit me the best are the one’s from London Sole.  I have like twenty pairs, and some are duplicates. I first discovered them years ago when they had their shop on Maiden Lane. They are comfortable, long-lasting chic shoes that go with everything. I’ll beContinue reading “The Quintessential Ballet Flat – London Sole”

Joyce, RunAround Chic Muse

Over the three day weekend I decided to walk around Fillmore Street searching for my next muse, I ran into her and her equally stylish son on the corner of Fillmore and California. I was drawn to her color pallet and the rich textures of her attire. Name: Joyce Occupation: Human Resources Stye Inspiration: TraditionallyContinue reading “Joyce, RunAround Chic Muse”

Wardrobe Essentials – Emerson Fry

What is there not to love about Emerson Fry’s designs? Everything is timeless, wearable and utterly chic. Emerson Fry is proof that all you need is quality fabric in good silhouettes and you have a wardrobe filled with essentials that can be worn in every mayor city in the word. It’s nice to know thatContinue reading “Wardrobe Essentials – Emerson Fry”

Anna, RunAround Chic Muse

Walking around Fillmore Street I came across a young lady waiting at the bus stop. I was drawn to her simple and stylish attire. She’s proof that you don’t need a big budget to look polished and pulled together and that classic pieces can be found anywhere. Name: Anna Style Icon: Influenced by comfort andContinue reading “Anna, RunAround Chic Muse”

Style On Instagram

I think  I look at my Instagram account more than  I look at my Facebook wall, why? Because Instagram is filled with creative and talented people that leave me inspired. I’m definitely going to try on my converse high-tops with my new boyfriend jeans and a simple sweat shirt, plus force myself to wear myContinue reading “Style On Instagram”

The Cardigan

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a great cardigan, just like that great shade of red lipstick you can’t live without. A cardigan can be worn with your favorite denim, leather pants or trousers. You can change it up by wearing it with your New Balance or High Top Converse sneakers. But it doesn’t justContinue reading “The Cardigan”

Victoria, RunAround Chic Muse

I ran into my first style muse while out on a coffee run. I was immediately drawn to her good taste. I detected an accent and found out she was a San Franciscan that lived in Sweden. She isn’t just gorgeous, but friendly and unaffected. As she graciously posed for a few pictures I askedContinue reading “Victoria, RunAround Chic Muse”

The Black Handbag

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a great handbag, especially an everyday bag that holds everything you might need. Mind you, these aren’t evening bags, but a work bag that keeps you together. Lately I’ve been carrying around my Celine, a generous gift from my sister. Before that I was sporting around my over-sized Muse,Continue reading “The Black Handbag”

The Sweater – The Item You Will Wear Forever

I have one  bulky sweater that my sister gave me, and every winter I bring it out and use it at least 5 times from November thru December. It’s black, textured with a turtleneck and ever so warm. I wear it with skinny jeans, ballet flats or my Converse high-tops and a swipe of myContinue reading “The Sweater – The Item You Will Wear Forever”