The Black Handbag

Philip Lim, Pashli $1,000.00
Philip Lim, Pashli $1,000.00

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a great handbag, especially an everyday bag that holds everything you might need. Mind you, these aren’t evening bags, but a work bag that keeps you together.

Prada Saffiano $2,500.00
Prada Saffiano $2,500.00

Lately I’ve been carrying around my Celine, a generous gift from my sister. Before that I was sporting around my over-sized Muse, my Easy or my Chanel Tote.

Celine $3,100.00
Celine $3,100.00

I took the liberty of selecting a few of my favorite handbags for inspiration, after all we all spend more time in our everyday lives.

P.s It’s best to save your money in order to buy the real thing, there is nothing worse then carrying a fake.  I remember as a young girl standing inline at Walgreens, there was a woman ahead of me at the cashier counter and she was carrying a Chanel.  I asked my boyfriend at the time how would anyone know if it were real or not?

He looked at the women and said “her shoes”. True enough I looked at her shoes and they were beat-up ratty looking things that should have been tossed out with the morning garbage. So, it’s best to stay away from knockoffs if the rest of your wardrobe falls short.


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