Obsession, Hoops

I’ve been obsessed with hoop earrings and the funny part is that I never thought they looked good on me, but I’m starting to come around. There are a variety of hoops available, from 14k to recycled materials. We selected a few of our favorites. Which is your favorite? We found several contenders, from Cuyana,Continue reading “Obsession, Hoops”

Small Accessories

I have been shopping with Cuyana for years, I love that they use sustainable materials, something just isn’t right about wearing anything too flashy these days and I consider Cuyana affordable luxury. I recently purchased their Slim Wristlet Wallet, in red with my initials embossed. I love that my cell phone fits perfectly. Perusing theContinue reading “Small Accessories”

The Acceptable Scrunchy

Everyone remembers the scene in Sex & the City where Carry and Berger had the scrunchy argument, Carry was right at the time, no self-respecting woman would be caught dead wearing a scrunchy. But times have changed, women now more than ever are taking better care of their hair. With the pandemic in full-swing weContinue reading “The Acceptable Scrunchy”