Oh, A Rivière

I’ve had my eye on rivière necklaces for years now, I really don’t want to invest in a piece of Jewelry that I feel I wouldn’t wear often. It would be something that I would wear on occasion, my personality would feel it wasn’t right for my actual day job, although maybe it would be.Continue reading “Oh, A Rivière”

My Current Wish List

My current wish list isn’t very long, let’s just say I indulged myself this past holiday. I played Santa Clause and of course I bought my Valentine’s Day gifts early, why you may ask? Because with the pandemic, shipping could be an issue and if you order with enough time, there shouldn’t be any disappointments.Continue reading “My Current Wish List”

What I bought Myself for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I finished all of the Christmas shopping weeks in advance of Xmas. I also bought myself my own Christmas presents, because who doesn’t do that? I’ll be honest though, I live in the same old clothes day-in-day-out. I am storing everything for when this pandemic is over and IContinue reading “What I bought Myself for Christmas”

The Acceptable Scrunchy

Everyone remembers the scene in Sex & the City where Carry and Berger had the scrunchy argument, Carry was right at the time, no self-respecting woman would be caught dead wearing a scrunchy. But times have changed, women now more than ever are taking better care of their hair. With the pandemic in full-swing weContinue reading “The Acceptable Scrunchy”

Wardrobe Essentials – Emerson Fry

What is there not to love about Emerson Fry’s designs? Everything is timeless, wearable and utterly chic. Emerson Fry is proof that all you need is quality fabric in good silhouettes and you have a wardrobe filled with essentials that can be worn in every mayor city in the word. It’s nice to know thatContinue reading “Wardrobe Essentials – Emerson Fry”

Style On Instagram

I think  I look at my Instagram account more than  I look at my Facebook wall, why? Because Instagram is filled with creative and talented people that leave me inspired. I’m definitely going to try on my converse high-tops with my new boyfriend jeans and a simple sweat shirt, plus force myself to wear myContinue reading “Style On Instagram”