The Paisley Shawl

I never thought of myself as a lover of prints, unless we were talking about YSL leopard. But I fell-in-love with John Singer Sargent’s paintings of his sisters and niece draped in paisley shawls. A few pieces I am in-love with are from Etro fall 2020. Naturally these pieces are out of my current budget, but one can remain hopeful. This post is about Art meeting fashion, it’s inspiration and a pleasant distraction from the pandemic. Etro is a fashion house that can best be described as stealth wealth, investment pieces that can be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans to cashmere pieces you will love to live in. Here’s to beauty.

Etro Paisley Shawl $1,600
John Singer Sargent, Nonchaloire (Repose), 1911
The shawl ­appears in Sargent’s Two Girls in White Dresses, 1909–11, from a private collection.
Sargent painted his niece Reine Ormond wearing the shawl in seven poses for his circa-1908 Cashmere.
Etro Scarf $490


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