Transitioning into Spring

It’s not easy getting into Spring, the weather in SF is still windy, verging on cold. Just the other day I skipped wearing a sweater and coat and regretted it when I saw a lovely woman wearing a camel turtleneck and long coat. I lamented my wardrobe choice, as usual I did get a bit lazy and just don’t feel inspired enough to wear my other pieces and then spend money on dry cleaning.

I don’t go out enough to be able to shop my closet, and tend to wear the same things over and over again. I know, first world problems and for that I apologize.

Instagram for me is a source of inspiration, where I save photos of a life I want for myself, alhtough I know that most Instagram photos are not proof of a life well-lived, they still inspire. I just want to have the best life possible, for me.

The other day I was scrolling as usual and stumbeled upon this photo and all of the sudden I had the urge to buy a pink pair of sneakers.

And I did, I knew Net-a-Porter would have something fun and within my budget. I ended up buying the Air Jordan 1 Low velvet sneakers, they arrived and I am-in-love with them. Now I am looking for ideas on how to wear them with my existing wardrobe.

They are confortable and super pretty. I bought hoseiry already that I can wear with them and have the right pair of jeans – I just need to try it all on, as we learn that somethings are only good in theory and not in real-life.

However I like them so much I am tempted to get another pair. The velvet sneakers I am considering are the Jordan Series .05 velour sneakers, they can also be found on Net-a-Porter.

Velvet sneakers in a bright hue are the perfect way to transition into Spring, here’s to running around chic!


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