All I Want For Christmas……

I’ve been shopping for myself early, and have one more package arriving, then I have to start saving for my San Miguel de Allende/DF trip in January 2022. This is a quick list of things I would love to receive. Mind you, nothing I need, just Most Wanted Christmas 2021. One of these beauty packagesContinue reading “All I Want For Christmas……”

It’s a Charlotte Tilbury Christmas

Last year it was an Estee Lauder Christmas, this year I just really liked the gift selection from Charlotte Tilbury and the prices are budget friendly, this means ladies you can buy one for you too, which I have. I also bought several gift sets from Dior, but mainly for myself. I just love theContinue reading “It’s a Charlotte Tilbury Christmas”

Beauty Temptations At Dior

I noticed these beautiful eyeshadow and makeup palettes yesterday and have been thinking about them ever since. I just imagine myself needing the makeup palette with the eyeshadows and lipsticks. I can see myself taking a trip where packing my beauty arsenal is supposed to be minimal but effective. Where I quickly bounce out ofContinue reading “Beauty Temptations At Dior”

Is it Too Early for Christmas Shopping

While I was in Maui last month there were Christmas trees, ornaments and all kinds of Christmas vibes. Now in London, the public Christmas trees will be going up soon, makes me wonder how early is too early? Last year I started Christmas shopping in October, and I started Christmas shopping again this past week.Continue reading “Is it Too Early for Christmas Shopping”


I’m obsessed, the question is which one do I order? The pink that works for all complexions, and that will correct my imperfections. Or the one that is best suited for my skin tone? Leave it to Dior to send me into a tizzy. I also don’t need another compact, but this one is lovely,Continue reading “Beauty Most Wanted: DIOR FOREVER CUSHION POWDER”

Obsession, Navy Noir by Victoria Beckham

I’ve been obsessed with navy eyeliners ever since I read Jennifer Alfano’s post many years ago about what she noticed on her last trip to Paris. She noticed that Parisian’s wore navy eyeliner and not the harsh black we are accustomed to. I’ve been trying to order the Suratt Beauty’s Nuit D Orage but theyContinue reading “Obsession, Navy Noir by Victoria Beckham”