Style Profile: Erika Madariaga, Personal Coach, And Founder of Botanical Rituals

Courtesy of Erika Madariaga

I stumbled upon Botanical Rituals by accident, or did I? I instantly felt a connection and reached out to Erika about featuring some of her jewelry on my blog. I then went ahead and signed up for the complimentary Comeback Queen Strategy Call.

Love Ritual Set – Courtesy of

Although the coaching session is out of my budget at the moment, I walked away inspired, Erika teaches us to listen to our intuition. I know from experience that intuition is when a thought comes to you without any emotion, positive or negative, that’s intuition talking to you. The question is, are you going to listen or ignore it?

Erika is a lovely woman and I had to get to know her better, and luckily for me she had time to answer a few questions.

Fashion Icon: Talitha Getty. She was exotic, artistic, bohemian, ahead of her time.  She was also the opposite of a fashion victim, she had her own authentic style.

Favorite Restaurant: Caviar Kaspia in Paris because it is both delicious, and glamorous.  The kind of place you dress up to go to.  It always makes me feel like I am celebrating.

Last book read: Win at Losing by Sam Weinman.

What was your last purchase before the pandemic: Silk pajamas: I love luxurious loungewear.

Courtesy of Erika Madariaga

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: A cotton kaftan-I live in it.

Let’s talk about your jewelry collection: I created my jewelry collection to inspire and empower. It is an extension of my purpose-to help women find their divine purpose and reclaim their Power. Through my jewelry, I want to remind women that they can create whatever they want.   They get to choose how they show up in their lives.  That is why most of my jewelry pieces are intentional.

The crystals I use are also super healing.  All the pieces are hand made.  They are sacred pieces.  Created for manifesting and empowering. My jewelry is about stepping into your sovereignty-your inner Queen archetype.

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How did you become interested in wellness and spirituality: From a very early age I was always curious and spiritually inclined. I knew I was here to serve in a deep and meaningful way.  Later on, as a result of my father’s battle with cancer,  I became obsessed with health and wellness.

In more recent years, as a result of a very painful event in my life where I lost everything… I had to find my true self, and I had to learn how to turn my pain into purpose. 

I also learned how to manifest the kind of life my soul had always wanted.  That is why I love to help women find their purpose and monetize their divine gifts.  It feels amazing to know what you are here to do.  We don’t have to live out of scarcity.  We get to choose.

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How does someone benefit from your 30 minute coaching session, in other words why should they sign up: So, this is not a coaching session.  It is called the Comeback Queen strategy call. It is a time where we meet and chat.  I see how I can help you, and if we would  be a  right fit to work further at a deeper level.    We also come up with a strategy for your comeback.  Healing starts to take place in this session.  We start to awaken the Queen archetype inside of you.  It is an ancient energy of sovereignty and leadership.   I know that if someone feels called to apply for this Comeback Activation, it is probably because I have a sacred contract to guide this woman when she says YES to reclaiming her power and life. If you are ready to rise to the fullest and most glorious version of you, then this strategy activation is for you. I have a unique talent for finding people’s gifts and unblocking whatever is holding them back at the subconscious level.  I work with  women who are ready to rise to sacred and juicy abundance and learn how to manifest like never before.

Love Spell Vial – Courtesy of
Flower Magic Ritual Set- Courtesy of
Heather and Rose Quartz Set- Courtesy of

Do you believe that people who end up on your website are heading towards a path of spiritual wellness: Yes, I believe everyone who ends up in my website has a deep yearning for soul connection and spiritual awakening.  They want to learn how to manifest with ease, grace, and beauty. 

Here’s to finding that inner Goddess…..

For more To follow Erika @erikamadariaga_.


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