Mental Health Audio Book Recommendations

We all have days when we are more engaged in our own minds, and being alone in your thoughts for too long is not healthy. Here are the audio books that I listen to when I need to be pulled out of my own mind. These audio books are calming, soothing and they explain a lot. Highly recommended.

Did you know that when you judge others they pickup on that energy and then they are uncomfortable around you, they end up disliking you and don’t even know why? The Judgement Detox helps understand that process, and helps us in not judging others.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Wayne Dyer, his lectures have helped me so much and I find myself going back for more when a refresher is needed.

This is my favorite Deepak Chopra audio book, I have many but these are the three audio books that have helped me the most.

Here’s to mental health….


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