Treasures from the Sea

Shello ocean creatures

Star of the week

Don’t you just look at these beauties and wished you lived near the Sea permanently? I know that I am longing to walk along the beach, sleeping to the the sounds of the ocean waves crashing…..wearing a summer black dress and wistfully wishing for summer vacation to never end.

Hand carved coral fish and diamond earrings
Coco and Coral Cornetto

Coral sea stars and sapphire, empirial topaz and citrine
Coral and diamonds, shark fin enameling earrings

The designs by Sara Beltran capture the natural beauty in an elevated way with artisanal handcraftsmanship, old world techniques and original designs. Each Dezso piece is beautifully handmade using precious and semi-precious materials that have all been hand-selected by Sara herself.

Here’s to running around chic this summer…

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