Musings Around Paris: Café de Flore

Lemon Tart, Chablis & Hot Chocolate de Cafe De Flore

Walking in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, certain places come to mind, most likely you think of Café de Flore before knowing there is a church there named Saint Germain. This arrondissement of Paris is on the Left Bank of Paris, or as it’s known, “Rive Gauche” for being on the “left side of the river Seine”. A precious origin of the city is full of creatives, philosophers, literary geniuses, politics and universities. The history of this area needs a whole article for itself, so I’ll just focus on the contemporary relative.

Cafe de Flore (front)

Since Paris has fully opened up again, I’ve been picky but anxious to sit at a café terrace for a pause and people watch again, so I’ve started with Café de Flore because I know I’ll find my liking on the fashions of the Parisians of “the 6th”. It’s full of fashionable locals, locals who have lived there maybe their whole lives. Anita is looking forward to visiting soon, so I’ve come to check out how the cafe’s opening is flowing.

I decided to have my dessert on the terrace and enjoy the scenery. I ordered a Lemon tart with hot chocolate Café Flore and a Chablis to cool it back down, a very Summer Parisian dessert I’d say. The Lemon tart was wonderful, creamy and citrusy tart and the Hot chocolate was very good too, of course the Chablis was refreshing. It was a nice time while having dessert.

As soon as I sat down and got comfortable I saw a French famous person/celebrity walk by, so that fulfilled all the rumours to be true about this place. Café de Flore is very Fashion. It’s such an iconic café without much hype on the inside though, it really is just a brasserie like many around town, but that “Je ne sais quoi” or earned history is real and Café de Flore has it.

French Celebrity and her husband a politician

There are other popular cafe’s and brasseries around the corner and in front of the church (St Germain des Pres church) which is also in front of a Louis Vuitton shop and boutique, like Les Deux Magots, which is direct competitor to Cafe de Flore or also Cafe Bonaparte. I prefer Cafe Flore though, because of the Fashion.

Café Les Deux Magots

Just down the street is another terrace from “Mabillon” that has good views of the Boulevard and a side of town that leads to all the bars and clubs that are open all night.

Mabillon on Blvd St Germain

Another I like to call a Chic Café is the “Bar de la Croix Rouge” on Blvd Sevres. It’s full of fashionable people, and fashionable locals too. Another great spot for that lunch salad or café after lunch.

Almost in front of the Hermes boutique in the 6th is the “Au Sauvignon”. A great spot for people watching and fashion trends. I think it’s the chicest street, the chicest locals in all ages have coffee here. It’s ususally full for lunch too because it has a smaller terrace

Courtesy of @Le_bon_cin

There is a newly renovated Luxury hotel in the area, the wonderful LVTETIA on Boulevard Raspail. Named after the orignal name of Paris, this beauty is next door to the Hermes boutique in St Germain de Pres and also across the street from the Famed “Le Bon Marché” a one stop shop department store, one of the chicest in town

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

Paris 6th is my favorite neighborhood in Paris, so don’t miss exploring the Left bank of Paris even though it’s known for being more local and quiet than the right bank, it’s beautiful quaint little streets, beautiful parks, historical buildings and ancient museums are so inspiring. The 6th has so many things to do, you’ll be running around chic here too. See you soon Anita!

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

Written by Cindy Lucas




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