Facelifts in Bottles & Jars

Anti-aging Essentials @Glo24k.com

I look in the mirror and I know age has finally caught up with me. I had to face reality, I will never have twenty-year-old skin again. However I did take care of my skin, I was a little lazy about it during the pandemic. Now I go through phases where I start with a skincare regimen aggressively and then get into a slump.

Erasa XEP 30 Serum
; Erasa SPF-30 Lifting / Sculpting Crème for Face; The Lifting and Firming Mask by La Mer

That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of a few bottles & jars that are giving me a lift, a facelift so that I at least look like I am pro-aging, yes that’s a new term I’ve heard recently, we are not fighting father time anymore, we are now entering a phase where we are embracing ourselves as we are. Welcome to the era of pro-aging.

The All-In-One Facial – Starter @Hanacure.com

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried my All-In-One Hana Cure Starter yet, I plan on traveling with it and I love the Glo24 routine set I was gifted, I can see a difference in my skin texture, it’s firmer, what lines and wrinkles I have are diminished, and my skin feels refreshed, mind you this doesn’t replace Botox but it sure does keep needing it at bay.

Erasa is a new skincare line that promises to replace the use of Botox, and so far Linda Evangelista is living proof that it works. The La Mer firming mask is a good addition to any skincare routine, but I recommend using this the night and day before an important event to reap the benefits of it’s firming effect.

Chanel used to have an amazing product that you applied before your primer, after your moisturizer but they discontinued it, sadly there is nothing like it out on the market, unless you count Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

Here’s to firmer skin without the use of Botox…..


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