Beauty Items in My Stocking


I know I haven’t really been posting about skincare or makeup lately. I’ve been more interested in clothing, in making sure my wardrobe has what it needs to re-enter society. Then I remembered the two beauty products I did receive this past Christmas.

I love the Dior Lip Glow, I have it in Pink and am so tempted to get other colors, but I have a ton of lip products and since we are not really going anywhere, have no use for more, I have brand new red lipsticks that are just waiting to be worn.

BAUME ESSENTIEL – Multi-Use Glow Stick $45

Another item I’m loving at the moment is the Chanel Baume Essentiel in the pearlescent shade. I apply it over my SPF before leaving the house, and if I leave the house, it’s to go get Vitamin injections, the grocery store or babysitting, otherwise it’s staying put. I just apply it under my eye area, so that I look awake.

I am getting close to needing to purchase more shampoo and conditioner, I can’t see myself using my Oribe if I am not going anywhere special, and I am in need of a haircut.

Here’s to running around chic…..

It’s The Earrings

PEARL OCTOPUSS.Y Baroque Paris silver-plated, crystal and pearl earrings $78

Net-a-Porter is having an additional 20% off of a 60% off sale. I’ve been looking for a pair of statement earrings and can picture myself wearing these beauties with a sweater or a white dress shirt and jeans. The picture below had me inspired and wistful for a pair that wasn’t only stunning but budget friendly too. Nothing worse than spending a nice little chunk of change on an accessory and not wearing it.

PEARL OCTOPUSS.Y Baroque Paris silver-plated, crystal and pearl earrings $78

I can envision wearing these little darlings, and I can’t wait.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Winter in Paris

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I’ve only been to Paris twice in my life, my first time was in the winter. Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, with the pinks, greys, the hues of the city are enchanting. I love people watching, next time I plan to sit at Cafe d’Flore and people watch all-day. Maybe get up and shop a little bit but take all of my meals there.

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I love that Converse is everywhere, it’s worn with everything, and I can’t wait to start wearing mine, I don’t really go anywhere and when I do, it’s specific. No running around the city on errands…..

Here’s to running around chic…..

Wardrobe Refresh Part 2

NIKE Fontanka Waffle suede and leather-trimmed mesh $100; GUCCI EYEWEARPop Web oversized square-frame acetate sunglasses $375; PLEATED MIDI DRESS $135

I’ve been preparing for the end of the pandemic for the last two years. I have everything I need to re-enter society. But it seems that I have grown quite lazy. I had a grooming routine going on for decades that abruptly came to a halt and now it’s having to get used to it again. I will be going back into the office in March, working two days remotely which will be nice. However, I am having to practice getting my act together, I used to be one of those women that enjoyed dressing for work, I mean let’s face it, it was the only time I actually applied makeup and blow-dried my hair.

I recently added the above items to my wardrobe, because I did need a pair of actual white sneakers, and new sunglasses. Plus, the dress I can wear with a black poncho I already own and my new boots.

Are you ready to re-enter society?

The Striped Sweater

Photo Courtesy of @danividas

Ladies, this is the correct way to wear a striped sweater, everything about this photo is chic, pulled together and comfortable. You can wear a striped sweater with denim, tapered sweat pants, and even a skirt. I recently started buying sweaters again, it’s been really cold out lately and purchased a striped sweater from Zara a few months back, I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it yet though.

During this pandemic I’ve been mainly wearing the same old clothes, unless I am meeting my vaccinated friends out for a meal or drinks, alfresco of course.

KHAITE – Sonya striped cashmere turtleneck sweater $1,480.00

PETAR PETROV – Elan oversized striped cashmere turtleneck sweater $1,440.00

A striped sweater can also be used forever, it has longevity in any wardrobe. Here’s to running around chic……

Wardrobe Refresh


I hope everyone had a nice Holiday Season. In the middle of another Covid outbreak it was difficult to meet with all of our friends, but overall the season was enjoyable. I picked up a few items to help refresh my wardrobe. Anine Bing is having a sale and I ended up picking up three items from her collection, two of them out of fear of being sold out. Let’s just hope the jacket above fits, otherwise it’s going back.

Carmine Lug Sole Chelsea Boot $199
Sorel-Brex leather Chelsea boots $160

I ended up purchasing the last pair of Link Hoop Earrings, whew.

What does your wardrobe refresh look like?

The Ritz Paris Madeleines

Since the closed borders have changed the world’s behavior with travel, Europe might seem more difficult to reach than before the pandemic, many people had to cancel their Parisian travels and regretfully not being able to try the French favorite cake, the Madeleine at The Ritz, so I obliged.

The Ritz is famous for many things, the elegance, the historical figures who have stayed there, but did you know they are also famous for their Madeleines?

Like everything created in Paris, with such a long history of civilised and uncivilised people, the Madeleine has become a chic pastry or “patisserie” as they say in France. Yummy baked goodies. Used to be for kids, but now at the Ritz.

The Ritz puts the “frosting on top”, literally. Being a mom to 2 French boys, Madeleines become part of the lifestyle at a certain part in every French persons life… until you learn the fat content, haha, that’s why you can’t eat them every day.

I came by with my little 10 year old, he love’s madeleines, and so we entered the shop, after waiting patiently outside a couple minutes. We used some sanitary gel and continued to select and buy our madeleines. The staff are all so polite and soft spoken, it was a breeze. The madeleine is stuffed with their fruit filling, and glazed all over, sweet! I had a raspberry madeleine and it was divine.

The Comptoir, was a small space, with only 5 small 2 person tables, on the opposite side of the bakery, so I would recommend it as a walking snack better than a place to eat and people watch, there is no terrace outside, it’s on a little street and traffic moves steadily, so hopefully they find a better location.

Written and tasted by Cindy G Lucas



T’is the Season for Shearling

courtesy of @losangelinainparis

It’s cold in Paris now, and the Fall has turned to Winter cold. What are the Parisians wearing now you may ask? The stand out trend this month is the shearling jackets and coats. Everyone has a shearling something in our closets by now, and December is the month to start bringing your shearling out.

On the Street Style of Paris now you’ll find shearling on wool plaid jackets and shirts. Of course like the lumberjack work jacket style with shearling liner is another classic that is trendy again. The new updated style I found for this year was the elongated work shirt (pictured above) It says’Winter in 2021″, casual yet chic because it’s a new style.

Don’t be shy to wear shearling because all the Winter collections will have it, it’s so chic.

Here’s to staying warm in December in Paris!

by @LosAngelinainParis


Oh, A Rivière

Millenia necklace Octagon cut crystals, White, Rhodium plated $679

I’ve had my eye on rivière necklaces for years now, I really don’t want to invest in a piece of Jewelry that I feel I wouldn’t wear often. It would be something that I would wear on occasion, my personality would feel it wasn’t right for my actual day job, although maybe it would be. I would need to just change my personality, and pretend I am SJP or Anna Wintour and just wear it with everything.

What about you, is a rivière necklace in your future?

Oh, Plaid

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I was in Chicago over the past weekend and couldn’t help but notice that Plaid was strong in Chicago. I must have seen 5 different women wearing plaid with their designer bags and shoes walking up and down E Oak Street.

E Oak Street is the fashionable street of Chicago, like Dearborn Street is to their real estate market. Overall I can say that Chicago is full of fashionable people, the locals supporting their local businesses. I couldn’t help but make a comparison to San Francisco. In San Francisco, the fashionable set do not really support their local businesses, they tend to shop all over the world and return in San Francisco. If the luxury stores made any money, it’s because of the tourism. I know this because I spent a decade or so working in the luxury business.

However I was digging the vibe in Chicago, if there is a next time I visit, I do plan on exploring E Oak Street further, to see if there are any cute coffee shops or restaurants like on Fillmore Street.

It’s a shame that Union Square is a tourist attraction, I really don’t blame the locals for not wanting to be seen downtown, if only it were more like Michigan Avenue.

Oh well, looks like Plaid is here to stay.

A Chicago Christmas

Usually my sister’s and I plan a trip to NYC the week before Christmas. But it’s been two years since I’ve been to NYC, and this year to change things up a bit we took a weekend trip to Chicago. Can I just say that I fell-in-love with Chicago. It’s like a mini NYC, Michigan Avenue is a mini version of Fifth Avenue. Everything is on Michigan Avenue, or very close to it.

The Palm Court; Afternoon Tea

The city of Chicago knows how to celebrate Christmas, with trees, lights and glitter filling Michigan Avenue. If you weren’t in the Christmas spirit, just walk down Michigan Avenue. We walked up and down Michigan Avenue the entire weekend, I know it like the back of my hand, and just loved my trip.

We had Afternoon Tea at The Drake Hotel’s Palm Court, the finger sandwiches were divine, usually it’s a hit and miss, but the savories were all delectable. Also, the kitchen allows for plates of your favorites brought to your table without any extra charge, a practice I have only discovered in London.

We hit the Kris Cringle market on Friday night and had dinner at an adorable Italian bistro by the hotel, but I can’t think of the name now.

On Saturday we settled on traditional Chicago pizza at Lou Malnati’s. The deep crust was yummy, the wait however was longer than an hour and we managed to go shopping and took an Uber back when our table was ready.

Dinner on Saturday was at a old haunt, my sisters and I frequent the RH restaurant in Napa and decided to eat at the RH on Dearborn Street. I prefer the Napa location, but I fell-in-love with the little brownstones on Dearborn Street, especially the ones next door to RH.

We also spent Saturday morning at The Art Institute of Chicago, can I say that I love that museum, it beats our museums in SF. We also went to The Bean, walked around and will I be back anytime soon? Maybe not, but I did fall-in-love.

More Christmas Gift Ideas

T3 AIREBRUSH DUO $179; Book; The Jaunt by Roam Luggage $495, custom; DIOR POUCH $70

What to buy the traveler in your life, or the teen? Better yet, what to add to your beauty arsenal, bookshelf or travel collection of suitcases? I am actually finished with Christmas shopping, I started back in October. Now it’s a matter of wrapping the gifts and placing them under the tree. This gives me time to keep shopping for myself.

My recent purchases involve another Dior gift set, a T3 Airbrush Duo and I was gifted a beautiful Roam suitcase with pink piping, it was custom ordered.

Two items I plan on ordering is another book to add to my pile of books to read and a watercolor book for adults. I recently purchased water colors and plan on using them in 2022.

Watercolor Kit (Italy) $67

Here’s to happy gifting…..

The Epitome of Modern Style

What is style? It starts off with embracing yourself, your body and loving yourself regardless of your weight. Then you add wearing pieces you love, and investing in quality basics, a nice handbag, a coat, sunglasses and some Jewlery and a nice pair of shoes. I used to think that one should not wear more than 3 colors in a color pallet. But the Olsen Twins have changed that for me. People that knew me, back in the day knew I had an aversion to brown, to anything brown and that I would never date a man who wore a brown suit, a friend of mine decades ago had a bad experience and her story stayed with me.

I love everything about the photo above, mixing all of those colors and textures. I wish I had thought of that. Another woman that dresses sublime is Olivia Palermo, when she’s not trying too hard and sticks with what she really loves. These women are not trendy, but invest in stealth wealth pieces, items of clothing they will not get sick of wearing. Sure, they have fun pieces in their closets, because one they have bigger closets and two, they have more disposable income. When you have more disposable income you can afford to make an error and purchase a piece for your wardrobe that you might wear once and wear a second time because you feel it’s what you ought to do.

Women should also not be afraid to re-wear an article of clothing, especially if they love it. This past weekend I went out with my sister and one of our best friends, it’s the 2nd time since the pandemic that I wore clothing that made me feel like myself. Grant it, it was 72 degrees in Santa Cruz, but there was a wind factor, and since I’ve been dealing with health issues, (I’m going to be ok) I tend to get cold more often and I wore a tan turtleneck sweater, a cool pair of Nike sweats and my Nike by Serena sneakers. Mind you, I also applied more makeup than I usually do and that helped in feeling more like myself, more polished which is usually the look I go for. Of course, there were drinks involved, that may attribute to feeling relaxed, and being in the moment, which is the reason we all had a great time. But I loved what I was wearing, which is really the point. I can wear all of my sweaters with those sweat pants and even wear ballet flats with them, plus wear that sweater with a pair of jeans or a skirt (which I have yet to own). I ended up buying another pair of those sweats on my way home, thank goodness for apps.

Remember, if there is a basic you love, whether it be a cardigan, a turtleneck, a pair of shoes, leggings etc…. it’s okay to have several pairs. One for everyday life and another for those moments when you’re going out and want to feel like yourself. I think I spend more money on duplicates than anything else.

Here’s to happy wardrobe building…..

All I Want For Christmas……

Lucent ring $199; Dulcis stud earrings $149; Dulcis cocktail ring $229; Emmanuelle Earrings $330
Diamonds: Diamond Stories $95; Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life $195; Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings $200
Gold Lust Liter Set $295; The Holiday Set $98; Beautiful Lips Collection $30; COUTURE LIP WARDROBE SET $30; MISS DIOR BLOOMING BOUQUET SET $131

I’ve been shopping for myself early, and have one more package arriving, then I have to start saving for my San Miguel de Allende/DF trip in January 2022. This is a quick list of things I would love to receive. Mind you, nothing I need, just Most Wanted Christmas 2021. One of these beauty packages is on its way home to me and I just remembered I have a pair of statement earrings I bought last year that fit the bill for the look I am going for. Before Mexico, it’s a 3-day weekend in Chicago for the Kris Cringle German market, afternoon tea, a Christmas Carol and the Art Museum, plus dinner at the RH restaurant.

Here’s to a happy Christmas……

It’s All About Hosiery

Photo Courtesy of @thestreetpie

Before the pandemic began, two years ago I had seen a photo of a woman wearing converse with fishnet stockings for socks. I became enamored and immediately ordered a new pair of converse and fishnet stockings. Which I have not been able to wear yet.

I love everything about the photo above, love the texture, the coolness of her nail polish etc. Patterned hosiery is big right now, but did it ever really go away? I don’t think so, at Sheertex one of their most sold stockings is patterned.

Cross My Heart Classic Sheer Tights $83; Fine Rib Classic Semi-Sheer Tights $43

I also should probably order a few pairs of the Wolford fishnet socks, I love the ribbed band at the top.

Roller Socks $21.45

Here’s to running around chic……