The NEW 7-Day Beauty Ritual

After reading Jane Druker’s interview on, I had to order The Firming Concentrate from 111Skin. I have older skin, yes I can admit it and it’s not in bad shape, but a 7 day beauty ritual I can handle and I’m super excited about improving the condition of my skin.

I was torn between the Firming Concentrate and The Radiance Concentrate, but I mean I have enough in my beauty arsenal to give myself glowing skin or fake glowing skin. Although I would rather not fake it, it’s nice to know that I can in a pinch.

The Hydration Concentrate and The Clarity Concentrate are rituals you would take on vacation, because the cold or hot weather would dehydrate your skin or create havoc by causing a breakout. You just never know how your skin is going to behave, I’m known to travel with a lot of skincare.

The Y Theorem Concentrate is a ritual you would want to use every 3 to 6 months, life has a way of causing stress and you will want to repair and strengthen your skin. Personally I am all about firming my skin at the moment, and bit the bullet.

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The Summer Hat

Courtesy of via @haruka_Nnagakura

Let’s face it, we are all dreaming of summer vacations, dreaming of beaches, out in the sun where we can watch the ocean waves crash against the rocks, leaving our masks behind.

My sister and I are planning our September vacation, Maui is our destination with summer hats on our minds.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I ordered a black summer hat, a replica of an Audrey Hepburn hat, but my sister say’s I should order a neutral hat as the black will attract the heat. Now I am looking at Lorna Murray hats, they are gorgeous, and made ethically.

Lorna Murray is a sustainable Australian brand, so you’ll feel good about your purchase. Lorna Murray is sold online and at specific retailers, so check out those hotel boutiques because you might get lucky. The colors are gorgeous and she makes swimsuits, tote bags, children’s hats and so much more.

The Café by Mabel Frances Layng 1924

Sustainable and ethical luxury fashion, handcrafted using traditional artisanal techniques and natural fibers, where effortless style meets coastal bohemian
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I love that Lorna Murray hats are easily packable, and individually made, the attention to craftmanship is obvious and the hats are breathable and biodegradable, so they won’t harm the planet. Why not look chic poolside or out jet-skiing, maybe even swimming in the infinity pool.

Here’s to Lavas at 10am.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

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The Controversial Sneaker

Photo @la_bugia_bianca & @millicent_endcott

Some people are boycotting New Balance over misinformation, New Balance does not support bigotry, racism or hate in any form, yet people believe that because New Balance donated money to the Trump Campaign, that they must support hate in all it’s forms. All companies donate money to both Democrats and Republican’s, New Balance is not the only company that has done so in the last or previous elections.

 990v5 $184.99

That means that we can wear our New Balance without feeling guilt. I tend to wear mine and just ordered another pair this morning.

New Balance has seen an increase in sales in 2020 and used to be dubbed the orthopedic shoe, but times have changed and they are now considered chic. They have been seen on the streets of Paris and San Francisco, Italy, you name it, New Balance is a classic that isn’t going away.

Looking at these photos I would say it’s

Photo @losangelinainparis

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New in Beauty Now

Typology is a French Skincare brand I recently started using, and I noticed that my pores are minimized. Typology is a natural, effective and sustainable skincare brand that delivers on it’s promise. First you fill-in the questionnaire to diagnose your skin, and then your personalized skincare regimen is recommended and the results are healthier looking skin. I also love the smell of the products and the packaging, your skin and bathroom and the environment are going to love you. It took me several days to see a difference, but I recommend a few weeks, results vary.

I am such a sucker when it comes to pretty packaging. I love Olivia Palermo’s new beauty collection and recently ordered Rosebud, a lipstick in the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen. According to insiders, a personal favorite of hers.


I know, Red Lipstick is my signature, but a neutral with a heavy-eye is what is required if we want balance.

I once read an interview that Iman gave and she said that all women should wear a bronzer and even though I have many I had to order Victoria Beckham’s New Matte Bronzing Brick, in 01. I just loved her video and love that her beauty line is clean beauty and that this bronzer is refillable, genius.

Matte Bronzing Brick $58



The first thing I notice about a person, believe it or not isn’t their personal style, or what jewelry they’re wearing. I notice their skin, and whether it’s clean or not. I notice sunspots, even skin-tone or if their skin looks dehydrated. Before diving into this blog, I wrote purely about beauty, mainly skincare.

PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK $67 @inyourfaceskincare
Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask $38

Before the pandemic, I was masking every other day, I use all sorts of masks, my preference is purification masks as clean skin is important to me. Those types of masks come in all variations, I mainly relied on mud masks. But after an enzyme peel mask, I relied on a soothing mask that infused hydration by Bel’Océane . To give yourself an at-home-facial, you require a mud mask, an exfoliation mask, my preference is to use something organic and good for you like the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from In Your Face Skincare, and then a hydration mask, because after removing dirt and dead skin you need to add hydration back in to your skin.

These are the masks I tend to use, they are effective and budget friendly. Masking-up is an excuse to lay-down and take a break, just don’t fall asleep wearing a mud mask or exfoliating mask.

Here’s to running around with clean skin!

Style Profile: Lucia Gómez, Jewelry Designer, Lucia G, Barcelona

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

Discovering Lucia’s jewelry is like discovering the holy grail. Her pieces are gorgeous, which makes owning a piece of her jewelry an ultimate status symbol. Her pieces are handmade, and you can commission pieces from her selection of beads and other materials. She basically sells though her instagram page, but I’m hoping to entice her for a visit in-person once the pandemic is long and gone. She’s currently working on a website, stay tuned.

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

She’s been busy designing but found time to answer a few questions.


Fashion Icon: The truth is that I don’t have one defined fashion icon, I have quite a big potpourri of people I admire. I like to look at what’s different and the details of each one, and often it’s not so much what they wear in terms of pieces, but what they show with their fashion and personality. Even so, if I had to choose one, it wouldn’t be from the fashion sector, but the great actress Cate Blanchett, I’m amazed by her way of being elegant at all times and with everything she wears.

Can Vallés- Carrer, Abrago, 95, 08015, Barcelona

Favorite Restaurant: In Barcelona, my city, I choose Can Vallés, a restaurant that at first sight may not seem very attractive, as it is tiny and has the aesthetics of a typical bar here in Spain, but the food… unbeatable. This is my top recommendation if you’re visiting Barcelona and want to try authentic, traditional Spanish Mediterranean food with a modern twist. The only downside is that they rarely have a table, and the waiting lists are months long, so I guess that’s not a bad sign either.

@United Nude

Last item of clothing purchased before the pandemic: A pair of black and lilac platform sandals from United Nude; comfortable, versatile, and with a good design, basically the characteristics that I prioritize in any fashion-related purchase, and that I also apply to the designs of my pieces.   


Last book read: I recently watched the two seasons of “My Brilliant Friend” on HBO and loved it, and when I found out that the story came from a series of books of the same name by Elena Ferrante, I couldn’t resist and bought the whole series – I’m about to finish the third one.

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

How do you find inspiration, your jewelry is stunning: 50% in my clients and 50% in my environment. The clients are a big part of the essence of my brand and have a great influence on my creations, as I always deal with them on a one-to-one basis and I like to leave a margin in my commissioned pieces so that they can express their personality and tastes. The other half of my inspiration comes automatically from rummaging around and finding material that I have stored in my atelier, material that I collect from travels, antique shops, decoration shops, etc.

Beauty Routine: I have very delicate and combination skin, so I take a lot of care with my routine. It consists of make-up remover with oil (at night), cleansing gel, serum (vitamin C / acids or retinol), moisturizer, and SPF (in the morning). In terms of products, I’m always changing but they usually range from pharmacy products to my own dermatologist’s brand, I’m currently trying some from The Ordinary and I’m quite happy with them. Even so, my best routine is not a product, but a habit that I adopted a long time ago, and that is not to sunbathe too much, I am not exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes, especially on my face, and I always use my favorite sunscreen ISDIN Water Fusion SPF 50. Both in summer and winter (less so), I use facial self-tanners, there are wonderful ones that leave a very healthy tone and don’t leave patches, such as Tan-Luxe The Face.

Plans for after the pandemic: A trip with my two sisters and my mother anywhere. 

Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona
Courtesy of Lucia G, Barcelona

By the way, just so that if you plan to make a purchase while in Barcelona, Lucia G is well-known for her cuffs. To follow Lucia G @luciag_barcelona. Here’s to running around chic…..

Made in Paris during Confinement: “La Pluie Paris” Soy Handcrafted Scented Candles

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

Paris is still on confinement, and since the distribution of the vaccine is so slow, businesses are still closed in Paris and all of France, so on social media as I was searching for new local scented candles, I came across Yagmur Erester Kozimor…

Tagmar Erester – Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

She is a recent Parisienne who moved from Turkey with her Polish husband and she began her Vegan Soy candle business from home to compensate financially. We connected and I couldn’t help but want to support, because I’m all about sisterhood and supporting our local artists. She also described them as being fruitful and very calming Zen, I was intrigued.

Cactus Flower and Jade Scented candle by La Pluie Paris

Yagmur was delivering candles herself and I was able to ask her a few questions about opening up a business in Paris during confinement.

What inspired you to start your “La Pluie Paris” candle business now:

I moved here just before the confinement last year to finish my French courses on “Care and Spa”, but since the pandemic and the all the closures and restrictions, I was going through hard times. I started making candles as a hobby, and my friends encouraged me to make a business of it, my husband also was supportive because our apartment was always smelling so good, so then it began. I never thought about starting my own business, it’s a new adventure in another country, that was the biggest step.

How do you like Paris:

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

I like Paris. In the winter, I hate it, it’s so dark and the cold weather, the short days in winter, sad vibes, I’m from Turkey where its sunny.

Tell me about your candles.

They are 100% Hand crafted Soy candles, Paraban-Free, CLP Classification packaging. I design every label, It’s all just one person, moi and now I’m trying to promote through social media, circle of friends and FB groups like how I met you, I got good feedback from that group. I’m also adding aromatherapy and crystals to the collection

Courtesy of La Pluie Paris

Tell me about those delicious sounding scents:

I have to two collections, The Core Collection and the Spring Collection which includes, Ocean Blossom, Jade and Plumera, so floral, Cactus Flower and Jade has more of a green flower scent. The Core collection consists of scents like “Musk clean” to a “clean laundry” scent, Citrus and sweet fruits, everyone can find something according to their tastes, so I try to keep it funky and different. My new scents are Marshmallow + Fire and Black Raspberry + Vanilla.

Courtesy of La Pluie Paris

Here’s to enjoying “La Pluie” as candles during this rainy Spring day in Paris . Thanks Yagmur, she’s running around Chic in Paris.

Tagmar Erester, founder of La Pluie Paris

You can find her on her social media platforms on FB/ lapluieparis, on Instagram @lapluie_paris and at her eshop

Written by Cindy Lucas



Night-Table Reading

I’ve started reading various books, ordered some and haven’t finished anything I’ve started, but my intention is to read at least 10 books this year. I ordered the Joan Didion because someone once said that if you haven’t read Joan Didion that they wouldn’t want to talk to you.

The Ghost Stories of M.R. James was recommended by Mr. Mortimer’s Wife, this is also part of my 10 books for the year, in reality 10 is nothing, I used to read more than that. Seems finding time to be alone when your older isn’t as easy as my childhood summers were. I remember filling up a bowel with apples, laying on my bed and reading the whole day away, reading two books a weekend. There are so many books I wish were on audio, oh well.

Super Genes by Deepak Chopra, M.D and Rudolph H. Tanzi, PH.D. is highly recommended, my friend @Pau.feltrin said that this book was an eye opener, definitely my top 10 for the year.

Here’s to running around chic and well-read….

Pearls Are Everywhere

Courtesy of @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery

Pearls are unique, they are the only gem created from a living organism, they don’t require cutting or polishing, they are beautiful as they are and have been a favorite for centuries, all around the world. I started wearing a single strand of pearls to bed after watching Sex & the City, Carry inspired me to also wear pink and grey. I even bought a little fur capelet that belonged to a lady named Hazel.

I was sad when I learned that I looked better in pearls than I did in diamonds, I almost cried. But alas, I am a pearl gal. It must be my coloring, and lord knows that doesn’t stop me from wearing diamonds.

I’ve been branching out and bought another pair of pearl earrings, this time dangling earrings which I have yet to wear, and I am contemplating making another purchase, just haven’t been pushed over the edge yet.

When I look at these photos I find inspiration, so maybe, just maybe I’ll buy another pair of pearl earrings or necklace.


I love how Bobby layers her necklaces, she’s also a collector and seller of antique treasures @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery. Wearing layered necklaces is a more modern approach, but wearing them like they did in the 1800’s is also beautiful.

Courtesy of @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery
Courtesy of @Bobby.dazzler.Jewellery
Portrait de Madame Moitessier, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1851, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
May 1, 1843: Wedding of Adeline Helbert (1825-1892) 

Here’s to single strands, double strands and triple strands, to pearls.

Style Profile: Kathy Kemp, Designer, Owner of ANNA Made in NYC

Anne Reinking
Courtesy of Kathy Kemp

The ANNA made in nyc shop is not only a destination for locals, but for tourists and celebrities’ alike. Kathy Kemp is modest, during our instant messaging and emails she never once mentioned that she has a celebrity clientele, I would have figured it out, but it took several emails to find out that she designed costumes for Mikhail Baryshnikov and more research to find out that she’s been given a lot of kudos from the fashion industry, and it’s well deserved.

Anne Reinking

Her designs are beautiful, dresses and blouses, jumpsuits, skirts, bottoms, you name it are designed with flare. Kathy is also well-versed in the best shops and restaurants in New York, you’re going to want to visit on your next trip to the Big Apple.

Kathy, in-between designing and running her shop found time to answer a few questions.

Fashion Icon: Anne Reinking, like many I’ve been watching lots of tv and I recently finished Fosse/ Verdin I came away from it inspired by New York City all over again and loving the look of bodysuits worn with no pants. I’m not a sweat suit person and I’ve always been inspired by dance costumes (I’ve designed many, even for Baryshnikov) and the creative personal style of many dancers. The skin tight black (often with sparkle) bodysuits worn with everything from boots, ballet flats, to heels felt new again. Nobody did that look better than Anne Reinking.

Kathy with Baryshnikov , Courtesy of Kathy Kemp

Last piece of clothing purchased before the pandemic: Last thing I bought is the most amazing Aline black scalloped lace vintage dress lined with nude fabric. Bought at my favorite vintage shop, Three Turtle Doves in Woodstock NY. Traditional 60s cut makes it comfortable enough for every day wear. I feel so Queen’s Gambit every time I wear it.

THREE TURTLE DOVES: 62 B Tinker Street, Woodstock, New York 12498

Last book read: I Become You by Tom Hughes. It’s about a telepathic sheep. Also just recently reread A Little History of the World by Ernst Gombrich. It’s the story of human development globally told in a very Kiplingesque voice. So comforting.

Takahachi – 85 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

Favorite restaurant:
Takahachi on Avenue A. It’s blocks from my store and my apartment. Always beautiful sushi, and always so much fun, I always bump into someone I know there.

Beauty Routine: When it comes to beauty I like to keep it simple. Love skinceuticals C and E Ferulic and could not live without Skin Food by Weleda.

Actress and dancer Elsie Altmann-Loos, 1922 by Madame d’Ora
Photo by Madame d’Ora

The red lipstick from the Neu Museum is amazing. It’s inspired by 1900 Vienna and the texture and shade are perfect.

Renée Frances Jewelry- Coliseum Cuff $330

Item you never leave the house without: I don’t leave home without my Renee Frances Circle Cuff, I even wear it on the beach. It finishes every outfit without overdoing it and pulls me together without overdoing it.

People watching: I’ve always been fascinated by the way people see themselves and put themselves together. I’m lucky to have a very creative community at ANNA, it’s lots of fun experimenting in the store. It’s inspiring to see how other people incorporate the ANNA into their own lives. I’m really starting to get into prints, my friend Rebecca Kaye Eppenstein and I have started making some of our own prints at ANNA Print Shop.

Courtesy of Kathy Kemp
Courtesy of Kathy Kemp
Courtesy of Kathy Kemp
Courtesy of Kathy Kemp
Courtesy of Kathy Kemp

Yes, ANNA is definitely on my destinations list, as well as Kathy’s other recommendations.

Here’s to running around chic – to follow Kathy Kemp @annanycstore


Clothing for Women, Made in NYC since 1995
304 East 5th Street.

Courtesy of Kathy Kemp

Adult Hair Accessories

The Bow – Courtesy of Ella Gorbo, Monaco
La Belle Époque – Courtesy of Ella Gorbo, Monaco

Wearing a banana clip has been considered the worst of the 80’s, and wearing a bow is considered to be too girlie, but ladies wearing a hair clip from Alexandre de Paris or The Bow from Ella Gorbo is like accepting the scrunchie from Slip. I literally run around in my Slip scrunchie, and own several Alexandre de Paris hair clips.

Jardin de Rose – Courtesy of Ella Gorbo, Monaco
Blossom Romance – Courtesy of Ella Gorbo, Monaco

One day I will own The Bow, that’s the only way to describe the beauty that is Ella Gorbo. The Bow is so beautiful, it reminds one of cake frosting, I just want to gobble it up, absorbing it’s beauty.

I remember my first time in Paris, running into Le Bon Marché, looking for the hair accessories department and feasting on Alexandre de Paris, the sales lady directed me to a sale table where I swooped up every piece, never mind that the colors were not my usual, I figured I would somehow make them work and I did. My sisters and I since, go back when in Paris, as far as to visit the shop on Saint Germain. The selection is different and purchasing Alexandre de Paris in the states is more expensive due to the sales tax.
La Rose Rouge- Courtesy of Ella Gorbo Monaco
Leo – Courtesy of Ella Gorbo Monaco

Ladies, the banana clip and wearing a bow isn’t just for teens or little girls. Here’s to wearing adult hair accessories while running around chic.

Style Profile: Gabriela Hernandez, Designer, Cosmetics Historian, Founder of Bésame Cosmetics

Courtesy of Bésame Cosmetics

Gabriela really needs no introduction, she herself is an iconic figure in her own right. Her brand is one of the first Clean Beauty brands around, before Clean Beauty became a part of popular culture, each lipstick is made with no parabens or mineral oils, each lipstick or piece of makeup is created locally here in California and made with love.

Audrey Hepburn

In-between working on a New launch, she found time to answer a few questions.

Audrey wearing crimson

Favorite fashion icon: Audrey Hepburn, she was epitome of minimalist glamour. A perfect silhouette that made every item she wore all the more chic. She made it look so easy to be stylish, and she was truly a great person and inspiration as a UNICEF ambassador.

Bottega Louie

Last item of clothing purchased before the pandemic: A Karl Lagerfeld deep blue color jacket, fitted with black buttons. Looks classic with a bit if vintage inspiration.

Favorite Restaurant: Bottega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles.


700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Last book read: Lifespan by David A. Sinclair, PhD.

Plans for after the pandemic: Travel to Europe, somewhere beautiful to relax and recharge.

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: A kaftan made of cotton or silk.

And you all realize that I have to ask her about Red Lipstick, right?

What makes red lipstick such a status symbol, why are some people intimidated by it: I think red lipstick is timeless because the color red has so many connotations as being a sign of health and fertility. Having red cheeks and lips was a sign of youth and indicated a good partner to marry and have children for the opposite sex. Ideas might have changed from that notion, but the appeal of red still has a subconscious pull for those reasons.

Marilyn Monroe
Courtesy of Bésame Cosmetics

It is also a color associated with defiance, as used by women during the suffrage movement in 1918. It continues to have the power to be noticed and to be taken seriously. It is a favorite of politicians, since it does command attention and it completes a look without having to wear the makeup. It is so powerful of a statement that it is often used without the use of other products like shadows or blush. I think some people might find it intimidating because they do not want the attention it brings, but when they try it, it is hard to go back.

Bésame Cosmetics presents the Marilyn Monroe Collection $245
Courtesy of Bésame Cosmetics
Courtesy of Bésame Cosmetics

Here’s to running around chic wearing a crimson pout. For more

Beauty Cult Sensation – Doctor Rogers “Restore”

Courtesy of $24

This past weekend was the first weekend that started early and lasted longer, you can say that my skin suffered for it. It was the right time to apply Doctor Rogers Restore Face Cream and the Healing Balm. I’m a lip-balm addict too, so I slathered that on as well, after I cleansed my skin with Typology’s Hydrating Cleansing Bar With Palmarosa, it left my skin clean and soft.

I ended up with dry patches around my eyelids and mouth, don’t ask there was just a lot of wine and champagne involved. The next morning, my skin was soft, the dry patches were gone and my lips were as smooth as a babies bottom. I thought about giving my sisters some of my lip-balms but I decided to keep them for myself, I never felt that way about a lip-balm before.

Courtesy of

The beauty about Restore is that it’s affordable, budget friendly, it’s clean beauty and the whole family can use it. You can even use the balm to help tame frizz.

I usually don’t ever agree with beauty magazines because it’s the brands that pay for advertising that receive the most press, but in this instance Allure Magazine is right.


If you have sensitive skin, get facials, peels, then you should have this collection in your arsenal, it literally is the best at restoring your skin, from chemical peels, procedures, skin issues, dehydration, the cold, this is it. It’s more affordable than other similar restorative creams out on the market, I could name one but I won’t, yet.

My own photo

Typology is a new clean brand from France, stay tuned, I am testing them out as we speak.

Here’s to running around chic with healthy skin……

The Universal Sneaker

Converse Run Star Hike Platform High Top$110

Over the past weekend I was at the Ferry Building, picking up oysters from Hog Oyster Island, hotdogs from Golden Gate, and hotdog buns at ACME. I was outside, taking in the view of my city when I saw her, she was an older lady on vacation, she was wearing an oversized coat, big sunglasses and the New Converse Run Star Hike Platform High Top, I fell-in-love.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

She was the epitome of chic, I followed her as far as my gaze would allow and even played with the idea of asking her for a photo. I had been debating about buying them, and this finally sent me over the edge.

The minute I got home, I looked for them everywhere online and finally found them at the Footlocker. I can’t wait until they arrive.

In the meantime, ladies, Converse are alive and well all-over the world, from the streets of Milan, Paris, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Courtesy of @losangelinainparis
Milan – @milanesiamilano
Amsterdam –

Converse no matter how you look at it will always be chic, budget friendly and fit-in in every major city in the world. The color selection is great too, I have a white pair for summer.

Converse Run Star Hike Platform High Top $110

Here’s to running around chic!

Smart Beauty

Smart beauty isn’t just about fancy devices that give the skin a jolt of Nanocurrent energy. Smart beauty also means you’re using tools that aide the skin, in all aspects. Here are a few of my favorites.

Surratt in my opinion makes the best eyelash curler, it gets the curl right on your first try and you can use it again after your mascara, hello lashes.


Tweezers are an important tool, I was on vacation and happened to be in Zurich for a day. My sisters and friend wandered around shopping and I discovered Rubis, I bought a pair of tweezers and after a year I wished I had bought them as gifts for my friends back home. They make tweezing effortless, I have one question though, why do people say plucking when in reality it’s tweezing?

Another item on my list of must-haves is a magnifying mirror, so you can see your face, it also helps with your makeup application. I apply makeup using a magnifying mirror while I sit in front of a regular mirror.

Mon Ami $19

Last but not least is a new tool by Ocadite, Mon Ami. I’m testing it out tonight with a new skincare regimen. Mon Ami is a Facial Acupressure Beauty Tool that comes with instructions.

Here’s to running around chic with healthy skin……