Pumping Up The Volume


I’ve always had fine hair, only now that I am older it’s been thinning and I’m just not ready to succumb to middle age, not yet. Especially when I’ve been taking care of my skin all of these years. I know I don’t look my age in a sense, but in a sense I do and I’ll be honest, it scares me a little. My thyroid has been acting up again and more bloodwork is needed, but I am going to wait until after my vacation. Why? I don’t want bad news if there is any to tag along with me while I’m enjoying freedom to an extent from everyday pandemic life.


I just made my last purchase for myself, since we are planning on renting a house in San Miguel De Allende in early 2022. This means, if I do shop it can only be on sale.

You can say that I have everything I need to return to normal, whenever that is.

Here’s to gorgeous hair!

The Case For The White Dress Shirt

Courtesy of @thestreetpie

I have several white dress shirts, that I haven’t been wearing. I mean I’ve had no reason to dress the way I once dressed to go to work, and the idea of trying to impress someone nauseates me. It’s like I’ve been there and done that, more than I can count.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

And then there are photos like these that remind me how nice it is to blowout your hair, wear makeup and pull out the tried and true white dress shirt.

Courtesy of @elderordonezl

And then I am reminded that I really don’t need makeup at all.

Here’s to running around chic……

5 Minutes With Madeleine Sara, E-Commerce, Fashion Blogger, Stockholm, Sweden

Courtesy of Madeleine Sara

last time we spoke with Madeleine Sara, she was in the process of looking for an apartment and a big congratulations to her for buying her first place in Stockholm. In-between planning her move and work, she found time to answer a few questions and it’s nice to know we are not the only one’s obsessed with Sex & the City.

Short cami dress with lace trim @bershka.com/us

Most recent item purchased: I just bought a one bedroom apartment, and the best feature; it has a fireplace which is so nice for winter in Stockholm. Fashion-wise I bought a black slip dress from Bershka, I was surprised how nice the quality and fit was.


Current reading list: I am currently reading The Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter. Its a crime series and I cannot put the books down.

Embroidered pink patent leather bag
Code: 8BR600AFJ3F078J

Last show you’ve binged watched: I’ve been watching Sex and the city lately. I’ve seen it like 50 times before but it’s such a good series and I love the fashion. Really want a colorful Fendi baguette bag now, preferably with sequins.

Courtesy of Madeleine Sara

Favorite outdoor restaurant: Haven’t been out much sense covid hit but Stockholm have several nice outdoor places around the Östermalm area.

Beauty black book – salon or spa you recommend: I actually did my first ever face treatment a few weeks ago and I loved the results. I am going back again in a few weeks. The place I went to is House of Beauty Östermalm.

What’s your biggest indulgence currently: Chocolate! It’s the only sweet thing I eat.

Here’s to running around chic, to follow Madeleine Sara @Mads.sara

The Goddess Kaftan By Denisse Kuri

KAFTAN MATLALI @denissekuri.mx

Naturally this stunning Kaftan isn’t called The Goddess Kaftan, it’s just a name I gave it. To think I almost missed out on buying it, I ended up ordering the last one. I tell you ladies that my hands were shaking, I was so scared someone was going to buy it before I did. In case you don’t know who Denisse is, she’s a Mexican Designer, with a vision, modernizing the way Mexican clothes are designed, taking our traditions from the various parts of Mexico, working with artisans and creating the most modern, classic, glamorous and sexy dresses, kaftans, trousers, blouses, skirts and vests we have ever seen.

KAFTAN MATLALI – Bordado a mano por artesanas indígenas de Huixtan, Chiapas – @denissekuri.mx

There are at least 6 more items I want, but I have to pace myself, this purchase was an impulse, honestly I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t get it. I envisioned myself wearing it, looking like a Goddess, a Mexican Princess. When I worked in Luxury sales, I always told my clients to envision themselves wearing the item they were trying on, and I would paint a picture for them and the results were magical. If you can see yourself wearing an article of clothing where you’re happy, then you know it’s meant for you.

KAFTAN AURELIA – Tedjido en telar de pedal en San Andrés Larrainzar y bordado a mano por artesanas indígenas de Xiloxochico, Cuetzalan, Puebla – @denissekuri.mx

I also want the Kaftan Aurelia, and so many more pieces, but alas I have to wait.

VESTIDO IZTACCIHUATL – Tejido a mano en telar de cintura por artesanas indÍgenas de Zacualpan, Guerrero – @denissekuri.mx

Thank you Denisse, thank you!

Here’s to running around chic…..

Beauty Most Wanted

KORA ORGANICSRose Quartz Luminizer $28 @Goop.com

I’m such a beauty and makeup addict. I love anything that promises a perfect complexion. I recently discovered these items and the temptation is almost too much to bear. I keep buying makeup and I really haven’t started wearing it fully yet.

RADIANT FLUID FOUNDATION NATURAL SPF 25 $130 @cledepeaubeaute.com
PORE-REFINING MATTIFYING VEIL SPF 25 $80 @cledepeaubeaute.com

I start the process with clean skin, apply an SPF, then I add the illuminators and a touch of eyebrow pencil, bronzer and curl my lashes before adding a touch of mascara. I of course apply the red lip, and I am done for the social activity with my vaxxed friends. I don’t reapply anything during the day.

The pandemic has brought on change, I am more relaxed than I used to be. But I still want a beauty arsenal that will enhance my good skin. After all the whole point is grow and adapt to change.

Can you guess which one of these beauties is on it’s way home to me?

Here’s to running around chic…..

Style Profile: Surbhee Grover of Love, Indus

Courtesy of Surbhee Grover

Surbhee Grover is a visionary. She created skincare that’s a combination of her beloved India, the richness of regions where she grew up and New York technology, because everything we put on our skin should be good for us. Surbhee has a 20 year career helping beauty brands in their expansion and advising the beauty industry in formulating skincare that makes a difference before starting out on her own with Love, Indus.

Amrutini® Overnight Oasis
Luminosity Dewdrops – $135 -@loveindus.com

She has a busy schedule, but found time to answer a few questions. I do have one question for her that I didn’t ask, and that’s why she didn’t become a model, I mean, I want what she’s having, don’t you?

Never have I ever @Netflix.com

Fashion Icon: Every flamboyantly dressed pre-teen.  Some have an incredible eye and dress absolutely fearlessly – we should all be so fearless to reach for what we love, and don colors and styles and fabrics that make you, you. I’ve always believed that what you wear should make you happy and be an expression of what/ who you are.

Favorite Restaurants: I have many fond memories of meals at restaurants grand and simple.  The fondest memory is of a meal at an intimate, Michelin starred restaurant in Amboise, France.  It was my birthday and my husband and I decided on the restaurant at the last minute.  They must have had a cancellation as they had a place for us late at night.  It was a small space with outstanding, modern takes on traditional French cuisine.  The chef stopped by our table and was most gracious, kind and charming.  Embarrassingly, I remember neither the name of the restaurant nor the chef, but the memory of the evening is indelible.


Last Book Read: Cutting for Stone by Abrham Verghese.

The Renaissance, St. Pancras – Euston Road, London NW1 2AR

Last item purchased before the pandemic: I enjoy travelling and the lack of opportunity to do so in the last year has been tough.  Therefore the pre-covid purchase that brings a smile to my lips is a return ticket to London. We got back in late Feb 2020 just as things started to get uncertain, but it was a great trip and we stayed at one of the prettiest hotels I’ve been to – The Renaissance, St. Pancras. It’s like a fairytale castle with a gorgeous stairway, ornate decor and an atmosphere that takes you back to another era. Also, since I’ve lived in London for a few years, visiting is always a wonderful combination of feeling like I’m on a vacation and yet coming home – simultaneously.

V-Neck Shift Dress @Saksfifthavenue.com

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: That would usually be a shift dress (with pockets, because I’d rather not carry a handbag if I can help it! J) because of 4 Cs:

The Wrap Dress @dvf.com
  • (a) Comfort and movement – as an entrepreneur, and with a puppy on my hands, I find it especially important to be in something such that if I had to sprint at a moment’s notice, I could
  • (b) It’s a classic, not something that’s “in” or “out” from season to season.
  • (c ) It’s like a simple canvas you can dress up/ dress down with the help of a few accessories
  • (d)  The shift dress signaled a change (“shift”) as its popularity coincided with the start of a second wave feminism when freedom of choice (to move easily/ to dance) became more important than the previously favored corsets.

The alternative, for me, would be a wrap dress and I’m grateful to DVF for reinventing/ reviving this dress style – it’s flexible, not fussy, and yet quite flattering.

Amrutini® Precious Potion
Vital Cream – $110- @loveindus.com

Beauty routine, what are you using now: Honestly, my beauty routine is not overly complicated.  I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin and burn easily in the sun and rarely use make-up. My routine consists of a few, powerful products that can be applied in a no-fuss fashion. My focus is on maintaining skin strength, healing, intense hydration and sun-protection. For non-SPF needs, I rely on our Amrutini® range which provides all the nourishment my skin needs.  And the slight whiff of (natural) fragrance in this range (which comprises of 18 essential oils including tuberose) gives me a much-needed moment of indulgence in my day.

Velvet :08 Broadway Bright
Detox Mask $58 @loveindus.com

I do cleanse with our Velvet :08 Broadway Bright detox mask once a week and use our Freedom of Expression Dual-Purpose Line Limiter on expression lines as needed.

For more @loveindus.com.

Here’s to running around chic……

Flamin Hot

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

There was a period in my life where I only had one pair of sneakers, I also couldn’t buy a pair of sneakers if my life depended on it. I depended on my younger sisters to pick them out for me, because when I bought a pair I ended up giving them away, I didn’t like them after I’ve worn them so returning them wasn’t an option.

Flame Sneakers $245 @US.Sandro.com

But now, things have changed and I am much better at picking out sneakers and own several pairs. Since my birthday is coming up, I’ve allowed myself to be a little more extravagant and finally ordered the Flame Sneakers by Sandro. The above photo was taken last winter and I’ve been hesitating ever since. I have a limit on how much I spend on sneakers, since it’s becoming an addiction. But I bit the bullet and ordered them this morning. There are a few other colors, but being a Leo, I have a penchant for Gold.

Flame Sneakers $245 @US.Sandro.com

If these fit and are comfortable, I’ll keep them and consider ordering another pair, there was another color combination I liked. Sandro also has boots that are worth considering.

Here’s to running around chic……

It’s a Love Thing……

Paloma’s Graffiti – Love Ring $600 @tiffany.com

Ever since my good friend Ohlala Malala mentioned that her husband gifted her a Tiffany’s Love Ring, I’ve been hankering for one. Although the exact one Mahlala has is sold out, they still have the small size available. The small size doesn’t look as small, I have small fingers and can imagine wearing it, being blissfully happy.

The question is, should I just buy it now, or wait until my birthday. It’s a wait and see situation as my sisters are planning something and I was told not to buy it, yet.

There are a couple of other items I want, all within reason. I don’t have a pair of gold studs yet, I have pearl, diamond, well I do have gold studs but not gold ball studs.

Tiffany HardWear – Bolt Stud Earrings $950 @tiffany.com

I really like these, but they look smaller than what I would like on the model. But they are interesting don’t you agree? They have the plain gold ball studs, but now in comparison they seem boring.

Here’s to running around chic…….

Parisian Summer – Shopping The Look

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Has anyone watched “My Unorthodox Life” on Netflix? In one scene Julia Haart is staging a fashion show and picks out the same leather stud boots to be worn with all of the dresses, skirts and pants. This photo reminded me to wear my platform converse with my dresses, I’ve been trying to step-up my fashion game, so that when I come out of hibernation, I’ll be modern and not look like I did in 2019.


I mean there will be similarities to 2019, but I’ll look updated.

PLEATED SHIRT DRESS in Black and White $115; SMOCKED SHIRT DRES $99 @Cos.com
Canvas and rubber exaggerated-sole ankle boots $750 @Netaporter.com

I don’t wear short dresses, but I do have several long shirt dresses, now the questions is, do I want to invest in chunkier boots or shoes?

Here’s to running around chic…….

A Smaller Handbag

GRACE BAG $880 @APC-US.com

My sister has given our family two gorgeous children and my nephew is about to turn two. Running around after him at the playground has proven difficult when carrying a bigger bag. Everyone that knows me, knows that I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my handbags. Since I’ll be in Maui in late August, I purchased a Paravel cross-body bag for when we are out on the boat for our night cruise or jet-skiing. I started using it for running errands and I decided I like traveling lighter.


I went ahead and ordered myself an early birthday present, mind you it’s not a top designer handbag, but it’s a handbag brand with a cult status. It modernizes my style without being showy or ostentatious. I have a Chanel, a Celine, several YSL’s and LV’s and I just don’t feel right about carrying them around when there is so much poverty in the world. Mind you, if you want to carry yours that’s fine, no judgement here.

BETTY BAG $525 @APC-US.com

I’m just not comfortable carrying a Chanel while standing inline at the pharmacy when there are people waiting in line with me who can’t afford their medication.

But back to happy thoughts, back to my handbag. I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme of leather embossed handbags, I prefer it to the basic calf skin that will attract scratches.


Can you guess which one I bought, it was on sale and the price was right.

Here’s to running around chic…….

The Sneaker Of Our Childhoods Is All Grown-up

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

I never wore Vans, I wore Sperry Topsiders and Bass Penny Loafers. I just didn’t think they were aesthetically pleasing on my feet. But now they seem to have caught on to the sneaker trend, and are all grown-up. They are affordable too, under a hundred.

OLD SKOOL $60 @Vans.com

Now I am contemplating ordering a pair. I saw a lady eating outdoors looking so cool wearing a pair, I was tempted to ask her if I could take her photo but I chickened out.


The question is, Red, Black or a red with sequins?

Here’s to running around chic….

The Gathered Dress

$125 @Cos.com

The minute I saw this dress, I imagined myself wearing it, walking around carefree on the streets of Rome. Walking around happy, meeting friends for coffee or outside dining. I’m not supposed to be shopping, but I had to do it. My heart skipped a beat and I acted fast, this dress for sure is going to sell out, the color is unlike anything I’ve worn in a long time, my mother would be happy.


I like Cos, it’s budget friendly, the items are well-made, they last forever and they keep me from dressing like a suburban grandmother. I was out with my nephew and someone asked me if he was my grandson and my sister looked at me and said, we have to admit it, we are old enough to be grandmothers, I’m like if we had kids in our twenties, which we didn’t.


I am also sure there are some suburban grandmothers that are more stylish than I am, but I think you understand.

Here’s to summer dressing…..

La Samaritaine by Louis Vuitton

The first street I remember when I moved to Paris was Rue de Rivoli. The long avenue in the center of Paris is a beautiful sight to see. It crosses the city East and West along the river Seine and is the address to the Louvre Palace Museum, the Paris City Hall and also an Art Nouveau Art Deco architectural gem named the Samaritaine.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

The Samaritaine… when I moved here 12 yrs ago, I distinctly remember appreciating the building from the outside. It was a condemned building, abandoned for so many years, until I started to see the huge scaffolding which meant something was happening. News later revealed the planning. I still remember seeing construction workers there on the side of the quai who told me a hotel was being built there. It was Paris growing. The city of Paris also required the refurbishing to also include housing for underprivileged Parisians and there are business offices too.

Courtesy of @le_bon_cin

The opening was just last month after so many years of renovations by the Louis Vuitton group, and I saw many fashion bloggers reporting and stating all the dates and details of the history online, so I’ll spare time and just give my impression of this beauty and why it’s the latest new “must see” in Paris. It’s located facing the famous bridge Pont Neuf and across the street from the actual Louis Vuitton headquarters. Virgil Labloh, the men’s LV designer, has his design studio on the 6th floor, it’s a lovely building as well.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

Founded in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq and Louise JaÿIt, it was originally built to house a market place, with many individual booths, but this market place was special of course because it’s in Paris and modernised by the Baron Haussmann who redesigned Paris. The Art Nouveau design and decoration that still fascinates today, is beautiful to look at. The top floor deco is covered in original yellow/gold like tile which resembles a royal French garden with peacocks wandering around on a sunny day,… so “Versailles”, or maybe inspired by the original “Tuileries”? The design is also eco friendly, mainly because its use of natural light which was a priority at that time in design, so Parisian as seen at the Grand Palais on Champs Elysées because Paris doesn’t have many sunny days. I often think I lack Vitamin D from the lack of sun since I moved here, oh well.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

The South end of the Samaritaine is the original building occupied by all the big designer brands, Chanel. DIOR, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Cartier, etc but the property of the Samaritaine extends all the way back to Rue de Rivoli onto another building on the complex that was totally gutted out and remodelled. That side of the Samaritaine houses the smaller brands, they call it more “Street wear” like Off-White amongst others.

Courtesy of @losangelinainparis

So on your next trip out to Paris, remember if you’re here for shopping, this is part of the New Parisian landscape, La Samaritaine will help you feel like you’re running around chic in Paris.

Written by Cindy Lucas


for runaroundchic.com


050 Lavender – Color Correction, $58 @Dior.com

I’m obsessed, the question is which one do I order? The pink that works for all complexions, and that will correct my imperfections. Or the one that is best suited for my skin tone? Leave it to Dior to send me into a tizzy. I also don’t need another compact, but this one is lovely, don’t you agree?

030 Medium – Medium Skin Tones $58 @Dior.com

Can you guess which one I went with?

Here’s to running around chic……

Style Profile: Jane Druker, Beauty Editor, London, England

Courtesy of Jane Druker

Getting to know Jane through her work has been fun, she’s as equally excited as we are that there will be 10 new episodes of Sex & the City. She’s basically Carrie Bradshaw, living parallel lives with SJP. She lived in New York during the height of the shows success and spent her hard earned cash on Fendi baguette bags and Jimmy Choos, how fun is that? Jane also met the love of her life in a Meet Q situation, even more exciting.


Jane writes for various publications, she’s been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, a well respected journalist and BFF. In-between articles she found time to answer a few questions.

Fall 2019 @Pinterest.com

Fashion Icon: Vivienne Westwood for so very many reasons, (a). she designed my wedding dress; (b). she understands women’s real body shapes; (c). she is eccentric and a rebel so what’s not to love? I have met her so many times and she is a British gem.

Favorite Restaurant: Coal Office in Kings X – it does Israeli food to the highest ever standard.


Last Book Read: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman – it’s about a group of elders living in a retirement home solving a murder and a lesson in never underestimating the experience of those older than you.


Current Beauty Routine: I love Barbara Sturm products at night – a great serum and moisturizing duo but I also adore Vintners Daughter. In the day I often pop on a bit of Amanda Harrington or James Read Tan and then a foundation, blush, mascara and lippie I have found I am going off eye shadows at the moment in favor of a full face “sheen” products I love including all and anything by Pat McGrath or Hourglass, their formulas are a step-above.


My Biggest Beauty Tip is keep it simple: There is nothing more beautiful than bare faced glowy skin and a big smile. My husband has always said I look better with little makeup and as I age I think he’s right on the money.


Last item purchased pre pandemic: It was a skirt I bought in New South Wales, Australia – in a town called Orange which was packed with interesting little boutiques and very big wineries – my kind of spot. It’s a full skirt of gingham with yellow flowers, it makes me so happy.

Plans for after the pandemic: To travel as much as I can and kiss and cuddle everyone.

A piece of clothing to live in forever: I think it has to be that wedding dress don’t you?!

Courtesy of Jane Druker
Courtesy of Jane Druker

To follow Jane on instagram @janedruker.

Here’s to running around chic in London!