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The story about Anna Delvy has fascinated me since I first read about it in early 2019. I read pretty much every article there was to read and could not wait until this book came out. I just ordered it and it’s supposed to arrive on Thursday.

I can see how people were taken in by her, I feel it was because everyone wants to be associated with money, no one wants to appear cheap, and they don’t want to be rude. Also, people that work in luxury stores are on commission, they want that sale and do not ask questions about where the money comes from. I have a feeling that Julia Garner dresses better than the real Anna Delvy, but even then, I am fascinated.

The service people were taken in by her are customer service oriented and do not want a high profiled client complaining or a friend of the CEO complaining about their customer service experience. The $100 tips didn’t hurt either. I used to receive $100 tips, but unlike Anna, my client, an actual princess was who she said she was.

I started watching the series but have to pace myself because I am supposed to be watching it with my sister, but I just couldn’t wait. Looking at the costumes, I couldn’t help but be wistful for new wardrobe additions like more earrings, pulling out my Celine handbag etc. Maybe buying another coat or wearing more pink.


Here’s to more about Anna Delvy……


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