The Straw Bag

Photos Courtesy of @camilleyolaine

All last summer I was in search of the perfect straw bag for my summer dresses. I looked and I looked and could never find something I was really in-love with. I knew I wanted it to go over my shoulder, there were some nice fair-trade versions I’ve seen at the hardware store and Wholefoods, but I just didn’t see myself paying a little chunk of change for an unknown brand. I mean grant it, that would have been the more cost-friendly approach, but if I am going to shill out some cash, I want it to be a designer-ish bag.

Jane Birkin; Photo @60s.stars

I love the style featured in the above photos, but I tend to like keeping my handbags open, if possible, easier access.

ULLA JOHNSON Surfside leather-trimmed woven straw tote $495

The Ulla Johnson leather-trimmed woven straw tote is on my Wishlist, just as soon as I pay off everything else, I have bought recently. I love textures and the side pocket and the fact that you can make it more secure by closing it up. The color combination is gorgeous too and I can see myself carrying this tote around while out wine tasting in Napa.


I love the pink, leopard and texture of the straw bag with all of the other elements in the photo above. I just don’t think I’ll ever be wearing trousers like that, although I just ordered a pink dress for Summer 2022.

Here’s to Summer vacations, hopefully…..


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