Paris Fashion Week

Photo Courtesy of @losangelinainparis – Paris Fashion Week

My first time in Paris was Paris Fasion week, but my sisters and I were oblivious to that fact until they saw Lucy Liu walking down the street. My sister and I had dinner at Budda Bar that evening and saw a table full of women that looked familiar and only after the fact we realized it was Cara Delevingne and a few of her friends.

My friend Cindy is so lucky to live in Paris, I mean she has many blessings and one of them is that she does live in the City of Light. She took several photos during fashion week. I can’t share them all, but ladies, they are a feast for the eyes. I liked this photo in particular because the color is so fresh and it reminds me of a blouse I bought in Chicago.


Of course, my blouse is longer, it doesn’t have any pockets and it’s not designer. I am also going to wear mine with ankle flared black trousers or jeans and ballet flats.

Here’s to running around chic…..


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