Olivia Palermo, Style Muse

I love Olivia, she was my first girl crush. She understands basics, how to work with color and mix the unexpected while keeping it simple, chic and effortless.

A true fashion icon. I literally study her attire. and take note of her color pallet and accessories.

I’m personally not brave enough to wear floral trousers or yellow, but she tempts me to leave my comfort zone.

I admit, I have added faux fur to my winter wardrobe.

You can see that she equally wears black and can easily adapt to summer weather. Never throw anything away, but store it.

As we get older it’s all about wardrobe building and keeping those items that have long-term wear-ability. The main reason why I admire her, is because she’s not afraid to wear an item more than once or make mistakes. Can we all say the same?

Here’s to Olivia, a style muse.


Running Around Chic – Manifesto

via Sacramentostreet.com

Finding your own unique style can be a bit confusing with all of the fashion magazines stalking celebrities with poor taste. I’m not a fashion plate and my wardrobe isn’t filled with designer labels. You don’t need designer labels to have style, just a good eye for fabrics and especially a good tailor.

I will say this, invest in quality shoes, a handbag and jewelry.¬† Don’t forget, you are also what you eat. Focus on good skin, hair, nails and teeth they are big giveaways as to a persons economic situation¬† or priorities.

My New Year’s resolution is to devote more time to this blog, why? Because good taste and style can be found anywhere, especially in San Francisco.

Here’s to running around chic!

Angelina Jolie, Style Muse

I’m supposed to be running around San Francisco looking for women that inspire us in our everyday RunaroundChic, but I’m too shy to approach them, something I am going to have to work on this year.

For my first post I’m mentioning Angelina Jolie, mind you I’m not an overly huge fan, but I’m starting to like her. Not only are her movies good, but she understands clothes and doesn’t follow trends. Her style is classic, timeless and with a modern edge, she’s one hot mamma.

Her wardrobe is inspirational don’t you think?