Oats Cashmere – a wardrobe staple

oats photo shoot backbay 076
All Photos Courtesy of Oats Cashmere

I managed to do a little bit of shopping this season and scored on a black cashmere poncho by Oats Cashmere.  I bought it at lastcall.com by Neiman Marcus and when it arrived, I debated about keeping it, as it’s a generous size even for my frame.

However I took it home and tried it on and ended up wearing it various times throughout my winter vacation.  I loved it so much that I budgeted myself and bought  it in grey.


I feel that the grey color is a great addition for summer, after all cashmere breathes and it will look great with a short sleeve white T-shirt under pinning.


My love of Oat’s Cashmere has caused me to look online at their other brilliant designs and I am currently in-love with Adele, a huge cashmere shawl that can be carried on a plane, used at home or worn while you’re outdoors in the chilly air.

I picked out a few new favorites and I can imagine all of  them worn with skinny jeans or leather pants etc, you get the point.

Neiman Marcus already sold out of the poncho so I can’t even give you guys a link, but here is the link to Oats Cashmere.

Adele, you’re on my wishlist.

Here’s to running around chic!



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