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via Sea Of Shoes Instagram account.
via Sea Of Shoes Instagram account.

I think  I look at my Instagram account more than  I look at my Facebook wall, why?

Because Instagram is filled with creative and talented people that leave me inspired.

I’m definitely going to try on my converse high-tops with my new boyfriend jeans and a simple sweat shirt, plus force myself to wear my Ferragamo suede heels.

via Mellucia79 Instagram account
via Mellucia79 Instagram account

Aren’t these two looks clean, simple and ever so chic? I can imagine wearing clothes like this and being blissfully happy.

What about you?

The Cardigan

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a great cardigan, just like that great shade of red lipstick you can’t live without.

A cardigan can be worn with your favorite denim, leather pants or trousers. You can change it up by wearing it with your New Balance or High Top Converse sneakers.

But it doesn’t just have to be edgy, you can layer it over your sheath dress and ballet flats and add pearls or a scarf and you’re out the door.

Cardigans also come in lots of colors, textures and silhouettes, but a basic cardigan is always nice too.

The basics are black, various shades of grey and if your adventurous other colors and patterns. They are the new blazer, the perfect addition to any wardrobe, especially San Francisco weather.

women-cardigan-acne-wendela-blackI went ahead and picked out a few good ideas for inspiration.

a575b7bfa597b31e5cad38704a9f87ccIf you live in San Francisco or plan to visit, a great place for cardigans is Jigsaw London on Fillmore Street. That’s were my sisters and I stock up every season.

Jigsaw London

2121 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94111

Victoria, RunAround Chic Muse


I ran into my first style muse while out on a coffee run. I was immediately drawn to her good taste. I detected an accent and found out she was a San Franciscan that lived in Sweden.

Victoria, RunAround Chic Muse - San Francisco2She isn’t just gorgeous, but friendly and unaffected.

As she graciously posed for a few pictures I asked her some questions.

Name: Victoria

Native: San Franciscan

Occupation: Venture Capital

Style Muse: Gwyneth  Paltrow

Favorite Place to Shop: Neiman Marcus

Victoria, RunAround Chic Muse - San Francisco3

I love the color pallet she chose for this cold January day, it was warm and comfortable with hints of spring.

Here’s to Running Around Chic!

The Black Handbag

Philip Lim, Pashli $1,000.00
Philip Lim, Pashli $1,000.00

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a great handbag, especially an everyday bag that holds everything you might need. Mind you, these aren’t evening bags, but a work bag that keeps you together.

Prada Saffiano $2,500.00
Prada Saffiano $2,500.00

Lately I’ve been carrying around my Celine, a generous gift from my sister. Before that I was sporting around my over-sized Muse, my Easy or my Chanel Tote.

Celine $3,100.00
Celine $3,100.00

I took the liberty of selecting a few of my favorite handbags for inspiration, after all we all spend more time in our everyday lives.

P.s It’s best to save your money in order to buy the real thing, there is nothing worse then carrying a fake.  I remember as a young girl standing inline at Walgreens, there was a woman ahead of me at the cashier counter and she was carrying a Chanel.  I asked my boyfriend at the time how would anyone know if it were real or not?

He looked at the women and said “her shoes”. True enough I looked at her shoes and they were beat-up ratty looking things that should have been tossed out with the morning garbage. So, it’s best to stay away from knockoffs if the rest of your wardrobe falls short.

The Sweater – The Item You Will Wear Forever

katemossI have one  bulky sweater that my sister gave me, and every winter I bring it out and use it at least 5 times from November thru December. It’s black, textured with a turtleneck and ever so warm.

I wear it with skinny jeans, ballet flats or my Converse high-tops and a swipe of my crimson lipstick. The beauty of it is that I don’t need a coat, I layer it underneath with a long sleeve black T-shirt and I’m out of the house.

When I saw this picture of Kate Moss I had to save it, and now I’m sharing it with you.  I love the idea of the black, light denim and nude/olive colored boots.

Her companion looks amazing too, this is how the chic keep warm during winter.

What’s your winter staple?

Books to Read – Improving Your Style

iwtbh-bookOne book I haven’t read yet but plan on is “I want to be Her” by Andrea Linett. It’s a part memoir and part guide on the various women that helped shape her style, this makes me think of women I don’t know that I see everyday, whether it’s online, in magazines or in person.



Another favorite is How to be Parisian by Caroline de Maigret.  I love it, I’ve already embraced several Parisian attitudes without realizing it. Whew! A fun read

The New Neutral – Leopard

Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik

Yesterday I was hibernating and didn’t bother to look pulled together for my visit to the grocery store. While I was waiting for my sister to come out I saw 4 gorgeous women wearing impeccably chic clothing for running around chic.

Saint Laurent 2015 Spring/Summer
Saint Laurent 2015 Spring/Summer

I felt awkward about approaching them and instead thought about what they all had in common, besides looking pulled together.

Michael Kors
Michael Kors

The one factor they all had in common was that they were wearing leopard flats.

London Sole
London Sole

Seems like San Franciscans pull out their leopard in all types of weather, it’s one of those shades that works with everything, year-round.

You can wear it with anything, it’s really the new neutral.  We selected a few styles to help get us motivated.

Here’s to Leopard!

P.s I don’t know if these styles are still available, except for the London Sole pair, they carry them year-round.

Summer Simplicity – The Basic White Shirt

via Google Images, if it’s yours please ask me to take it down. Thank you!

Spring and summer are around the corner. What’s a girl to do if she’s not into dresses or skirts? I’m lucky that I’m allowed to wear casual wear to work, so it’s jeans, cardigans, etc for me.

What do I wear on hot days? To keep it professional I’ve invested in dress shirts, in all colors and fabrics.  However my favorite remains the classic white button down.

I usually pair it with my boyfriend jeans, either an animal print ballet flat, nude suede heels or my orange driving shoes,  each look is different and polished.

Isn’t this look stunning? You can add a scarf or jewelry and alternate the handbag for one that works with your shoe of choice.

What’s your basic summer staple?

Oats Cashmere – a wardrobe staple

oats photo shoot backbay 076
All Photos Courtesy of Oats Cashmere

I managed to do a little bit of shopping this season and scored on a black cashmere poncho by Oats Cashmere.  I bought it at by Neiman Marcus and when it arrived, I debated about keeping it, as it’s a generous size even for my frame.

However I took it home and tried it on and ended up wearing it various times throughout my winter vacation.  I loved it so much that I budgeted myself and bought  it in grey.


I feel that the grey color is a great addition for summer, after all cashmere breathes and it will look great with a short sleeve white T-shirt under pinning.


My love of Oat’s Cashmere has caused me to look online at their other brilliant designs and I am currently in-love with Adele, a huge cashmere shawl that can be carried on a plane, used at home or worn while you’re outdoors in the chilly air.

I picked out a few new favorites and I can imagine all of  them worn with skinny jeans or leather pants etc, you get the point.

Neiman Marcus already sold out of the poncho so I can’t even give you guys a link, but here is the link to Oats Cashmere.

Adele, you’re on my wishlist.

Here’s to running around chic!

Olivia Palermo, Style Muse

I love Olivia, she was my first girl crush. She understands basics, how to work with color and mix the unexpected while keeping it simple, chic and effortless.

A true fashion icon. I literally study her attire. and take note of her color pallet and accessories.

I’m personally not brave enough to wear floral trousers or yellow, but she tempts me to leave my comfort zone.

I admit, I have added faux fur to my winter wardrobe.

You can see that she equally wears black and can easily adapt to summer weather. Never throw anything away, but store it.

As we get older it’s all about wardrobe building and keeping those items that have long-term wear-ability. The main reason why I admire her, is because she’s not afraid to wear an item more than once or make mistakes. Can we all say the same?

Here’s to Olivia, a style muse.

Running Around Chic – Manifesto


Finding your own unique style can be a bit confusing with all of the fashion magazines stalking celebrities with poor taste. I’m not a fashion plate and my wardrobe isn’t filled with designer labels. You don’t need designer labels to have style, just a good eye for fabrics and especially a good tailor.

I will say this, invest in quality shoes, a handbag and jewelry.  Don’t forget, you are also what you eat. Focus on good skin, hair, nails and teeth they are big giveaways as to a persons economic situation  or priorities.

My New Year’s resolution is to devote more time to this blog, why? Because good taste and style can be found anywhere, especially in San Francisco.

Here’s to running around chic!

Angelina Jolie, Style Muse

I’m supposed to be running around San Francisco looking for women that inspire us in our everyday RunaroundChic, but I’m too shy to approach them, something I am going to have to work on this year.

For my first post I’m mentioning Angelina Jolie, mind you I’m not an overly huge fan, but I’m starting to like her. Not only are her movies good, but she understands clothes and doesn’t follow trends. Her style is classic, timeless and with a modern edge, she’s one hot mamma.

Her wardrobe is inspirational don’t you think?