What I bought Myself for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I finished all of the Christmas shopping weeks in advance of Xmas. I also bought myself my own Christmas presents, because who doesn’t do that? I’ll be honest though, I live in the same old clothes day-in-day-out. I am storing everything for when this pandemic is over and I am allowed to travel again, and go into the office. I am blessed with being able to work from home and hope that everyone has a good Holiday Season. I also bought myself Skincare from Caudalie, La Roche Posay, and Estee Lauder. Haircare from R&Co and Bumble and Bumble – plus a few items from Cos, a cashmere crew-neck sweater and a V-neck, sleeveless knit dress to wear with white dress-shirts and my Cuyana leggings.

Cuyana Leggings $75
Jenny Bird $190
Vince Booties
Nike $140

Style Profile: Rolanda Costa, Private jets Flight Attendant, Lisbon, Portugal

With her Puppy, Mia.

Rolanda is a woman that inspires, she exhumes beauty in all that she does. She’s a Jet-setter that travels the globe and befriends all those she comes into contact with, her radiant smile is contagious. Rolanda is no stranger to interviews and is as easily comfortable wearing a ballgown as she’s wearing jeans and sneakers.

She had a few minutes in between flights to answer a few questions.

Last Purchase: A pair of D&G sneakers.

Wearing Red Lipstick

Current Wish List: No clothing on my Wishlist, this pandemic has made me realize that I have more than enough.

Favorite Restaurant while at home: Seen, in the Tivoli Hotel. Depends on when I’m traveling, but nothing beats a good food market in Asia, where fresh food is prepared in-front of you.

Skincare: Because of my job, I use a lot of serums. Collistar, The Ordinary and Elizabeth Arden Capsules that I mix with my moisturizers.

Shoe shopping in New York

Items you bring home from a trip: I bring Collistar from Italy, it’s such a good brand. Plus perfumes, especially Dior Addict and Hermes. I’m currently wearing Un Jardin Sur le Toit.

Here’s to Running Around Chic!

Wish List

My wish list isn’t long and most importantly it’s budget friendly. Having a background in luxury sales, I understand fabrics and style. Since I was a little girl, I scoured the fashion magazines for clues as to what made a woman’s style tre’s chic. It’s the little things, and before you leave your house, take off an accessory, less is more.

Anine Bing $599
MAEVE JACKET by Anine Bing $399
Wave Frame Clutch by Mansur Gravriel $895

Everything’s Coming-Up Pearls

My most recent purchase @TheRealReal.com

Lately I’ve been obsessed with earrings, as my sister Wendy say’s “Your jewelry walks into a room with you, you put your handbag down, but you’re always wearing your jewelry.” I recently noticed a trend that pearls seem to be the focus, pearls are always in style, but lately have taken a front row seat next to her sister, Diamond.

I had to buy a pair of dangling pearl drops, seems along with age comes expanding ones horizons, in the jewelry department that is.

Here’s to running around in pearls.

Style Profile: Mira Singh, Senior Retail Executive, Toronto, Canada

Mira is one of those women that looks effortlessly pulled together, she mixes Zara, Claudie Pierlot, and Sandro with patterns from Anthropology (to mention a few) with other brands for a chic aesthetic. She’s as comfortable wearing heels as she’s wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos or Veja.

Weather she’s glammed out or not, she’s always running around chic whether she’s on the streets of Paris, New York, Seoul or the Beaches of Sri Lanka. Mira is the ultimate traveler and brings that je ne sais quoi wherever her travels may take her.

Mira was gracious and answered a few questions, she’s been recently engaged and busy planning a wedding.

Wish List: Max Mara Teddy Bear Coat, Stretch Sandals by Bottega Veneta and anything from Emilia Wickstead’s collection at Net-a-Porter.com

Stretch Sandal by Bottega Veneta @ModaOperandi.com $1,050.00
Albino Camel Teddy Coat by Max Mara $4,250.00
Ba&sh Cashmere Turtleneck sweater

Most Recent Purchases: Neutral Cashmere Sweater by Ba&sh and a pair of Mounser gold and pearl earrings. I’m trying to build my closet with investment pieces.

Mounser $315 @holtrenfrew.com

Favorite Restaurant: Terroni, Toronto, Canada

Necessities: Masks by Alfred Sung

Here’s to Running Around Chic!

Obsession, Hoops

I’ve been obsessed with hoop earrings and the funny part is that I never thought they looked good on me, but I’m starting to come around. There are a variety of hoops available, from 14k to recycled materials. We selected a few of our favorites. Which is your favorite? We found several contenders, from Cuyana, David Yurman and Anine Bing.

Crescent Hoop Earrings by Cuyana $145
Mini Hoop Earrings by Cuyana $125
Cablespira Hoop Earrings by David Yurman $950-$1600
Mini Hoop Earring by Anine Bing $59/Sold Individually and currently sold out, put yourself on the waiting list.
Hoop Earrings by Anine Bing $399

Small Accessories

I have been shopping with Cuyana for years, I love that they use sustainable materials, something just isn’t right about wearing anything too flashy these days and I consider Cuyana affordable luxury. I recently purchased their Slim Wristlet Wallet, in red with my initials embossed. I love that my cell phone fits perfectly.

Mansur Gavriel Zip Card Holder $195

Perusing the word-wide web, which is something I used to do, but haven’t been doing much of late, I discovered Mansur Gavriel’s Zip Card Holder in a pretty-in pink. I will have to keep thinking about that, as it’s not necessary, but it is a want. Another favorite is one from Anine Bing.

Zip Card Holder by Cuyana $75
Slim Wristlet Wallet by Cuyana $115

I fancy Cuyana’s Zip Card Holder too, but I mustn’t get carried away.

These are available in assorted colors and there are other small Accessories to choose from.

Luca Card Holder by Anine Bing $99

Fashion Sneakers

I’ve personally have never been into sneakers, but having developed a foot-problem during the pandemic, I’ve become obsessed with them. Seems I can’t wear slippers during the day or for long periods of time while working from home. Instagram seems to have my number because the adds I see are catered to sneakers and I just can’t resist.

Nike – Air Max Verona $130

I’ve recently purchased the Nike Air Max Verona and have been waiting for it to arrive, it’s arriving this afternoon and I can’t wait. I’ve been wanting another pair of Nikes but they have been sold out in my size and the one place that has them available doesn’t ship to the United States, so sad.

Nike’s I can’t have

I also ordered another pair of sneakers, this time by Adidas, perfect for running around chic wouldn’t you agree?

Falcon Shoes by Adidas $100

Lounge Pants of the Moment

It’s usually not acceptable to run around wearing sweatpants or lounge pants unless you’re off to the gym, a run or about to take a much deserved nap. But since the pandemic has been on-going and most of us work from home, what has become acceptable is a sweat pant that is adaptable with the work from home lifestyle and that odd errand that requires venturing out of the house.

The Gap & Old Navy

I myself have been stocking up on Cuyana’s Tapered Lounge Pants and their Pima Tapered Pant, but there are other brands making similar lounge wear that one can live in. You can pair them with t-shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks or wear them under dresses for an-at-home comfy feel.

Cuyana – French Terry Tapered Lounge Pant $95
Cuyana Lounge Pant $45

The Acceptable Scrunchy

Everyone remembers the scene in Sex & the City where Carry and Berger had the scrunchy argument, Carry was right at the time, no self-respecting woman would be caught dead wearing a scrunchy. But times have changed, women now more than ever are taking better care of their hair. With the pandemic in full-swing we are fighting anxiety, stress all which lead to hair-loss. I suffer from Alopecia Areata and have struggled with the idea of leaving the house wearing my silk scrunchy by Slip. Guess what? They come in assorted colors and I finally started wearing them out on my errands. Why not? They protect my hair, scrunchies it seems aren’t just for sleeping anymore.

Violet Grey $39
Violet Grey $39

Scrunchy sex in the city

The Paisley Shawl

I never thought of myself as a lover of prints, unless we were talking about YSL leopard. But I fell-in-love with John Singer Sargent’s paintings of his sisters and niece draped in paisley shawls. A few pieces I am in-love with are from Etro fall 2020. Naturally these pieces are out of my current budget, but one can remain hopeful. This post is about Art meeting fashion, it’s inspiration and a pleasant distraction from the pandemic. Etro is a fashion house that can best be described as stealth wealth, investment pieces that can be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans to cashmere pieces you will love to live in. Here’s to beauty.

Etro Paisley Shawl $1,600
John Singer Sargent, Nonchaloire (Repose), 1911
The shawl ­appears in Sargent’s Two Girls in White Dresses, 1909–11, from a private collection.
Sargent painted his niece Reine Ormond wearing the shawl in seven poses for his circa-1908 Cashmere.
Etro Scarf $490

Satin Poplin Off-the-Should Tunic @Tibi

via Tibi.com
via Tibi.com

Recently on Instagram I saw a picture of Karla Martinez de Salas (Who I follow by the way) and fell in-love with her Tibi Tunic. This is the perfect tunic to wear this spring/summer and it’s available in a variety of colors. It’s also a fresh take on the basic white shirt.

via Tibi.com
via Tibi.com

Liking darker colors, I prefer the Black and Navy.  The price point is reasonable too!

$295 @Tibi.com

Quote of The Day

via WhoWhatWear, Pinterest and Zappos Couture
via WhoWhatWear, Pinterest and Zappos Couture

I have various fashion/beauty blogs I read on a daily basis, let’s just say I’m obsessed with great ideas.  I look to women in general for inspiration.  SJP comes to mind, and I’ll always read her interviews and while doing that this morning I came across a quote that speaks truth.

When I’m getting dressed, though, I just think about myself—I put on what makes me feel good when I walk out the door. Don’t you feel your best when you simply feel like yourself? And you’ve stopped trying to dress like one of your friends or a colleague or the way your mother told you to dress growing up, or what some magazine says is a ‘trend’? – SJP, for WhoWhatWear

Personally that’s when I feel comfortable and good about myself, even on the weekends when I’m running around without makeup.

How about you?

For the Full interview @WhoWhatWear.com

Amy, RunAround Chic Muse

AmyL1I came across my next muse during my Sunday morning walk. I’ve seen several chic women that morning but none of them seemed friendly until Amy walked in and commented on the shoes I was trying on.


Well we both mutually commented on the shoes we were trying on. The conversation flowed easily,  but that’s what happens when you get women together in the shoe department.

I loved the details of her olive green cargo pants and their silhouette, but what I really noticed that morning was that San Franciscans adopted the uniform of running around chic in black and army/olive green,Très chic!

Name: Amy

Occupation: Engineer

Errands: Returning clothes (we laughed about this)

Style Inspiration: Ralph Lauren

Shopping Destinations: Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Fifth Avenue Last Call

Speaking with Amy I realized she was a transplant from New England and a welcomed addition to our lovely city.

AmyL2These were the shoes she was trying on, hope she took them home, they looked amazing.

Thank you Amy for running around chic!

The Perfect Shoe

via Sincerely Jules
via Sincerely Jules

I’m not one to follow trends, but I instantly fell in-love with these shoes by Aquazzura when I saw them worn by SincerelyJules.

She’s a fashion blogger and inspiration to thousands of girls, and I follow her on instagram.


Doesn’t she look effortlessly chic?

Rest assured these are on my wish-list.

She’s the first fashion blogger I’ve seen do justice to these gorgeous shoes.

For more @Sincerelyjules.com

Shoes sold at Neiman Marcus.com