Preparing for the end of the Pandemic

I started upping my skincare game when the pandemic started a year ago, but then grew lazy and almost despondent. One of my best friends told me once that I was the type of woman that could never let herself go, completely and he was right. I started again and just made another beauty purchase


When I initially started beauty blogging in earnest, back when I was being paid, I preferred to review new and up/coming beauty products that were not receiving their due. Pai Skincare was one of them, I interviewed Sarah Brown many years ago and I’m happy to see that other beauty bloggers, and online shops have discovered a brand that I knew all along was good for our skin.

Also, to get ready for this pandemic to end I ordered a dry nail manicure kit, by Bare Hands. I am finally going to start filing my nails, I have been just keeping them so short that a nail file was not necessary.

My sister asked me the other day what I was using on my skin, because it looked good. My secret lately is that I’ve been using peels and after every peel I apply CRÈME DE LA MER, and in the mornings I just splash ice cold water on my face and apply my Beauty Elixir by Caudalie.

Most nights, I apply my Vichy serums, seems that firming my skin has become paramount. I am slowly starting to look my age and that’s not a bad thing, but I do want firmer, and clearer looking skin.



Here’s to running around chic with healthy skin!


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