Style Profile: Cindy Lucas, Denim Designer, Artist, Activist, Mother of Three, Wife and Founder of Los Angelina In Paris, Street Style Paris

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

The fashion world is obsessed with Parisian fashion and beauty, has been for centuries. I remember reading Jennifer Alfano’s post on about her visit to Paris and what she noticed, I literally printed it out and saved it. I even wrote about it. Jennifer’s post was called: “What French Women Get Right.”

Lauren Bacall in “How to Marry a Millionaire”

I admire stylish women, especially those that are not afraid of red lipstick. What did Jennifer notice about their makeup?  That either they wore red lipstick and mascara or a kohl-rimmed eye with bare lips.  She did not see a pink or nude lip, she made other observations but unfortunately the link to the original post isn’t working anymore so I can’t share it with you.

However I came across Los Angelina in Paris, an Instagram account that features real-life Parisian Street Fashion. Recently, Cindy and I have been texting and she agreed to give her opinion on why the world has always been fascinated with everything French.

Fashion icon: Lauren Bacall, her straight slacks inspired me as a teenager, she was just cool.

Favorite designers: Karl Lagerfeld was an inspiration, classic with an edge, he knew how to make a woman strong in tweed & pink. I think Oliver R from Balmain is the next Paris genius.

Describe French Fashion/Your Style: My style is Cool Chic, with a bit of Rock/Punk. I still wear Dr. Martens. French fashion is being dressed clean and chic, always on trend. Parisians dress well with sneakers, amazing how it’s a trend that has become normal in Paris. Sneakers are worn with blazers, trench coats, they are worn with everything.

In your opinion, why is the world fascinated with French Fashion & Beauty: Because Paris is beautiful, our only competition is the city itself, we are in competition with Paris, we have to dress appropriately, you can’t run around in sweats and out-dress the city. Plus the love of art in Paris is inspirational, designers are inspired.

Shopping recommendations while in Paris: A one stop shop is the Galeries Lafayette, they carry Chanel and other designers, and their own eponymous name brand which is very attainable in price. If you’re on a budget, come during the “Soldes”, it’s the best time to shop, everything is 70% off. Soldes are sales and they only happen twice a year, and worth it.

Favorite Restaurant, where can one find the best Ham & Butter baguette? My favorite restaurant before the pandemic was Cafe Ineko in the 3eme, good and healthy. For sandwiches, my favorite is @don_lucas_paris. The best Parisian sandwiches use bellotta ham, or I buy Erik Kayser bauguettes and make my own, I prefer to make my own with salted butter, bakeries are good but I would rather make my own jambon/buerre.

There too many photos to choose from, I sadly had to leave some out.

Thank you Cindy, here’s to running around chic, in Paris!

All photos are courtesy of Cindy Lucas @losangellinainparis


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