Style Profile: Peony Lim, Mother, Wife, Blogger and Consultant, London, England

I first virtually met Peony when I was working on Red Lipstick quotes for my blog. Which I still work on every-now and then.

I admit, I have a girl crush on her, hers are the only makeup tutorials I watch, and I even bought a few of the products she mentioned in her latest makeup tutorial. I am good with makeup, but as a well-known SF makeup artist told me once, I am good at doing basic pretty makeup.

Peony is great with makeup tutorials, and hair tutorials, fashion and lifestyle tutorials. She’s honest and only endorses what she truly believes in. You can trust her to tell you the truth about which items she truly recommends.

She’s so honest, she discussed what it felt like to lose her hair, something as women we all go through, especially now with the pandemic.

She’s kind, I don’t know how she managed it, Peony found time to help me out, again and answered a few fashion questions. Oh and if you ask her a question, she answers you, not like other bloggers that ignore you. This is why she’s the ultimate girl’s-girl.

Describe your style: Classic, Modern.

Fashion icon: My Mother, she always surprises me and has a unique style all her own.

Last piece of clothing you purchased: Totem Jacket.

What piece of clothing would you live in if you had the choice: A white shirt.

Favorite shops: Hermes and Massimo Dutti.

Best fashion bargain: eBay preloved designer pieces, i.e. Alaia and Loro Piana etc.

Style advice: Be yourself, that’s better than anything else.

What was your last splurge: Jewelry from my own line, the one diamond ring.

Uniform for errands: Jeans, cashmere jumper, Golden Goose sneakers, cargo jacket and either an Hermes or Chanel handbag.

Basics you swear by: White shirt, jeans, cargo jacket, Alo Yoga, Ultraboost, Chanel pumps, black ankle boots.

Thank you, Peony. Here’s to running around chic.


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