It’s funny how there are some people you just click with and support each other through life’s ups and downs. Maria Laura is a cherished Instagram friend, and her adventures entertain and inspire one to live their best life. She’s a fashion icon, and is no stranger to interviews or being seen in print.

She has three talented, gorgeous children, like their mommy they are not intimidated by the camera or being caught on video, dancing and performing.

She recently returned from a family vacation and found time to answer a few fashion questions and let me tell you that it’s going to be hard choosing photos, they are all beautiful and Maria looks stunning in each one. Maybe when I get to Buenos Aires she will invite me to tea, Maria knows how to serve the most marvelous teas.

Last Purchase: A white sequin dress (very suitable to wear during the pandemic, she laughs.)

Favorite Piece of Jewelry: A Tiffany 18k Gold “Love” Ring, a gift from my husband.

“Love” ring by Tiffany’s

Run around staples: A great pair of denim and a nice handbag.

Current Wish List: I don’t have one.

Fashion Icon most admired: I really don’t have one, but if I had to say, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

If you could live in any type of clothing: Dresses, you slide into them, they are so easy and you don’t have to think anymore other than choosing shoes and a handbag.

What item of clothing do you chose before getting dressed: I choose my outfit first and then I choose my shoes and handbag.

Favorite Restaurant: I don’t have one, I like trying them all, I like to experience all cuisines.

Advice for women creating a wardrobe: I think it’s a good idea to start off with a great pair of denim and shirt, but to also invest in unique pieces, don’t invest in trend, it’s crucial to buy less and better, look for investment pieces with longevity and find a good tailor. Try buying from ethical companies that use reusable, sustainable materials. There are several smaller companies that make beautiful budget friendly fashion, definitely stay away from trend, if you can.

Thank you Maria Laura, here’s to running around chic! I told you there were too many photos to choose from. To follow Maria Laura @Ohlala_Malala


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