Style Profile: Jenn Cuneta, Wife, Musician, Superstar, New York, New York

I met Jenn 20 years ago, back when we both worked in the luxury industry. She was a Rockstar even then, I admired her confidence, her out-going personality and her kindness. We spent a whole afternoon together, we talked about life, our families, and our dreams. Back then she was dating Rob Affuso, the drummer for Skid Row and I was dating some guy named Dave.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

She’s recently moved and is busy unpacking but found time to answer a few questions and show us her closet. I’m excited about her closet, because I know Jenn and her relationship with clothes. In my opinion Jenn looks amazing in anything, from leggings, t-shirts and sweats, let’s face it, the girl just can’t hide it.

Fashion Icons: As a performer, Shakira. To me she has always emulated an original glamorous but edgy and fun style. As for fashion icon altogether, it’s Angelina Jolie. I’ve always admired her edge, she’s classic, demure, elegant and sexy.

Your style: If I were to describe my style, I’d say confidence and comfort are the things I never leave home without. Comfort creates confidence. I’m into glamour, without trying too hard. I’m edgy, drawn to the wild side at times, pushing the envelope with showing some skin. I prefer simple timeless pieces, and adding accents. I concentrate on a focal point, hence why basic black starts the palette, then I go from there.

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: Definitely leggings and a lounge shirt.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Favorite Restaurants: Canaletto, Aria, love the food and Palma, the ambiance and the most romantic in NYC, the food is exquisite, I loved it so much, I rented the whole place to get married. (She recently married Pietro Lucci, a wine and spirits industry expert)

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Current Wishlist: Chloe mini Marcie in grey or pink, Burberry Women’s Arniston Long Double Breasted Puffer Trench coat in black, YSL grey shearling long coat, a lifetime supply if Erno Lazlo’s Formula 3-9, (laughs) and a lifetime supply of Bella Skin Beauty Collagen Serum. I wish Mac would bring back SKEW as a lipstick color, Tamera Mellon Paramour shoes-and Tamera Mellon’s Knee high boots in every color and material and of course, a Birkin.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta
Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta
Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Personally, I’m interested in her beauty routine and closet, I would raid her jewelry without a moments hesitation. Although now that she knows I doubt she will leave me alone in her closet – I’m kidding, of course.

Last Book Read: The Power of Now, my mother gave it to me, it’s unusual for her to give me books to read.

Plans for after the Pandemic: Start producing and recording more originals, to release and plan a show. I’ve been receiving so many requests that I will certainly do one, The Jenn Cuneta Show.

To follow Jenn on instagram and for more on Jenn Cuneta.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta
Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

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