The Health & Mental Wellness Corner: Paulina Feltrin, Host Podcast, Mind-Body IIN Health Coach In-Training, Luxury Brand Mogul, Mexico City, Mexico

It’s true, you end-up making virtual friends on social media when you can feel someone’s vibes, the one thing we have in common is kindness and our willingness to share with others what we have learned. I forget how I met Paulina, aka: Pau, but we hit it off immediately and her Instagram posts have inspired me and because of her I began a journey on acquiring a better mental health mind-set. She introduced me to Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Gabrielle Bernstein. In-between her podcast and Health classes Pau found time to answer a few questions.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin
Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Your favorite Green Juice recipe: Celery juice on an empty stomach. Just cold press celery as simple as that helps with digestion, inflammation, brain fog and hydration.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

What began your journey to health: A friend of mine gave me a signed book, “Super Genes” by Deepak Chopra and it really got me curious, the idea that we are not controlled by our genes but rather as humans, we have the power to turn our genes on and off started to change my perception of health.

But my wakeup call arrived at the ER as I got sick, really sick. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and right there I started my journey to heal myself and help others. I have read tons of books, taken alternative and mind-body medicine courses and am passionate about sharing it so I can help prevent other people reaching rock-bottom like I did.

Meditation, what have you learned from it: Meditation changed my life. I started meditation at 19 and that’s when I started to practice yoga, but it didn’t stick with me, however I was always attracted to meditation and was very curious to learn how to do it. Then about 10 years ago I picked it up again, I would meditate for 2 minutes after running. Then I meditated to send healing vibes to my dog who lived in a different city, I read that distance healing could occur. But I really integrated meditation on my daily morning routine when I took Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshop. I realized that we are energy and the emotions/thoughts that we have generate a vibration and that vibration impacts the way we perceive the world and our health.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

If I wanted to heal, I needed to change my automatic thoughts and emotions to create a new personality, one that is grateful not judging, compassionate not angry, kind not demanding, meditation helped me do that. Now I meditate to clear my mind. We take showers in the mornings to cleanse our bodies, but most of us don’t take a mental cleanse, that is what mediation is for me. A sacred place where I can clear my thoughts and project the life I want to attract. I choose to live in a world of infinite possibilities.

Do you believe in fasting: Yes, but not in the strict way that has become a trend. I believe today we are full of stimuli, and we must fast not only on food. Our grandmother’s used to have early and light dinners, or would not even have dinner because, they said it was not good for your health, for your digestion , or for your sleep. Now we call it fasting, but giving your digestion system a break, respect it, is so that it can digest our food properly, do not overload your body is ancient knowledge that we can benefit from. I think that what happens in general, we have become so disconnected from our bodies that we can no longer recognize when it’s talking to us, so we over eat or eat because “it’s time to eat”.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Books you recommend for spiritual guidance: The Universe has your back ” by best selling author Gabby Bernstein, “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. “Satan” by Yehuda Berg, it talks about how Satan does not really exist, Satan is our own egos.

What does health mean overall for you: Wow, what a great question. I believe health is harmony. It’s keeping balance in all of your bodies, your physical, mental, emotional, energy and spiritual bodies. Health comes from a lack or abundance of something in any of the above mentioned. Physically an unbalanced abundance of certain bacteria can lead to anxiety, a heart break in your emotional body can lead to depression; when you don’t express your emotions they get stuck in your energy body and those vibration energies can later manifest into a disease. So, for me, we as humans are the most fascinating powerful biomachine, we are very complex and everything we do, think, feel, eat, etc., is helping us to be healthy or promote disease. Unbalance generates the chaos that turns to disease. Balance is health.

Favorite smoothie powders, beauty elixirs, snacks: I don’t eat processed food, I don’t take any powders, and I also do not trust protein powders. I think they are quite new to really know what the long-term effects of these foods are. On the other side, smoothies made with natural ingredients is something that humans have been eating for centuries and have proven to be beneficial for the body. I like to mix veggies with fruit like kale and spinach with coconut water and a banana; or the heavy metal detox smoothie that uses blueberries, banana, cilantro spirulina, orange and dulse flakes. For snacks I like apples, in the early evening if I feel like coffee I trade it for tea with mushrooms like reishi, chawa or turkey tail.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Clean beauty: I try to use clean beauty as much as possible. My favorite cream is Terra Bella by Ayuna; favorite exfoliant is Resurfacing Grains by Evolue; and makeup by Westman Atelier.

Terra Bella by Ayuna
Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Now we know I have to ask, what are your favorite workout wear pieces, sneakers etc.: Alo Yoga, Adidas, and leggings from Oysho, their long waists really fit me well. For tops I like to try them all, and have many from different yoga studios that are not well-known brands, mostly from Colombia and Brazil.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am about to download the audio version of Super Genes and am trying to figure out how to get my hands on celery juice.

Pau, thank you so much, thank you and here’s to running around chic as healthy as we can.

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