Style Profile: Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer, Mommy, Wife, Brand Ambassador & TV Personality for @itCosmetics @QVC & Livingroom DJ

I met Jacquie years ago, when ‘IT’ Cosmetics was beginning it’s journey morphing itself into the well-known brand it is today. All I can say is, we’ve come a long way baby. Jacquie recently returned from her honeymoon, where she gave us gals a glimpse of Mr. Hemmer and all I can say is that they make a perfect couple, both gorgeous and kind.

Courtesy of Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer
Courtesy of Google

In-between life and catching up at the office she found time to answer a few questions.

Veronica Beard Blazer

Fashion Icon: I’ve had two major fashion influences in my life, and they are somewhat opposites if that tells you anything about me. Madonna was my first fashion Icon, and she still inspires me now that I am in my late 40’s. I love how she continues to reinvent herself over the last three decades, and even now, in her 60’s, Madonna still inspires me to this day. Jackie O (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) is my other style Icon from my childhood to now. I have always loved her oversized sunglasses, stylish coats, and suits, along with her signature white on white. When I feel like I need to look professional, I default to a Jackie O-inspired look. 

Courtesy of Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer

Last article of clothing purchased before the pandemic: Wait, we were supposed to stop shopping during the pandemic? (Laughs) Since I am often live on  QVC TV, I continue to purchase, I’ve been going out in public throughout the pandemic. Some of my favorite pieces have been blazers by Veronica Beard and Nic+Zoe. I am a massive fan of both designers. 

If you could live in any piece of clothing, what would it be: My go-to look is gym meets the office, so I would say that I live in that now. Black leggings with a comfy t-shirt that a blazer can be thrown over to look pulled together in an instant. 

With Jamie Kern Lima

Favorite Restaurant: This is a tricky question for me since I love to try new places all the time. I just fell in love again with a restaurant called Founding Farmers in King of Prussia near where I live last night. But if I have to pick one restaurant, It’s Azteca in Seattle. It holds a special place in my heart because my best friend Jamie and I used to eat there all the time. I love the chicken fajitas. I still go back there when I am in the Seattle area. 

Describe your personal style: My style depends on the day, but if I had to make a general statement about my style, it would be boho-rockstar.

Courtesy of Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer

Beauty Routine: Since I work for a beauty brand, IT Cosmetics, I regularly use the products we create, but I do mix in other skincare lines like Alpine Beauty and Herbivore here and there. Cleansing is so essential for your skin, and often a good cleanser is the last thing we spend our hard-earned money on, especially as we age.

I like Confidence in a Cleanser followed by Miracle Water by It Cosmetics. This ensures all the dirt, skin cells, and make-up is removed, so I don’t have breakouts, skin dehydration, and age my skin. Plus, these products’ hydrating factors ensure my skincare is doing what it’s supposed to do and not just repair the damage a typical cleanser can do to your skin.


Next, I follow-up with a serum that contains ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Vitamin E, and at night Retinol. My final step is a moisturizer, a must in my book regardless of skin type or age. I look for cream formulas with Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, and Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen.

Here’s to Running Around Chic! To follow Jacquie @instagram.

Night-Table Reading

It’s easy to read from a kindle or listen to audio books. I’ve been recently trying to actually read more literature other than the articles online or fashion magazines. I tend to read the classics but recently read a few novels that were enjoyable, hopeful and heartbreaking.

I’ve always been a Margarite Duras admirer, and am hoping to hold out until I get to the beach’s of Maui this coming August, when we will be vaccinated and the pandemic will have calmed down, one can only pray.

Running around Chic also means being well-read…….what’s on your reading list?

Style Profile: Fiorella Valdesolo, Wife, Mother, Journalist, Brand & Creative Consultant, Co-Founder @gatherjournal; Contributing Editor @wsjmag, Brooklyn, New York

Courtesy of Fiorella Valdesolo

I’ve been an admirer of Fiorella’s work, reading every single article, since her days posting on Vogue’s beauty blog, along with fellow writers Celia Ellenberg and Kari Molvar.

I follow her on Instagram and am inspired by her, Fiorella is a talented writer, making all her work enjoyable and informative at the same time. She covers all topics and ranges from beauty, food and travel.

Courtesy of Fiorella Valdesolo

In-Between her articles, she found time to answer a few questions.

Nancy Cunard by Man Ray

Fashion Icon: Diane Keaton, Nancy Cunard, and Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak. Love women who accessorize copiously, are masters of layering, and really dress without being guided by anything other then their own whims.

Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff for Tiffany’s

Wish List: Elsa Peretti’s passing was a reminder of how much I would love to own one of her bone cuffs.

Last item purchased before the pandemic: A stark white Norma Kamali suspender dress with giant pockets.

Via Carota via Google

Favorite Restaurant: Via Carota, 51 Grove Street, New York City.


Current Beauty Routine: Do you mean skincare? It changes a lot but right now a rose mist by Lake & Skye, de Mamiel First Fix Serum, rotating between new cleansers by Josh Rosebrook and Tata Harper, Shani Darden Retinol Reform (at night), Fortuna Replenishing Balm or Weleda Skin Food as moisturizer, sometimes Augustinus Bader Face Oil on top. If I remember to use eye cream, it’s been Kate Somerville’s Retinol and Vitamin C. I almost forgot Sunscreen, it’s either Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting or Elta MD Tinted.

Favorite Red Lipstick of the moment: I have many favorites but a recent one I love is Kosas Thrillest.

If you could live in any type of clothing, what would it be: Turtlenecks.

Courtesy of Fiorella Valdesolo

Courtesy of Fiorella Valdesolo
Courtesy of Fiorella Valdesolo
Courtesy of Fiorella Valdesolo

Here’s to Running Around Chic!

Style Profile: Cindy Lucas, Denim Designer, Artist, Activist, Mother of Three, Wife and Founder of Los Angelina In Paris, Street Style Paris

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

The fashion world is obsessed with Parisian fashion and beauty, has been for centuries. I remember reading Jennifer Alfano’s post on about her visit to Paris and what she noticed, I literally printed it out and saved it. I even wrote about it. Jennifer’s post was called: “What French Women Get Right.”

Lauren Bacall in “How to Marry a Millionaire”

I admire stylish women, especially those that are not afraid of red lipstick. What did Jennifer notice about their makeup?  That either they wore red lipstick and mascara or a kohl-rimmed eye with bare lips.  She did not see a pink or nude lip, she made other observations but unfortunately the link to the original post isn’t working anymore so I can’t share it with you.

However I came across Los Angelina in Paris, an Instagram account that features real-life Parisian Street Fashion. Recently, Cindy and I have been texting and she agreed to give her opinion on why the world has always been fascinated with everything French.

Fashion icon: Lauren Bacall, her straight slacks inspired me as a teenager, she was just cool.

Favorite designers: Karl Lagerfeld was an inspiration, classic with an edge, he knew how to make a woman strong in tweed & pink. I think Oliver R from Balmain is the next Paris genius.

Describe French Fashion/Your Style: My style is Cool Chic, with a bit of Rock/Punk. I still wear Dr. Martens. French fashion is being dressed clean and chic, always on trend. Parisians dress well with sneakers, amazing how it’s a trend that has become normal in Paris. Sneakers are worn with blazers, trench coats, they are worn with everything.

In your opinion, why is the world fascinated with French Fashion & Beauty: Because Paris is beautiful, our only competition is the city itself, we are in competition with Paris, we have to dress appropriately, you can’t run around in sweats and out-dress the city. Plus the love of art in Paris is inspirational, designers are inspired.

Shopping recommendations while in Paris: A one stop shop is the Galeries Lafayette, they carry Chanel and other designers, and their own eponymous name brand which is very attainable in price. If you’re on a budget, come during the “Soldes”, it’s the best time to shop, everything is 70% off. Soldes are sales and they only happen twice a year, and worth it.

Favorite Restaurant, where can one find the best Ham & Butter baguette? My favorite restaurant before the pandemic was Cafe Ineko in the 3eme, good and healthy. For sandwiches, my favorite is @don_lucas_paris. The best Parisian sandwiches use bellotta ham, or I buy Erik Kayser bauguettes and make my own, I prefer to make my own with salted butter, bakeries are good but I would rather make my own jambon/buerre.

There too many photos to choose from, I sadly had to leave some out.

Thank you Cindy, here’s to running around chic, in Paris!

All photos are courtesy of Cindy Lucas @losangellinainparis

Addiction to Beauty

Lately I’ve been obsessed and addicted to various beauty brands that I’ve been dismissive about. But I was given a travel size of Bumble & Bumble’s Hairdresser’s invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer and I was hooked, I decided to give the whole collection a try.


I also finally earned enough points to get this little beauty.

And I bought my first piece from Charlotte Tilbury, the Filmstar Bronze & Glow.

$29 @Sephora

I’m actually used to shopping online, especially when you know how things fit and work and now thanks to virtual software we can try on certain things, like makeup and sunglasses and that’s a start.

Preparing for the end of the Pandemic

I started upping my skincare game when the pandemic started a year ago, but then grew lazy and almost despondent. One of my best friends told me once that I was the type of woman that could never let herself go, completely and he was right. I started again and just made another beauty purchase


When I initially started beauty blogging in earnest, back when I was being paid, I preferred to review new and up/coming beauty products that were not receiving their due. Pai Skincare was one of them, I interviewed Sarah Brown many years ago and I’m happy to see that other beauty bloggers, and online shops have discovered a brand that I knew all along was good for our skin.

Also, to get ready for this pandemic to end I ordered a dry nail manicure kit, by Bare Hands. I am finally going to start filing my nails, I have been just keeping them so short that a nail file was not necessary.

My sister asked me the other day what I was using on my skin, because it looked good. My secret lately is that I’ve been using peels and after every peel I apply CRÈME DE LA MER, and in the mornings I just splash ice cold water on my face and apply my Beauty Elixir by Caudalie.

Most nights, I apply my Vichy serums, seems that firming my skin has become paramount. I am slowly starting to look my age and that’s not a bad thing, but I do want firmer, and clearer looking skin.



Here’s to running around chic with healthy skin!

In Anticipation of Audrey: More Than An Icon

I am compelled to pay homage to Audrey Hepburn, who’s movies I’ve watched more than once, especially more so since the beginning of the pandemic. I always thought Mel Ferrer was handsome, and adored them both in “War & Peace” but quickly changed my opinion when I realized they divorced.

Audrey is more than an icon, sadness isn’t something that ever leaves us, we just learn to cope and make the best of it. It’s the sadness that makes us human, it gives us empathy and compassion for others. I sit here now marveling at her chic sense of style with tears in my eyes. It’s possible to be loved and sad…’s possible you will never have one without the other.

She looked amazing in anything she wore, and although I’ve seen “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” multiple times, the cover of Town & Country had me so excited this morning. I plan on watching the documentary and finally opening a bottle of sparkling and enjoying a quite evening in bed.

Funny Face
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
War & Peace

*All photos courtesy of the word wide-web.

Style Profile: Jenn Cuneta, Wife, Musician, Superstar, New York, New York

I met Jenn 20 years ago, back when we both worked in the luxury industry. She was a Rockstar even then, I admired her confidence, her out-going personality and her kindness. We spent a whole afternoon together, we talked about life, our families, and our dreams. Back then she was dating Rob Affuso, the drummer for Skid Row and I was dating some guy named Dave.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

She’s recently moved and is busy unpacking but found time to answer a few questions and show us her closet. I’m excited about her closet, because I know Jenn and her relationship with clothes. In my opinion Jenn looks amazing in anything, from leggings, t-shirts and sweats, let’s face it, the girl just can’t hide it.

Fashion Icons: As a performer, Shakira. To me she has always emulated an original glamorous but edgy and fun style. As for fashion icon altogether, it’s Angelina Jolie. I’ve always admired her edge, she’s classic, demure, elegant and sexy.

Your style: If I were to describe my style, I’d say confidence and comfort are the things I never leave home without. Comfort creates confidence. I’m into glamour, without trying too hard. I’m edgy, drawn to the wild side at times, pushing the envelope with showing some skin. I prefer simple timeless pieces, and adding accents. I concentrate on a focal point, hence why basic black starts the palette, then I go from there.

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be: Definitely leggings and a lounge shirt.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Favorite Restaurants: Canaletto, Aria, love the food and Palma, the ambiance and the most romantic in NYC, the food is exquisite, I loved it so much, I rented the whole place to get married. (She recently married Pietro Lucci, a wine and spirits industry expert)

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Current Wishlist: Chloe mini Marcie in grey or pink, Burberry Women’s Arniston Long Double Breasted Puffer Trench coat in black, YSL grey shearling long coat, a lifetime supply if Erno Lazlo’s Formula 3-9, (laughs) and a lifetime supply of Bella Skin Beauty Collagen Serum. I wish Mac would bring back SKEW as a lipstick color, Tamera Mellon Paramour shoes-and Tamera Mellon’s Knee high boots in every color and material and of course, a Birkin.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta
Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta
Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Personally, I’m interested in her beauty routine and closet, I would raid her jewelry without a moments hesitation. Although now that she knows I doubt she will leave me alone in her closet – I’m kidding, of course.

Last Book Read: The Power of Now, my mother gave it to me, it’s unusual for her to give me books to read.

Plans for after the Pandemic: Start producing and recording more originals, to release and plan a show. I’ve been receiving so many requests that I will certainly do one, The Jenn Cuneta Show.

To follow Jenn on instagram and for more on Jenn Cuneta.

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta
Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

Courtesy of Jenn Cuneta

The Health & Mental Wellness Corner: Paulina Feltrin, Host Podcast, Mind-Body IIN Health Coach In-Training, Luxury Brand Mogul, Mexico City, Mexico

It’s true, you end-up making virtual friends on social media when you can feel someone’s vibes, the one thing we have in common is kindness and our willingness to share with others what we have learned. I forget how I met Paulina, aka: Pau, but we hit it off immediately and her Instagram posts have inspired me and because of her I began a journey on acquiring a better mental health mind-set. She introduced me to Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Gabrielle Bernstein. In-between her podcast and Health classes Pau found time to answer a few questions.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin
Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Your favorite Green Juice recipe: Celery juice on an empty stomach. Just cold press celery as simple as that helps with digestion, inflammation, brain fog and hydration.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

What began your journey to health: A friend of mine gave me a signed book, “Super Genes” by Deepak Chopra and it really got me curious, the idea that we are not controlled by our genes but rather as humans, we have the power to turn our genes on and off started to change my perception of health.

But my wakeup call arrived at the ER as I got sick, really sick. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and right there I started my journey to heal myself and help others. I have read tons of books, taken alternative and mind-body medicine courses and am passionate about sharing it so I can help prevent other people reaching rock-bottom like I did.

Meditation, what have you learned from it: Meditation changed my life. I started meditation at 19 and that’s when I started to practice yoga, but it didn’t stick with me, however I was always attracted to meditation and was very curious to learn how to do it. Then about 10 years ago I picked it up again, I would meditate for 2 minutes after running. Then I meditated to send healing vibes to my dog who lived in a different city, I read that distance healing could occur. But I really integrated meditation on my daily morning routine when I took Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshop. I realized that we are energy and the emotions/thoughts that we have generate a vibration and that vibration impacts the way we perceive the world and our health.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

If I wanted to heal, I needed to change my automatic thoughts and emotions to create a new personality, one that is grateful not judging, compassionate not angry, kind not demanding, meditation helped me do that. Now I meditate to clear my mind. We take showers in the mornings to cleanse our bodies, but most of us don’t take a mental cleanse, that is what mediation is for me. A sacred place where I can clear my thoughts and project the life I want to attract. I choose to live in a world of infinite possibilities.

Do you believe in fasting: Yes, but not in the strict way that has become a trend. I believe today we are full of stimuli, and we must fast not only on food. Our grandmother’s used to have early and light dinners, or would not even have dinner because, they said it was not good for your health, for your digestion , or for your sleep. Now we call it fasting, but giving your digestion system a break, respect it, is so that it can digest our food properly, do not overload your body is ancient knowledge that we can benefit from. I think that what happens in general, we have become so disconnected from our bodies that we can no longer recognize when it’s talking to us, so we over eat or eat because “it’s time to eat”.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Books you recommend for spiritual guidance: The Universe has your back ” by best selling author Gabby Bernstein, “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. “Satan” by Yehuda Berg, it talks about how Satan does not really exist, Satan is our own egos.

What does health mean overall for you: Wow, what a great question. I believe health is harmony. It’s keeping balance in all of your bodies, your physical, mental, emotional, energy and spiritual bodies. Health comes from a lack or abundance of something in any of the above mentioned. Physically an unbalanced abundance of certain bacteria can lead to anxiety, a heart break in your emotional body can lead to depression; when you don’t express your emotions they get stuck in your energy body and those vibration energies can later manifest into a disease. So, for me, we as humans are the most fascinating powerful biomachine, we are very complex and everything we do, think, feel, eat, etc., is helping us to be healthy or promote disease. Unbalance generates the chaos that turns to disease. Balance is health.

Favorite smoothie powders, beauty elixirs, snacks: I don’t eat processed food, I don’t take any powders, and I also do not trust protein powders. I think they are quite new to really know what the long-term effects of these foods are. On the other side, smoothies made with natural ingredients is something that humans have been eating for centuries and have proven to be beneficial for the body. I like to mix veggies with fruit like kale and spinach with coconut water and a banana; or the heavy metal detox smoothie that uses blueberries, banana, cilantro spirulina, orange and dulse flakes. For snacks I like apples, in the early evening if I feel like coffee I trade it for tea with mushrooms like reishi, chawa or turkey tail.

Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Clean beauty: I try to use clean beauty as much as possible. My favorite cream is Terra Bella by Ayuna; favorite exfoliant is Resurfacing Grains by Evolue; and makeup by Westman Atelier.

Terra Bella by Ayuna
Courtesy of Paulina Feltrin

Now we know I have to ask, what are your favorite workout wear pieces, sneakers etc.: Alo Yoga, Adidas, and leggings from Oysho, their long waists really fit me well. For tops I like to try them all, and have many from different yoga studios that are not well-known brands, mostly from Colombia and Brazil.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am about to download the audio version of Super Genes and am trying to figure out how to get my hands on celery juice.

Pau, thank you so much, thank you and here’s to running around chic as healthy as we can.

To follow Pau @Pau.feltrin

Beauty Profile: Jezz Hill, International Makeup Artist, New York City

Chufy – Courtesy of Jezz Hill

I first met Jezz, virtually through Chufy, since then Jezz’s work has gone on to grace the covers of various magazines, such as Mexican Vogue, Mexican Elle and Issue Magazine to name a few. Jezz also comes to your home if you live in New York City and will do your makeup for an important event, like the Met Gala.

Jezz Hill, Courtesy of Jezz Hill

She’s also worked on ad campaigns and could be a model herself. In fact she should add modeling to her resume, but not only beautiful outside, she’s kind too and always willing to help out, she found time to answer a few questions, they were supposed to be five questions but ended up being eight, thanks Jezz.

Jezz Hill, courtesy of Jezz Hill

Skincare you can’t live without: Tata Harper’s cleansing oil, Reparative Moisturizer, Grown Alchemist instant soothing serum, and Lannolips Lip Balm.

What makeup products do you recommend for glowing skin: Beccas’ Perfector Liquid Highlighter and Kosas tinted face oil.

Courtesy of Jezz Hill
Emma – Courtesy of Jezz Hill
Courtesy of Jezz Hill

What type of lash enhancing products do you carry around with you while working: Byredo Mascara, it’s the best mascara I’ve ever tried, plus it’s vegan, all natural and cruelty free.

Mexican Vogue – Courtesy of Jezz Hill

Red Lipstick you carry in your makeup kit, is there a new shade you use: Sephora’s 01 lip stain, forever.

The proper way to create a smooth canvas for makeup application: Exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate. Skin preparation is the most important step. Currently in-love with Shisheido’s Synchro skin radiant lifting foundation. It’s great for everyday since it has SPF30.

Does diet have a role in good skin: Personally, my skin always looks and feels its best when I eat (not a restrictive) a diet full of veggies, fruits, antioxidants and tons of water.

Your view on vegan or clean beauty: I think it’s amazing we are seeing more and more vegan, cruelty-free and clean beauty. I support it 100% and really feel the industry will shift completely towards that direction.

Courtesy of Jezz hill

What can always be found in your makeup bag: An oil cleanser, reusable cotton pads, hyaluronic acid serum, moisturizer, rose water, lip balm, brow pencil, concealer, a lips and cheek tint and mascara.

Jezz knows makeup application, creating beautiful basic makeup and creating the aväntˈɡärd makeup that allows the creative to experience and show what gorgeous hues can do.

Courtesy of Jezz Hill

Thank you Jezz, here’s to running around chic! @JezzHill

New in Skincare & Makeup

Victoria Beckham makeup bag $88 Makeup bag is water proof.

I know, I know, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but what about skincare and makeup? I count those two as best friends too. There are so many new lines out these days and working from home allows for a lot of online shopping. Also, a lot of brands have been smart in that they allow for Afterpay or Quadpay, companies that allow you to pay for your goodies in 4 interest free payments.

A friend of mine said that it was for people with no credit, I say it’s like a credit card, just no interest and you don’t feel guilty shopping, it’s a win-win.

Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum $95

I am so enthralled with Victoria Beckham’s new beauty line and with her collaboration with Augustus Bader. I am also very much into Dear Dahlia, a Korean makeup brand that like Beckham’s makes clean beauty. I have a wish list and a few items I already purchased, for when we are able to be out and about, like traveling to another country or New York City.

Rouge Triomphal by Chanel $42
Posh Lipstick in Pop by Victoria Beckham $38

If you don’t feel like investing right away in VB’s Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, you can invest in the travel kit that contains 6 ampoules of serum that will transform your skin.

Chanel also came out with a brilliant app, you can now try on lipstick virtually. My color is Rouge Triomphal, or color 257. Also, it’s worth noting that Chanel offers free two day shipping and gives each beauty purchase two deluxe samples, it keeps you coming back.

Lip Definer in Red by Victoria Beckham $24

There are two Victoria Beckham lipsticks I am dying to add to my makeup bag, she recently came out with “Posh” Lipsticks, those two shades I’m coveting are “Pop” and “Pout”. There are matching lip definers too. Another item I want that I don’t need is the Tuxedo Smoky Eye Brick, but I think it’s just so pretty, wouldn’t you agree?

Smoky Eye Brick in “Tuxedo” by Victoria Beckham $56


It’s funny how there are some people you just click with and support each other through life’s ups and downs. Maria Laura is a cherished Instagram friend, and her adventures entertain and inspire one to live their best life. She’s a fashion icon, and is no stranger to interviews or being seen in print.

She has three talented, gorgeous children, like their mommy they are not intimidated by the camera or being caught on video, dancing and performing.

She recently returned from a family vacation and found time to answer a few fashion questions and let me tell you that it’s going to be hard choosing photos, they are all beautiful and Maria looks stunning in each one. Maybe when I get to Buenos Aires she will invite me to tea, Maria knows how to serve the most marvelous teas.

Last Purchase: A white sequin dress (very suitable to wear during the pandemic, she laughs.)

Favorite Piece of Jewelry: A Tiffany 18k Gold “Love” Ring, a gift from my husband.

“Love” ring by Tiffany’s

Run around staples: A great pair of denim and a nice handbag.

Current Wish List: I don’t have one.

Fashion Icon most admired: I really don’t have one, but if I had to say, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

If you could live in any type of clothing: Dresses, you slide into them, they are so easy and you don’t have to think anymore other than choosing shoes and a handbag.

What item of clothing do you chose before getting dressed: I choose my outfit first and then I choose my shoes and handbag.

Favorite Restaurant: I don’t have one, I like trying them all, I like to experience all cuisines.

Advice for women creating a wardrobe: I think it’s a good idea to start off with a great pair of denim and shirt, but to also invest in unique pieces, don’t invest in trend, it’s crucial to buy less and better, look for investment pieces with longevity and find a good tailor. Try buying from ethical companies that use reusable, sustainable materials. There are several smaller companies that make beautiful budget friendly fashion, definitely stay away from trend, if you can.

Thank you Maria Laura, here’s to running around chic! I told you there were too many photos to choose from. To follow Maria Laura @Ohlala_Malala

Style Profile: Peony Lim, Mother, Wife, Blogger and Consultant, London, England

I first virtually met Peony when I was working on Red Lipstick quotes for my blog. Which I still work on every-now and then.

I admit, I have a girl crush on her, hers are the only makeup tutorials I watch, and I even bought a few of the products she mentioned in her latest makeup tutorial. I am good with makeup, but as a well-known SF makeup artist told me once, I am good at doing basic pretty makeup.

Peony is great with makeup tutorials, and hair tutorials, fashion and lifestyle tutorials. She’s honest and only endorses what she truly believes in. You can trust her to tell you the truth about which items she truly recommends.

She’s so honest, she discussed what it felt like to lose her hair, something as women we all go through, especially now with the pandemic.

She’s kind, I don’t know how she managed it, Peony found time to help me out, again and answered a few fashion questions. Oh and if you ask her a question, she answers you, not like other bloggers that ignore you. This is why she’s the ultimate girl’s-girl.

Describe your style: Classic, Modern.

Fashion icon: My Mother, she always surprises me and has a unique style all her own.

Last piece of clothing you purchased: Totem Jacket.

What piece of clothing would you live in if you had the choice: A white shirt.

Favorite shops: Hermes and Massimo Dutti.

Best fashion bargain: eBay preloved designer pieces, i.e. Alaia and Loro Piana etc.

Style advice: Be yourself, that’s better than anything else.

What was your last splurge: Jewelry from my own line, the one diamond ring.

Uniform for errands: Jeans, cashmere jumper, Golden Goose sneakers, cargo jacket and either an Hermes or Chanel handbag.

Basics you swear by: White shirt, jeans, cargo jacket, Alo Yoga, Ultraboost, Chanel pumps, black ankle boots.

Thank you, Peony. Here’s to running around chic.


I upped my game with skincare during the pandemic, my eyebrows sort of grew back by accident and look better. I then grew tired, with all of the cooking and cleaning I’ve been doing. But I started back up again and can see the difference.


I love spraying my face with Caudalie’s beauty elixir, I recently purchased another bottle to keep in reserve, that’s how much I love it. I invested in a Quartz Rosebud Eye treatment set by Angela Cagalia, a Quartz Roller set from Amazon and The Hana Cure.


I tend to use Peptide Ampoules by Vichy, and recently ordered their Lift Serum and Hyaluronic Acid face Serum.


I’ve bought lot’s of other items to, for when this Pandemic is over, I can’t wait for it to be over. In the meantime, I am taking afternoon walks, and trying to take care of myself.

I literally love makeup too and invested in eye makeup, like Victoria Beckham’s SmokeyBrick, Clarin’s Eye Kit and Chanel Eyeliners and eyeshadow sticks.


My Current Wish List

My current wish list isn’t very long, let’s just say I indulged myself this past holiday. I played Santa Clause and of course I bought my Valentine’s Day gifts early, why you may ask? Because with the pandemic, shipping could be an issue and if you order with enough time, there shouldn’t be any disappointments.

Demi-lune bag by APC $515.00

What’s’ on my list?

Porte & Paire $260 @Netaporter
Priya – Double Strand Necklace by Jenny Bird $135.00
Poncho Coat in Camel by Freepeople $125

All of these items are affordable and budget friendly, the reality is I don’t need them, they are only wants and what’s that saying, that buying things you don’t need is stealing from yourself. Let’s hope I stop stealing from myself. Here’s to wish lists…..