Beauty Confidential: Ohlala Malala, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Nothing like taking a peak into another woman’s beauty stash and closet. If I could raid Ohlala Malala’s vanity table, or handbag collection, come to think of it, her jewelry too, I would. All I would need is 5 minutes…..

Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Ohlala Malala answered a few questions, specifically on her beauty routine, her skin always looks amazing.

Skincare: I use Sisley, Chanel and Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) once or twice a year.

Favorite hand-cream: La Crème Main by Chanel, I actually carry it in my handbag.

Makeup: Chanel is my go-to. I love Sublimage and Les Beiges, a fresh-water tint in medium.
Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Do you travel with a lot of skincare: Yes, all of it, because you never know how your skin is going to react to the weather/climate change.

Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Favorite Sisley product: The Black Rose Precious Oil and the Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age Firming Concentrated Serum.
Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Now for some shoe envy……

Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Courtesy of Ohlala Malala

Here’s to running around chic…..

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