Style Profile: Madeleine Sara, E-Commerce, Fashion Blogger, Stockholm, Sweden

Courtesy of Madeleine Sara

Madeleine Sara is into fashion and on Instagram for fun. I began following her for inspiration, her view on fashion and entertainment caught my attention and I just had to ask her if she would be interested in an interview. She graciously accepted. She’s a fashion view on freshness today and very très chic.

Hailey Bieber via Google Images

Fashion Icon: Lately I’ve been obsessed with Hailey Bieber’s style. I love the oversized blazers, leather jackets and coats worn with cropped tops/tanks and jeans, very edgy and cool. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is also a favorite, she always looks impeccably stylish. I love her style because it’s very classic and elegant. The way she mixes simple silhouettes with statement pieces is just amazing.

Courtesy of Madeleine Sara
New Balance 990

Last Item purchased before the Pandemic: New Balance 990 sneakers. Probably bought these mid-pandemic but I’ve only worn them once and then the snow came. But will bring them out now as spring has arrived.

Wish List: This list is long. But to pick out two of my top items: •Loewe Puzzle bag, I have wanted this bag for a long time, was going to buy it when I got my new job here in Stockholm but other things happened and I needed to put my money elsewhere. But I’m getting it soon.
•White oversized shirt. I think this is one of the most essential pieces for spring/summer. I’ll wear it with my Levi’s 501 jeans when I’m going out for drinks with friends or over my bikini at the beach.

Lowe Puzzle Bag

Favorite Restaurant: I’m a big brunch person so if I need to pick one then it’s Bubby’s in Tribeca, New York. I go there every time I travel to New York, they make the best pancakes with Nutella, blueberries and syrup. It is the perfect spot to experience the busy NYC vibe.

120 Hudson Street,
New York, NY 10013


Courtesy of Madeleine Sara

Last Book Read: I’m a crime junkie, so I only read crime books and usually series as I like when I can follow the characters for a longer period. I’m starting a new book series now, by a Norwegian author called Jo Nesbø and his Harry Hole series. It’s supposed to be really good and it has 12 books so it will keep me occupied this summer.

Beauty Routine: I have very sensitive skin and prone to redness so I am very selective with what I put on my skin. I use Dermalogica special cleansing gel to wash my face in the morning and to remove my makeup in the evening. During the day I use Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil which gives the skin great moisture and also helps with fine lines. After that I apply my day cream that has SPF in it.

In the evenings I use a retinol serum and after that a hydrating night cream. I’m thinking of adding a Peptide booster to my routine after watching Hailey Bieber’s skincare routine on her YouTube. That woman has amazing skin.

Courtesy of Madeleine Sara

If you could live in any piece of clothing what would it be:
This is a hard one, I don’t think I can pick just one piece. I would say jeans and tee, definitely my go-to outfit, and then adding a oversized blazer.

Courtesy of Madeleine Sara
Courtesy of Madeleine Sara
Courtesy of Madeleine Sara
Courtesy of Madeleine Sara
Courtesy of Madeleine Sara

Here’s to running around chic, to follow Madeleine Sara @Mads.sara


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