The Chicest Neutral

Kate Moss

Leopard is a no-brainer, it instantly gives that je ne sais quoi  that only a crimson pout can achieve.


I have always been a fan, and my only regret has been not purchasing the YSL Leopard shawl those many years ago, it was 1k and with my employee discount would have been half-off, I was a fool for not having bitten the bullet or debating for so long that they sold out.

It is better to be a fool for purchasing that one item that you know would make you happy than not.


Leopard is also the most versatile neutral, besides the chicest. Women for generations have been wearing it, it’s available in scarves, shoes, handbags and clothing. I am also going to add that no-one and I mean no-one makes Leopard like YSL.

Ann Bancroft

Here are photos of some current wishes and some beauties who know how to wear it.

Elizabeth Taylor
July Delpy by Stephane Coutelle, 1989
Maria Felix

Here’s to running around chic in the chicest neutral…..(All Photos Via Google Images)


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