Firming Up the Décolleté

I’ve been into skincare and keeping the girls firm since I was fifteen years old. This past year has been the only year where I let things slide, I mean I did mask on occasion, but not as often as I was masking before the pandemic. However using a bust cream or lotion was something I just didn’t do, plus I’m happily single, I’m also not as vain as I used to be and honestly it’s not as bad as all that, I can salvage them and not need surgery if I take action now.

A few Décolleté lotions and potions I’ve tried and recommend are either by Talika, Clarins and Lierac. I first purchased Lierac on my first trip to Paris, I mean what could be more fun than walking into a Pharmacy in Paris and purchasing a French bust cream?


Lierac is a product you can only actually purchase in Europe, but there are other brands like the Clarins’ Bust Beauty Extra Lift-Gel and their Bust Firming Beauty Lotion, which I am slathering on as soon as they arrive.


Luckily Talika is a French brand and they do sell in the US, I love their products and their Bio-Enzymes Mask Neckline is perfect for when you’re laying down, using other sheet masks, a great way to restore and relax while the infusion gets soaked in leaving your skin, supple, soft and firmer.

So, how are you going to recover from this long hibernation?

Here’s to running around chic!


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