The Essentials

Cashmere Sweater and Leggings

Who hasn’t made mistakes with their wardrobe in the early stages of figuring one self out. I’ve given away so much clothes, mainly because it was something I should never have purchased in the first place, there was even a purple sweater I bought twice, crazy.

Oversized Cardigan $115
Cuyana Leggings

The essentials to wardrobe building begin with a basic foundation, mine is Black, various shades of grey and white. I throw in color, every now and then, like a light green or olive green for my Maui vacations, I mean I can’t always wear black.

My mother actually hated it that I wore black so much, that I added the grey and I do have a few pieces of pink, and a colorful coat my mother had approved of, that I will never part with. It’s one of the last things I purchased when she was able to get out of the house for afternoon lunch.

Audrey Wearing the Crisp White Shirt
Pleated Shirt Dress $115 @Cos
The Elly Bag $599_@Aninebing

I tend to shop at Cos and Cuyana, the quality is great and the prices affordable, plus it helps modernize my style.


A handbag that is on my wish list is from Anine Bing, It’s the Elly Bag, but because I bought jewelry, I have to pace myself, the handbag is lovely and budget friendly. I just have to exercise patience.

The fragrance I’ve been thinking about is newish, it’s by Chanel. It’s the Gabrielle Chanel Essence, I found a sample laying about and since I am on the market for a new scent, tried it on and liked it.

Lauren Bacall proving that Black and White is Chic
Dior 999

Just don’t forget your red lipstick……

Here’s to running around chic in basic essentials……

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