The Power Serum – Liquid Gold

Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum 15ml $125

Can I just say that after using the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum by Victoria Beckham I have been waking up with luminous skin. I mean I just glow, I splash cold water on my face in the mornings and depending on if there are any errands to run, I apply sunscreen. I know, I should apply sunscreen on a daily basis, but honestly I don’t really feel like myself, this hibernation threw me off and I haven’t fully recovered.

Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum $99

The Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum helps diminish fine lines, laugh lines, lifts, firms and smooths the skin while aiding in removing redness. I am in-love with this serum. You only need a few drops. This serum is so good it deserves it’s own post.

Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum 30ml $210

It’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it and available in three different sizes. It’s liquid gold, you will experience better results if you exfoliate and mask on a regular basis. I used to exfoliate daily before the pandemic, I mean who really needed to keep up with grooming routines, we weren’t going anywhere. However this liquid gold is basically all you need to get your skin going, or as we say, getting ready to enter society.

Here’s to running around chic……

Shopping The Look

Photo Courtesy of Anne Montecer @anne_dressingideal

This summer look is simple, yet chic. It proves that less is more. I’ve never been a big fan of summer and although I am not out every-night eating alfresco, I still don’t want summer to end. Perhaps having been in hibernation for close to two years, I’ve warmed up to the hotter weather. I still haven’t bought a straw summer bag, because I really want to buy it in another country, I have a longing for travel.

ISABEL MARANT Lennyo eyelet-embellished suede slides

My sister, friends and I are still making plans for San Miguel De Allende next year, a two week vacation that starts in DF for 2-3 days before heading to San Miguel and taking day trips into Leon and Oaxaca.

Seamless Leggings $75

This could very well one of my many pieces of clothing I’ll take with me. I did buy myself several shell bracelets and necklaces, ideal for summer vacations.

Here’s to holding on to summer……

The Gold Statement Necklace

Photo by @Lamercader_bnc

Fall will be here before we know it, the last bits of summer are almost gone. I’m a little sad about that, because I only took a 10 day vacation, and feel like I didn’t do enough to warrant wearing my summer kaftans. But I love fall, I prefer the cold to the heat and can’t wait to wear my black turtlenecks and cardigans. Lately I have been into costume jewelry made out of recycled materials, dipped in gold. Something about this photo just makes me so happy, I love finding ideas for my own existing wardrobe, and making my next move purchase-wise.

+ NET SUSTAIN Piatta gold-plated necklace $110

I already have a gold chain necklace by Jenny Bird and plan to add another from Net-a-Porter, along with a bracelet by Martha Calvo. I don’t need earrings, but I am my mother’s daughter and have been eyeballing a pair of pearl studs by Stone And Strand.

Big Dream Weaver gold-plated bracelet $220
Gold, pearl and diamond earrings $130

I ended up acquiring two different handbags, a Chanel wallet on a chain and an Isabel Marant suede cross-body bag, I don’t count the Cuyana Black Canvas tote bag that houses what the others don’t.

I’m still obsessing over the ladylike handbag by Anine Bing, still haven’t purchased that one.


Here’s to running around chic…..

Summer in Paris – Part Quatre

Photo Courtesy of @Losangelinainparis

I love it, so many of us aren’t ready to let go of summer. Yet we are ready for fall too. It’s good to know that our fashion counter-parts in Paris are in the same frame of mind. I recently started wearing my dresses with sneakers, and I’m glad I’m not alone.

Photo Courtesy of @Losangelinainparis

I must have acquired 10 pairs of sneakers in the past two years, and some I haven’t worn and others I’ve only worn once, I don’t really go anywhere and don’t have the energy to get creative with my wardrobe. Most especially don’t want a dry cleaning bill. I mean it costs like $15 dollars to dry clean a dress these days. Everyone is trying to stay in business, I don’t blame them.

Photo Courtesy of @Losangelinainparis
Photo @Streetstyle_Outfits

Here’s to Summer!

New In Beauty Now

I love Jennifer Aniston. I met her once, during the first season of Friends. My first initial impression, before I knew who she was, I thought wow, that lady has great hair and I was jealous. But then we interacted and I realized who she was and I just loved her, always have been on team Jenn. She was kind, gracious and friendly.

This is why when I learned yesterday that she has a haircare line, with it’s first launch I had to buy the LolaVie Glossing Detangler spray. Because her hair is still envy worthy, I mean just look at it, it’s healthy, shiny and bouncy. Who doesn’t want what she’s having? I know I do.

I’ll let you guys know how it works after it arrives and I get to try it.

Here’s to running around chic….

Preparing for Fall


I know that I’m not ready to let Summer go, but at the same time I am looking forward to refreshing my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I made a few purchases, that I am very pleased with. I can wear the COS wool dress with leggings, booties or sneakers and a long sleeved T-shirt underneath, I like sleeves.

Havana cat-eye tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses $350

I’ve also been obsessed with Sunglasses and broke down and ordered the new Gucci cat-eye in tortoiseshell. Plus the new Serena Williams for Nike. I have a few other items arriving, and still have a wish list…..I find looking at my wish list keeps me calm and hopeful.

NIKE+ Serena Williams RYZ 365 II leather, suede and mesh sneakers $85

I’ve been looking for a crossbody bag that would be big enough for essentials, and finally found the Isabel Marant, I ordered some Scotchgarde even though I am sure the crossbody has been waterproofed.

Here’s to running around chic……

The Beauty Counter


Several weekends ago my sister and I went downtown for the first time in almost two years. We chose to go to Neiman Marcus because it felt like a safe place, everyone was wearing a mask and following the CDC guidelines. I was looking for a concealer, one to match my N3 foundation by Chanel, but they were sold out and in transition, they were expecting the new improved version any day.


Of course I didn’t want to wait, it was my first time in an actual store and I ended up stopping at the Dior counter.


I picked up the concealer I needed, mind you the only thing I needed and in reality when you think about it, I really didn’t need it at all. I mean I’m really not going anywhere. But I am ready for when this pandemic is over. The sale’s lady mentioned that my purchases would last me two years, at least. I felt better adding the Diorskin Forever Extreme Control powder/foundation and the Lip Contouring pencil in 080.

Now the only beauty products I plan on buying for myself for Christmas is the Oribe Gold Lust Conditioner, in the giant sized bottle and more R&Co Analog. Although I did miss the gorgeous Chanel makeup bag last year, I don’t plan on missing it again this year, I’m ready.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Summer Isn’t Over, Yet…..

Photo @Arsenaldonna – Italy

I’m just not ready to let go of Summer, yet. I had a nice vacation, falling asleep to the sound of the Pacific Ocean and waking-up organically. I went as far as to buy kaftans at Blue Ginger and now find myself a few days later, wearing kaftans around the house.


I also remembered that I am a hippie at heart, not a rocker chic hippie, but as my friend Elaine says, a Pacific Heights hippie. I’ve been eyeballing the Isabel Marant Birkenstocks and because I have narrow feet, I am contemplating buying the Anine Bing slides.

Nassau Wrap Sandals $98 @Freepeople. com

However I like the grummets on the sandals and contented myself with the FreePeople Nassau Wrap sandals (which I think have sold out).

ISABEL MARANTLennyo eyelet-embellished suede slides

Here’s to not letting Summer go…..

Style Profile: Denisse Kuri, Fashion Designer

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

There was a time when I traveled to Mexico once a year, as a child it was to Muzquiz, Coahuila and Acuna, Coahuila to visit family. As I matured, I visited other parts of Mexico, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, DF and Guadalajara. I love Mexico and I always brought back Mexican dresses and blouses, that I would wear in the summer. But then I discovered Denisse Kuri and finally bought a kaftan that I can’t wait to wear. I hesitated at first because of the sizing, wasn’t sure if anything would fit and now I have an idea on how the sizing works. Plus Denisse and I have become good Instagram pals, I can just text her to ask questions. She’s a genuine person, for all of her success, she responds to emails and instant messaging.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

In-between designing her next collection, trunk shows she found time to answer a few questions and if you’re headed out to Puebla, keep reading Denisse shares her favorite restaurant with us.

Frida Kahlo

Fashion icon: That would obviously be Frida Kahlo, I love how she made the traditional costumes her own. Wearing them proudly and making them transcend with her paintings.

Sopa Poblana

Favorite restaurant in Mexico: I love Mexican food but the one from Puebla, from where I am is by far the best. We have the chalupas, the mole poblano, the chiles en Nogada, and the best is at El Mural de los Poblanos, they have the Cemita de chalupas, that is like a sandwich of chalupas, the most delicious.

The Good Fight

Last book read: Saving the fire. (Salvando el fuego) from a Mexican writer very raw but really good.

Currently watching: The Good Fight. I loved The Good Wife and then got hooked.

Allumbre Stone

Beauty routine: What I’m looking for lately are sustainable, clean, eco friendly products. I discovered Allumbre stone to use instead of normal deodorant, also, local products like toothpaste and soaps and moisture from local producers in glass packaging.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Inspiration: I was inspired by the colors of Mexico and how could we translate the feelings and sensation they produce in you in our different embroidery and weaving techniques. Its also a very sustainable collection, 90 percent of our fabrics are handmade to avoid waste. We want our pieces to be forever pieces that transcend, that you would want your children to inherit.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Working with artisans: We’re always expressing ourselves through our clothes, the indigenous textiles have this way to make you feel in love with them because of the great time they require, what they are capable of expressing, and what they mean for our culture. I fell in love and decided I wanted more people to feel the same, and take their art to many more places.

If you could live in any piece of clothing, what would it be: Definitely a long huipil, its the most comfortable, delicious piece of clothing.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Other brands you enjoy: I love Kenda for shoes, Casilda Mut, Simple by Trista, and traditional clothes or huipiles from artisans.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

Plans for after the pandemic: I want to get active, start going to trade shows and pop-ups.

Photo Courtesy of Denisse Kuri

To follow Denisse on Instagram @DenisseKuri.

Here’s to running around chic…..

New In Beauty Now


I love discovering new beauty brands that deliver both budget friendly and luxurious results. Basically I’m an advocate for beauty brands that deliver on their promise, beauty products that work.


Orbal is new on the scene, developed with the concept that you should have a quality product at a fair price. If you were to buy three eyeshadows, you would normally end up paying $75 dollars. With Orbal, you get 19 gorgeous hues for $45. I’m in-love with several of the colors, with this pallet you can create a day look and a glamorous evening look, house dinner parties here we come.

Another brand I love and not just because it’s pink. Caire is the first hormone defying skincare of it’s kind(That I am aware of). I literally saw a difference in my skin, it was plumper, firmer and happy. The recommendation is to use a dropper full both morning and evening to achieve results. My skin drinks it up and then I apply my other serums. The Theorem Serum Boost enhances anything that is placed on top of it. If your skin doesn’t absorb it quickly it’s because you need to exfoliate.

Caire also created a Triple Lift Molecule Mask that lifts, plumps and tightens your skin. The longer you leave it on the better the results, 15-30 minutes or longer. Caire *is developed with bionutritive ingredients that mimic your skin’s building blocks for immediate and longer-term hydrating, firming, brightening, and lifting results.


Here’s to beauty products that deliver……..

Haircare Favorites


I’m just as obsessed about my hair as I am about my skin. I ended up going for a French Bob, and it’s a style I can maintain. I’ve had my haircut twice since the pandemic and my stylist Will did go a bit shorter than I wanted at first, but I’m older now and haven’t been going anywhere really. I’m nonchalant now knowing it will grow out. It’s funny about the things we don’t worry about as we get older.


I recently tried Oribe’s Gold Lust Hair Conditioner and I must say I am in-love. The Gold Lust Shampoo didn’t do anything for me, but the conditioner left my hair silky smooth, so silky that my Slip scrunchie keeps falling out of my hair.

Another item I can’t live without is R&Co’s Analog. It’s a shampoo and conditioner in one. I tend to use shampoo first anyway, so mainly I use it as a conditioner.

One item that is out of stock is the Moroccan Oil Fleur De Rose Shampoo. Now that shampoo leaves my hair so silky that I don’t need a conditioner afterwards. It’s a shame they are sold out and have been since before the pandemic. I should have purchased two bottles instead of one.

Here’s to running around chic…..

It’s a Ladylike Summer


Leave it to the Olsen twins to look polished and pulled together during the hottest days of the year. I stare at their photos as inspiration. They make mixing metals and color pallets look effortless.

This definitely makes me want to bring out my long pearls and wear black and camel together.

Here’s to running around chic….

New Makeup & Fragrance


I can’t decide which new fragrance to get myself, or if one is necessary. I also want a new foundation, but I’m really not going anywhere, or wearing full blown makeup. But I like the fact that the Chanel Sublimage Le Essence De Teint comes with a foundation brush. I know that N30 is my shade, I hesitate because of the texture.

Eau de Parfum Twist and Spray $113

I’ll be going downtown on Saturday for the first time in two years where I will get to try on perfume and foundations, maybe sunglasses. About the Gabrielle by Chanel, I am unsure as to how it will smell on me and literally need to wear it for 15 minutes before making a decision. The question would also be, something to toss into my bag or to keep on the dresser?

3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Body Lotion Set $193

The only item I actually need is a good concealer, for those trouble spots that spurt out every so often. I used to not shop online, now I prefer to shop online. Once you are familiar with a brand, how something fits and wears there really is no other way to shop.

Here’s to running around chic…..

P.S I am still buying myself birthday presents…..

Shopping The Look – Basic Black & Gold

Roberto Coin
18K Yellow Gold Petite Oval Hoop Earrings $650; DORA 18K GOLD AND DIAMOND DISC CHARM $950; Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl

There is just something about Black & Gold, it’s luxurious and chic. I wasn’t always into wearing yellow gold, preferring white gold or silver. But lately it’s been proven that I am my mother’s daughter. My mother loved jewelry. She made Jewelry contact before eye contact and I fear I am the same. All of my sisters and I are. If one of us is sporting a new jewel, believe me, we notice right away.

With my mother’s passing, several pieces were divided between my sisters and I, and that makes wearing the jewelry all the more precious, because she used to wear them. My mother had good taste, it always ran expensive, she never looked at prices because she knew how much it was without having to ask.

Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl; SERPENTI BRACELET

She hated that I wore black so much, a good friend of mine once said that he used to wear black, when he had something to hide. I just laughed.

Selena Gomez and Kate Beckinsale have proved in the above photos that basic black & gold are as fashionable, timeless and classic as ever. There are so many textures that it need not be boring.

Here’s to running around chic…..

Pumping Up The Volume

I’ve always had fine hair, only now that I am older it’s been thinning and I’m just not ready to succumb to middle age, not yet. Especially when I’ve been taking care of my skin all of these years. I know I don’t look my age in a sense, but in a sense I do and I’ll be honest, it scares me a little. My thyroid has been acting up again and more bloodwork is needed, but I am going to wait until after my vacation. Why? I don’t want bad news if there is any to tag along with me while I’m enjoying freedom to an extent from everyday pandemic life.

I just made my last purchase for myself, since we are planning on renting a house in San Miguel De Allende in early 2022. This means, if I do shop it can only be on sale.

You can say that I have everything I need to return to normal, whenever that is.

Here’s to gorgeous hair!