Glorious Tresses

LHuile Original Hair Oil $24/$51; GLOSSING DETANGLER $25; 8H Magic Night Hair Serum $56; Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner $54

The pandemic is almost over, I hope. My beauty routine has been infringed upon as much as I can stand at this point. I welcome the days when my presence was required, at least a few days out of the week. I am a product junkie I admit. I went through my beauty products and gave a shopping bagful away and I still have more than I need. I am a firm believer that if you use the same beauty products over and over they cease to preform, in other words I buy items from different brands that produce the same results.

Recently I started using Lolavie. A glossing detangling spray by Jennifer Aniston and I love it, I’ve noticed a huge difference in hair frizz. During this pandemic I’ve developed a habit of allowing my hair to airdry naturally. My hair is shiny and less frizzy, it’s basically smooth. Other products I use are from Keratin Complex. I love the smell of their Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, although I’ve been using it as a daily hair conditioner. I enjoy the feel of my wet, conditioned hair after towel drying.

Other products I use are from Kérastase, I love their 8H Magic Night Hair Serum, I apply it to the crown of my head and the ends. I also like their LHuile Original Hair Oil, this is applied all over before going to bed.

Here’s to happy tresses…..


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