The Chiffon Scarf

Katherine Hepburn as Linda Seton June 15, 1938 “The Holiday”

My old 1030’s movie watching has begun now that fall is in the air. I started with The Holiday, starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant (yes, my crush on Cary Grant continues). The first thing I noticed, besides how dashing Mr. Grant was, and that the dialog and delivery were magnificent, was Katherine Hepburn’s evening attire. She was wearing a gorgeous crewneck, black gown, three rows of diamond necklaces and a brooch pinned to a chiffon scarf. I immediately imagined myself wearing my own chiffon scarf and lamented not purchasing a paste brooch that I had my eye on.

Sadly, if I feel that I can’t justify a purchase if I am not going to wear the item much and if I make a purchase on an item I know I won’t wear often, then it needs to be budget friendly. I put my foot down when it comes to buying something extravagant and leaving it the closet. Extravagant for me, means something that isn’t really worth the amount it costs and not utilizing it often to warrant the addition to the closet.

Etsy Chiffon Scarves $22.95 @12thKnit

In other words, the more you wear an item, the more the cost goes down, it pays for itself. It’s cost per wear.

There was another idea I had for a style detail, sadly I don’t remember the movie, or the name of the actress to be able to look up the movie, but she was wearing a thick gold necklace, and a gorgeous brooch pinned right below it, so that it looked like a magnificent piece of jewelry. Again, the brooch I didn’t buy comes into play. Yes, it’s true, my regrets are the items of clothing I didn’t buy.

Now if you excuse me, another movie awaits…..


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