The Fall Coat

 Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl

The fall coat is a basic essential that can elevate basic casual attire and conceal wardrobe sins. By wardrobe sins I mean concealing old beat up sweat pants, faded shirts past their prime and rolling out of bed to go out on a coffee run. Here we see Naomi Watts taking her dog out for a walk, I can imagine her coat worn over all black or camel, it’s the perfect coat for fall.

 Photo Courtesy of @elderordonezl

Katie Holmes has the right idea, here we see her strolling around New York, looking as chic as ever with a teddy bear coat. Her coat also falls into the same category, you can dress it up or dress it down, that’s when you know you have a keeper.

Photo Courtesy of @thestreetpie

You could also invest in a stand alone piece that transforms basic black or camel, I don’t see this coat worn with casual attire, but I am not a professional stylist. However wearing a lot of black, this coat would fit in to my wardrobe and elevate everything black.

Here’s to choosing a new fall coat………


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