Layering Up this Fall

Photo Courtesy of @anne_dressingideal

The chill factor has officially set in today, it’s windy and cold. I had on a sweater for my morning walk this morning with the idea that I would eventually have to take it off once the walking was underway. No chance of that happening, it stayed cold and windy, even with the speed walking.

Photo Courtesy of @anne_dressingideal

Here are some ideas for layering up, it’s always best to layer because this way one can remove a coat, a sweater etc.

It’s safe to own a coat that fits while wearing a blazer, hoodie and t-shirt underneath. It’s fine if you don’t but layering is fun because your attire will evolve, depending on your activity and you will still look stylish with or without your coat.

Photo Courtesy of @_fashionsabs
Photo Courtesy of @_fashionsabs

You may also want to invest in a luxury handbag and some red lipstick…..

Here’s to running around chic this fall…..


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