An Exciting Collection

Converse x Basquiat Chuck Taylor All Star $70

I agonized over which new Basquiat Converse to order, I could eventually have them all, the price point is affordable, but I have a hard enough time wearing the sneakers I already own.

However one can’t go wrong with either of the choices, they will all make an all black assemble pop. I ended up quickly selecting the The crown motif, although I ended up not having anything special done to them. I love Basquiat, although I believe I’ve never seen his work in person, I think I would faint if and when that happened.

Converse x Basquiat Chuck 70 $110 @Conver
Converse x Basquiat All Star By You $90

I ran a search of the museums that have Basquiat on display and seems I’ll have to go to LA just for the privilege. I was in Zurich, but did not go to a museum, now I wish I had. I found a website that specifically outlines which museums display the most Basquiat, here. 

I can’t wait to wear my new Converse, they will definitely put a kick in my step.

Now it’s time to start thinking about visiting LA……


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