The Beauty Roundup

Balancing Shampoo and Daily Conditioner $54/$19 by Harklinikken

It’s been months since I confess made a beauty purchase. I’ve been so wrapped up in adding clothing to my wardrobe that I forgot all about beauty. Since the world, meaning my corner of the world is getting ready to open up more, like having to start going back into the office on a part-time basis I figured it was time to invest in a few items that will aid in self-beautification.

Bakuchiol Peptide Serum $54; Lancer Glow Kit $75

The only product featured that I am familiar with is the Method Polish from Lancer, I love it. The exfoliating grains are fine, the lather is great, revealing smoother and clearer skin. I find that my serums and oils absorb faster after using it.

I felt I needed to try Harklinikken shampoos and conditioners, my hair is fine and thin and I am not ready to give up on my silky strands just yet.

Here’s to updating your beauty arsenal.


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