Affordable Summer Kaftans & Dresses

Most people who know me know that I’ve never been into wearing dresses or kaftans. But something happened to me last September on my trip to Maui. I think because it was so hot that I finally bought kaftan’s from BlueGinger. They are under $200 and colorful, one reason why I hesitated was the colorful part, I tend to wear black, like a lot. I felt so comfortable wearing kaftans that now I collect them, I collect all kinds, from all brands and price-points.

I especially like the ones I can wash/wear, now that it’s summer I pulled them out and rotate them. I either wear them with Cuyana soft pants underneath or boy shorts. I like sitting anyway I want without being a source of entertainment.

I love buying summer dresses and kaftans from H&M, they are under $60 and wash/wear.

H&M Linen-blend Dress $59.99

You can wear them around the house or run errands. Now I just have to keep my pedicure maintained and I can wear whatever shoes I want.

Here’s to Summer dressing…….


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