The Tried & True

Caudalie; Talika Lipocils; Estee Lauder

I recently discovered a little dark spot on the side of my left temple and it scared me. I know I’m older, but come on, I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was 15 years old. I decided to change my routine and began using my Caudalie again. Sometimes it pays to go back to basics. I invested in the VinoPerfect serum, the glycolic night cream and day cream. Plus I love misting my skin with the beauty elixir.

I also noticed that my eyelashes don’t look as thick and long, so I went back to using my Talika Lipocils, I apply that to my lashes and eyebrows twice a day. I am sure my dark spot was because I was poking at something, it’s not a sun spot but a trauma spot that will go away faster than an actual sun spot.

It pays to go back to the Tried & True, here’s to glowing skin this summer.


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