Replenishing The Beauty Cabinet

Beauty Elixir $88; Bright Spot Brightening Solution Set $79

I honestly wasn’t planning on purchasing more Caudalie, until I saw the email for the new summer canvas tote. I immediately placed an order and secured the tote. I bought another larger bottle of the Beauty Elixer, I started using my travel bottles and decided that wasn’t a good idea. Especially since it seems that lately we have been going into Napa more often, it’s easier, eating outdoors and not being closed inside of confined spaces. I also added a giftset that includes the Vino Perfect, it’s for dark spots and radiant skin. The canvas tote is a gift with any $100 purchase.

Cain & Austin Miracle Pad+ $88

I then placed an order for what I really needed, the Cain & Austin Miracle Pad+. Now this is genius, it helps with keeping acne away, it also brightens and reveals healthier skin. Right now, if you are a first-time buyer, you do receive 20% off. I usually purchase on other websites but went directly to Cain & Austin for this purchase.

Here’s to healthy summer skin……


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