Parisian Profile: Sergio Corvacho- Make-Up Artist YouTuber/Producer

Sergio Corvacho
Sergio applying lipstick on Sonia

Thanks to the latest Parisian confinement, we aren’t getting around too much in Paris, and Parisians decide if they’d rather go to their country homes or stay in the city, so thanks to fashion week, I was able to catch Sergio Corvacho in Paris before he jets-off nationally by train or car to the South of France instead of Italy or Spain because the borders are closed.

@Sergiocorvachoproductions and @Roosabels pic by Cindy lucas

Sergio is a Peruvian living in Paris, although he also lived in New York during much his professional life, as a personal model coach, he’s now a Make-up Artist and fashion producer in Paris where he creates and directs Fashion shoots. He’s also a YouTuber publishing Make-Up tutorials online at Sergio Corvacho Beauty School and gives Master Classes in Paris as his Beauty School. 

I spoke with Sergio about his opinions, and tips about Paris, about Fashion and makeup for Americans.

Courtesy of Cindy Lucas

So how do you love Paris? I love it!

Do you consider yourself a Parisian? Of Course.

Which designers influenced your style? I don’t get inspired by designers I get inspired by different neighborhoods, not designers. My favorite neighborhoods are the 16th, 9th and the 1st arrondissements in Paris.

MUSE:  Oh!…men or women? It’s very difficult I have so many muses.

Jean Seberg

Name 3: I love Jean Seberg an American actress, then I love Romy Schneider, I love Carrey Otis and Grace Kelly.

Romy Schneider

What is your advice for fashion consumers after Covid? They have to be cautious, we went through a sanitary crisis that changed the language of communication and the way we see things, we need to be considerate of the planet and we should all try to recycle things, or to try to do shopping at thrift shops because the industry of Fashion pollutes the world.

Personal Hairstylist

How do you see the world now: A cleaner place, The world is a cleaner place with more cautious people, there is no more need for big groups to go to work every morning and the humans, the citizens of the world need to learn that nothing is forever, and the world changes all the time and change is the process of evolving and being in a better place


What is your beauty advice for women, Any make-up tips: “Wear less”, its all about nutrition and hydration and I recommend women have to decide between alcohol or food, never together. For beauty products, I suggest Irene Forte Prickle Pear moisturizer and also her Baume a lèvres and her face oil.

Art de la Table by Dior

How long did it take to adjust to the European lifestyle: “I didn’t have to adjust, I grew up with that mentality, which is respecting all the traditions like eating your meals at the table, you don’t eat on the subway or in front of your computer, you don’t eat in front of a wall, you don’t eat at a park, you eat at home at a proper table and have your meal like a proper person, not like an animal. Americans need to learn the culture of the table.”

with @ivankasmilenko

What is your next move or project you’d like to share with your followers and us: Well my account was just hacked, I don’t know what to do about that. 

Oh WHAT?? Ok well what is your new venture then: I just opened a new instagram account where I will sell items from my apartment and a lot of findings that only I can find from my trips and secret places around the world. I will sell everything on Instagram, an Instagram “eshop”

Sergio’s findings

How do you see the future “with masks” or “no masks”: No masks.

Thanks Sergio, I hope so.

You can follow Sergio @SergioCorvachoproductions

and YouTube channel at Sergio Corvacho Beauty

By Cindy Lucas

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